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Justin Bieber

Pot Smoking

You Be the Judge

1/6/2013 1:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-justin-bieber-tmzJustin Bieber's pot smoking raises questions about the role of celebs as role models. So we gotta ask ...



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its actually pretty funny because this picture is fake, justin has a believe tattoo, an owl tattoo that is pretty big, and a japanese music tattoo on his arm and its not in the picture. he also has a leg tattoo that u cant see. obviously your out to get justin because he is doing SO good right now, and is one of the most popular teens ever. His music is inspirational to everyone and if you can't deal with that then dont pay attention to him, your trying to tear him apart when he has the greatest fans in the world that would never be disapointed by him because hes 18 years old, hes an adult and no one can control his life. This picture is fake and disgusting and you shouldnt even post **** like this and try and ruin his career. TMZ is made up of a bunch of sick people and you all need to realise that Justin is amazing and i would never turn on him for anything he did so maybe try getting a real picture next time

653 days ago


guess you missed that there are two states that its legal in already.. and there are counties that find no big deal.. its a Americans hang up.. i guess. and since he is a roll model then he may want to rethink it .. but did the wiggles they are also adults and what if you saw them smoking or drinking what would you think ..

653 days ago


Ok people...Justin Bieber is a teenager, and heres the thing..none of us would have even knew this if it weren't for the snoopy media...Im a mother and reality is that kids experiment, but when they are continuously bothered and reminded of one thing they did that was wrong to others they will only continue to do it and maybe move on to worse actions.

653 days ago


"Justin has a duty as role model" I don't think any celebrity should be held as a role model, that's not their responsibility. All celebrities can inspire and lift us, but that's a way different job than being a role model. Be the role model in your own kids life, don't let celebrities be the one to teach your kids values and morals and what's right or wrong.

653 days ago


shut the **** up tmz. media is ****ed up. im not believing it and if it is real, whats it to do with you? havent you got anything else to promote? like the good things? havent you realised any of that!? hes a good person. your just screwed trying to ruin peoples lives, your irrelevant.

653 days ago


THAT'S NOT JUSTIN BIEBER, THAT'S ROBIN VERRECAS DAMMMMMMMMMNIT U BITCHHES .... he'll never do that, and everyone knows that, he hates this thins soooo ****k off

653 days ago


it it proves to be true.... which it could very well be.. i know no matter how many times he apologizes to his young fans he won't truly be sorry he did it, he'll be sorry he got caught.

653 days ago


Weed is legal in Washington and Colorado and its a matter of time elsewhere.....big deal.

Weed isn't as dangerous as liquor folks.....

653 days ago


Seriously, people....a gateway drug? Gateway to snack foods, maybe. Get real.

653 days ago

Canadian Girl    

As a person who was once a teenager too ... this just seems to be a part of growing up ... however, as a Canadian, who immigrated to the USA within the last 2 years ... for what I had to endure, having Homeland Security all over me since I was 16, before deciding if I could live here or not .. and seeing this going on .. kinda makes me wonder about your immigration process for the normal people vs. the ones who pay in a higher tax bracket. If I get so much as a DUI .. I could be looking at deportation ... someone needs to look into this a bit more.

653 days ago


Looks like a bunch of potheads are the ones taking that survey. LOL

653 days ago

JR Jake    

I don't believe it is even a joint unless he is bogarting the sucker. He sure is holding it a long time, and looks like a novice doing it. Actually I don't believe it is a hooter at all. Looks like one of those gimmicky smokes kids pick up at the local 7-11 on a Friday night when they want to be cool with their friends,

653 days ago


I think its legal in California.

653 days ago


as always your questions need a third answer,,ie the first one should also have,, I can't think less of him because he is already a worthless no-talent s*** bag.

653 days ago


After TMZ posted pictures of him smoking what appears to be marijuana, the "Beauty and the Beat" singer took to Twitter to address his millions of fans.

"Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. U get knocked down, u get up," the 18-year-old pop star wrote on the micro-blogging site Jan. 5. "I see all of u. I hear all of u. I never want to let any of you down. I love u."

Bieber didn't address the pot-smoking pics directly, but he did allude to facing "new challenges" and "new doubters."

"I'm ready. We are ready. See u all tomorrow and everyday after that," he tweeted. "Back on tour tomorrow. Ready to see u all smile

653 days ago
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