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Justin Bieber

Pot Smoking

You Be the Judge

1/6/2013 1:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-justin-bieber-tmzJustin Bieber's pot smoking raises questions about the role of celebs as role models. So we gotta ask ...



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Teach your kids to look at celebrities reasonably as humans who make mistakes...instead of pointing fingers at celebrities and demanding they behave in a way you personally consider "appropriate" or worthy of being a "role model"

654 days ago


Justine you want laws against Paparazzi, how about when you loan out your car to one of your drug addict friends and they hit someone I hope you get sued for millions of dollars.

654 days ago


I think in the end, it will turn out that Beiber sent that 'tard Lil Twist out in the Ferrari as a diversion to pull the paparazzi away from the hotel so Bieber could slip away and do something else without being followed.

654 days ago


Where da weed at.

654 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    


654 days ago


I really don't care about what The Bieb does but this story sure would explain why Selena Gomez keeps breaking up with him. Maybe he should move back to Canada and stay out of trouble. Seems like he can't handle the fast LA lifestyle.

654 days ago


Blame on tmz, papparazzi job is dangerous, you keep putting the, on to people, to get information and later, destroy whoever you can just for entertaining. The world is really lost. It was not bieber fault, you blame it all on him and forget the other roles in this part. You really think all of it is true? Think again, its ridiculous. Celebritties are people too, they make mistakes.

653 days ago


I think this fame business turned Ms. Bieber, washed up looking Rihanna and lawd knows old looking Blohan into self-absored privileged *******s that could have been (if not for fame) productive respectful citizens that contribute something more to society then material gain (that will not last, including their fame), but instead they sit around and smoke trees all day, influencing the minds of children with reckless behavior. To the Parents of these idiots, this is what you gave your children over to the devil = Entertainment, good job.

653 days ago


I really think less of him. Any other pot smoking celebrity, I don't care. But this is a guy that has built a good boy image and girls around the world love him. Parents don't even mind their girls wanting to meet him. His image is now tarnished..look for his brand to go downhill from here.

653 days ago


I'd love to say that smoking pot is fine. The problem is this: There is no way to tell if someone has smoked pot or not and it DOES impair people. For example, would you like the surgeon operating on your brain or heart to have smoked pot just before your surgery? How about the pilot flying your Boeing jet with 300 other people on board? For everyone who thinks smoking pot is "no big deal" think about what I've said. The answer is that 99% of you would NOT want a person in charge of your well-being to be smoking pot or drunk...however, being drunk is detectable in numerous ways immediately and pot is not. So although I'd like to say that it's fine for recreational purposes the truth is that I cannot because it DOES impair people, sometimes significantly.

653 days ago


For goodness sake get a grip! It is now legal in some states and teenagers will try it....why is Justin any different? You make him an icon but refuse to allow him a normal life, chased until someone dies. Get on the heroin bandwagon, meth, cocaine and leave the kids alone. Let's hear how many drinks you have to relax.

653 days ago


PARENTS should be the ones who encourage kids to admire proper role models. Any parent who allows their child to idolize a punk loser such as Bieber is not parenting.

653 days ago


Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Weed 2013 Pictures, Video Revealed Here

653 days ago


Common' TMZ... smoking pot is not "as bad as alcohol". Fer feck's sake! It's anti-motivational and it shouldn't be smoked by teenagers (seriously look it up), but amongst adults whose brains are fully developed it's a lot 'healthier' than alcohol, especially for women. Socially, weed is healthier than booze period.

653 days ago


Dear TMZ, Nice try but next time you might want to photoshop in his tattoos.
Sincerely, Beliebers.

653 days ago
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