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"Django Unchained"

N-Word Controversy

You Be the Judge

12/29/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-django-unchainedSpike Lee is boycotting Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" because the N-word is used 110 times. Interesting, since Spike has used the N-word in some of his flicks. So we gotta ask ...


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Josh Ya    

Spike Lee is a racist POS.

660 days ago


Hey spike bitch lee.... Shut the **** you and go hide in your worm hole dumb ass.. Your a never was little man... You can't even be famous anymore always have. A racial card to throw at someone cus people don't give a flying **** about your little tiny bubble eyed ugly jungle face peewee Herman ass go away and **** off.

660 days ago


If black people don't want to hear anyone using the word ******, then they need to be the first ones to stop using it. The word ****** was using to demean black people and to make them seem as less than human the problem is that the younger generations of black people and rappers use ****** as a joke, an everyday greeting, they need to step up and learn the reason the word was used before. If they want respect, they need to first respect themselves and their cultural history.

660 days ago


I am really sick of this stupid discrimination thing, the word is ok as long as you are black, you are allowed to wear "Black pride" on your t shrits but whites cannot profess their race or they are racist! Visit another country like the UK - EVERYONE is equal and there are NO excuses, shame on the US for allowing this stupidity and bye the bye I am an American Indian and proud of it but do not look for any excuse to embarrass myself like they do -

660 days ago


I'm so sick of this race card being played. It sucked, and still does in a few rare cases - but it's over. We all have to move on in order to get over it. It will never end as long as we keep bringing it to the forefront over and over.

660 days ago


Historically accurate!!!!!!!!!! Boy have we hit the moron jackpot on this one... Are you kidding me? You people should maybe realize its a ****ing movie made by someone that simply feeds on teenagers who love violence, this will trigger hate crimes.........what exactly is accurate?

660 days ago


TMZ get your story straight, Spike has not used the N Word in his movies. If you say he has then find which one, and I am guess the person who wrote this article is White. Of course you think it's okay to say or watch when you have not been called all you life.

660 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

The real issue is The use of the N Word. The movie was made in a time that the N Word was used all the time. It would have been disrespectful If Quentin didnt use the n word because then he would have been lying about the past and how people talked back then. Spike Lee is just upset because quentin had more publicity using the N word then he did and spike is black. I can prove my point because I haven't heard spike lee complain about rap music or Samuel Jackson. SJ uses the N word like white people eat bologna. How can you complain about this and not the other. Spike Lee, you are a N-Word and its celebrities like you who abuse there fame and causes more problems then good. I smell what you're doing SL and its pathetic.
Phishie from Philly

660 days ago


Get over it already...

660 days ago


Racists crawling out of the woodwork to defend whites using this word. Hellloooooo Republicans.

660 days ago


Since Spike Lee boycotting the movie, I'll watch it twice, so as not to throw off the box office receipts.

660 days ago


Saw the movie...was phking great.........spike lee is an azzholes...just wondering if the azzhole likes himself....always bitching at something...spike is on a permanent menstral cycle...get a tampon bitch! And Katt Williams...just another crazy azz drug addict with no brain left!.........

660 days ago


Not a racist but I use the n word all the time...hey it's a people use it all the time...and there is no copyright on words..maybe if black people stop using it and thinking its a word of privilege..then other races would stop using it.....but blacks are saying do as we say..not as we do...phk that...blacks are just as racist as any white, latin. Or Chinese, and what gives them the right to be racist and no one else can tired of the race card....n.i.g.g.a.s. need to just grow up!

660 days ago


This movie was HORRIBLE!! I thought it was an era piece but it was just another QUENTIN TARANTINO silly over the top blow 'em up movie. The blood scenes were so overdone they looked like something off of a computer game and I'm not sure but I think it was "supposed" to be a comedy. It was junk, junk, junk! Last movie I will EVER see with his name attached to it and as far as the n word is concerned I got tired of hearing it myself. When I first heard about it being used I kept hearing the actors say it was an "era" movie and that's how they talked back then. There was nothing factual about this stupid movie from the shoot out scenes to the horrible acting. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY unless you think this is a comedy.

659 days ago


Who cares what Spike Lee thinks. HYPOCRITE.

659 days ago
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