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Adam Lanza

Mutant DNA Might Explain

Sandy Hook Massacre

12/27/2012 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

What drove Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza to murder 26 people in cold blood? The answer could lie in his DNA ... and now, geneticists are trying to uncover the microscopic mystery.

The study will take place at the University of Connecticut, where a team of geneticists is reportedly set to examine Lanza's DNA. The team is expected to investigate whether a special mutation is responsible for setting off the troubled 20-year-old on December 14.

UConn's department of genetics is working hand-in-hand with CT's Chief Medical Examiner during the study -- though a rep for the medical examiner's office admits ... they're not really sure what they're looking for.

Results are expected to take several weeks.


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It might help explain, but a screwed up home life is always the final piece of the puzzle in cases like this.

626 days ago


Is there a gene for evil? What about other killers? Should we start testing their DNA as well for a comparison for similarities? Could this end up being admissible in court as being evidence that a suspect has the propensity for grizzly murder just because he has this alleged gene, helping to sway the jury into a guilty verdict?

What if we all have that gene but some of us aren't influenced in life in a way that forms a crazed murderer? Does this mean there is a gene for good as well? It makes sense that there would be if there is one for evil. Good and evil, yin and yang, dharma and karma, God and Satan: We have always spiritualized, conceptualized and/or intellectualized a balance of good and evil in the world: is this because we have genes for both, and on an subconscious level realize this or is it purely all a matter of the choices we make,of our own free will, outside of the influence of anything else?

Why do we feel we need to know the reason for evil? If we can prove it is DNA, does that make evil a genetic disease?

Some acts are so heinous that they are inhuman. 9/11 was not one of them. That was an act of war, which is very human.. However, Sandy Hook is one of those acts that are completely inhuman.. Any species wants to perpetuate itself and instinctively protects its young. That is how we guarantee the future of our species. It is inhuman to kill our children. Somehow, it seems to me that trying to humanize it by saying it was in his DNA is just too simplistic and pat. This person was under the influence of a pervasive, dark and inhuman evil that is beyond what we can see, feel or hear in a lab.

625 days ago


wast of reserch money

625 days ago


DNA testing? What happened to plain nuts? So then what if a test trend comes out for babies in the whom and they test poz for killer/evil gene. Abort the seed of Chucky? What next drugs to make the pretty boy With long hair on tmz newsroom straight?

617 days ago


It was Cho at Virginia Tech, u wannabe racist morons, I dont think he sounds white, nor were the two black shooters, who btw, tried insanity. Why dont u racist TROLLS, just TROLL on by. By the time you tried to spread Ignorance and hate, It took 30 seconds to look this up. SAD!!

616 days ago


Google Robbie Parker Laughing Video
Lack of grief is creepy and suspicious.
No tears from any of them. See for yourself. Some make the motion of wiping away tears, but if you tears?

526 days ago
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