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Adam Lanza

Mutant DNA Might Explain

Sandy Hook Massacre

12/27/2012 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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What drove Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza to murder 26 people in cold blood? The answer could lie in his DNA ... and now, geneticists are trying to uncover the microscopic mystery.

The study will take place at the University of Connecticut, where a team of geneticists is reportedly set to examine Lanza's DNA. The team is expected to investigate whether a special mutation is responsible for setting off the troubled 20-year-old on December 14.

UConn's department of genetics is working hand-in-hand with CT's Chief Medical Examiner during the study -- though a rep for the medical examiner's office admits ... they're not really sure what they're looking for.

Results are expected to take several weeks.


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hott chocolate    

Dna has nothing to do with what he has done the only person who knws is him

628 days ago

hott chocolate    

Typo it should say him

628 days ago


The more we learn about the biology of the brain, the better the chance we have of predicting who else might need intervention.

As the law stands today, parents have very few options when it comes to treating disturbed children who slip between the cracks & we cannot lock up people in institutions just for being 'weird.'

And after a child is 18 years old, it's even harder for a parent to find legal ways to deal with this nightmare.

If we can find out that some people do have a genetic preposition for this kind of behavior it would definitely give doctors & the courts a concrete reason to pay attention to these people's problems BEFORE these kind of tragedies occur.

628 days ago

hott chocolate    

This isnt typn right what im really sayin..

628 days ago


Just kidding.

628 days ago



628 days ago

William j    

This kid was a Manchurian candidate google that morons!!

628 days ago


I find it interesting how they can make excuses for this ****ed up dude but had he been a man of color they would have immediately dug into his criminal history and pointed out everything from his juvenile mishaps to his adult criminal record. Look at Trayvon Martin's case, he was the victim but the media wanted a judges permission to go into his Facebook to read msgs just to paint a picture of what kind of person he was. It's crazy how a white person can kill 26 random people and they wanna bring in scientists and psychologists to make excuses for him on why he did it but when a black man kills a person they assume he's guilty even before he goes to trial. Look at the magnitude of white murders compared to black murders. But whites call us monkeys and apes, I'd rather be a monkey or an ape than to be a guinea pig or a lab rat any day.

628 days ago


Great they're not sure what they are looking for...smh

628 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..why is god's name would a mother who KNOWS her son is not mentally stable would you encourage and share in a passion for guns?????????????? and have them open in ur house...I blame the mother for this one....dumb American gun laws next....NONE of those innocent people would be gone if either of the above didn't exist...

628 days ago


WTF!?! So now we're not responsable at all for our actions? Our DNA made us do it? The kid was ****ed up that's all there is to it. There is no other explanation. So stop trying. Stick to the celebs.

628 days ago


Why is TMZ keeping this individual relevant? Surely there must be a lot of stories with real celebrities you can discuss/report on without bringing up this idiot. All you are doing is setting up the next nut to do the same thing, maybe worse...Where is a Lilo story when you really need it...

628 days ago


Thanks A lot TMZ, you stole this blogger named Leslie Siegel's idea of the YY mutant gene, that maybe Lindsay Lohan has it, for all her crimes, so now you guys took it and stole the idea from the blogger queen AGAIN!

628 days ago


Go to youtube and search Robbie Parker Fake laughing. and then search on for the blonde teacher who said that she put her class in a bathroom she is wiping her face and there are no tears to wipe. Search for Sandy Hook Hoax. And try to ask yourself if you even saw one photo of a child corpse or adult corpse being taken out of that school. And ask yourself if you remember seeing Adam Lanza in all of that gear going in that school all geared up. The two boys interviewed said it sounded like the janitor knocking things around. Knocking things around is a different sound than a gun supposedly being fired 100 times. And the weirdo medical examiner said that all of the killings were done with the rifle, yet the rifle was found in a car that was not Lanza's in the parking lot and 2 small pistols were found inside with dead Adam Lanza. Many of you put so much trust in everything you see on the News or just TV for that matter.

628 days ago


when he's a white mass murderer he's just mentally ill, but if he's black or muslim their nothing but THUGS and TERRORIST!!!! let the thumbs down begin cause its not natural to speak against the privilege whites

628 days ago
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