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Sandy Hook Massacre

CT Attorney Blames State

Wants to Sue for $100 Mil

12/29/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A Connecticut attorney blames the state for the brutal massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary -- claiming it FAILED to protect the children from harm's way -- and now he wants to sue for $100 million on behalf of one on the survivors.

According to the Hartford Courant, Irving Pinsky filed legal docs Thursday with the Claims Commissioner, asking permission to sue the state on behalf of a 6-year-old Sandy Hook student who survived the shootings (she was in another classroom at the time).

Pinsky claims the girl, only ID'd as "Jill Doe," suffered emotional and psychological trauma ... this according to local reports.

Pinsky believes the shooting was foreseeable, claiming a "fellow like Adam Lanza would have been known as a potential problem to the police."

The state is immune from most lawsuits, which is why Pinsky must ask for permission to even file the suit. No decision has been made whether or not the suit will go through.


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These greedy people want millions for they're child hearing gun shots and they're child is alive...REALLY??? This is a slap to the face to those families that lost loved ones and while this family is fighting for money WITH their child I bet if you would ask any of those families how much money they would want i bet they would say they want their babies back and not money cause you can't put a price to those precious babies. They have their child and the school was locked, no one could have known this monster was gonna go to an elementary school and kill. I bet he didn't go to no high school or college cause they would have tooken his boney ass down. So to the family that wants money, you got what you need your child and a chance to get counseling. To TMZ please don't put this monsters face on The website he looks like a sick monster and gives me the creeps and the families don't need to see a reminder of the devil who took their loved ones away .

665 days ago



665 days ago


Can this get worse? This lawsuit will torture the Newtown community. If it goes forward, they will search for something they missed or could have done better at SHS. They've already sacrificed so many souls and are so broken. Shame on Pinsky and any other ambulance chaser who agrees to climb on board in this regard. #God bless and keep Newtown Connecticut strong

665 days ago


The only child that even has the right to sue is the sole survivor. The one who played dead has the right (but will probably lose anyway because it's certainly not foreseeable) because she and her only may have serious psychological trauma. She was covered in blood and saw every single person get killed. As for these parents, they didn't get hit with reality that THEY are very lucky to have a child alive. They shouldn't be so greedy because they are one of the lucky ones.

665 days ago


thats white people for you, nasty money hurngry monkeys thats all they are, that pic of that white murder make me sick

665 days ago


please remove this guys picture and name from the wed page her doesnt derserve any publicity at all

665 days ago


Everyone is always looking to make a buck!! Take care of the slain families first....

665 days ago


Do you know the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? One is a cold blooded, slimy, bottom feeder. The other is a fish.

665 days ago


Wow, what an ambulance chaser. The holiday season isn't even over yet and he wants money and could care less about the families that lost a child. A real s***-of-the-earth guy. You should be thanking God that your child survived and be looking into how you can help your neighbors and friends in their time of need.

665 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

Connecticut is broke.

665 days ago


No amount of money can bring back the dead kids. By hitting the intercom it saved countless lives And now a lawsuit? These parents should go visit the grave sites of the dead kids.

665 days ago


Did Adam Lanza have a prior police record? No. How the hell would the state view as him as a potential problem? He was locked up in his room 90% of the time according to family friends. This is disgusting. This family has their child. Others don't, but you do not see them trying to sue. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

665 days ago


Sad! Flicking dog azz attorney.

665 days ago


Greedy f ing lawyers will always find a way to make a trouble situatiion profitable. If you really care volunteer you services

665 days ago


Oh I am sure that attorneys by the droves were approaching the parents of their lil one. My daughter was with a friend walking to school one day and both were attacked by a rottweiller. Her friend lured the dog off of her and the dog went after him. He her friend required stitches and she for the most nothing other then a few scrape like marks and maybe one puncture wound. I took her to the hospital just to have the puncture checked out and when I got home I had an attorney calling me to see if I wanted to sue the dog owner. I was like no we are ok, In the end I think the other parents did for medical bills for their son and the humane society did take the dog and euthanized it. I would imagine that the memories will be with this lil girl forever that will possibly require councelling but I do not beleive that the parents should be seeing this tragedy as a payoff for their future. Many people have experienced tragedy but choose not to see it as being a gold mine.

665 days ago
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