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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Charlie's NOT My Bro ...

It's Just a Picture

1/6/2013 3:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
is setting the record straight ... he's NOT BFFs with Charlie Sheen -- and he only posed for a pic with the actor because he's in the "picture taking business."

Mayor Villaraigosa went on NBC 4 L.A. on Saturday to explain the infamous "Cabo photo" -- showing him arm-and-arm with Sheen in Mexico, at the same hotel where Charlie dropped homophobic slurs.

The snapshot ignited a media frenzy and a wave of public backlash for the politician.

The mayor makes it clear in the interview he only met Sheen for a moment, saying, "I had a three-minute conversation and took a picture with him, that simple."

He explained further, "I take a picture virtually every single day, 50 times. And I took a picture with him ... I have never said no to anyone who wants to take a picture."

Might be a good time to start.


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In order to break into the entertainment business it is a well known fact even in 2013, you have to pretend to be straight at least for a little while. Sad, but true.

654 days ago


This stupid Pr**k was more than happy to pose for the photo until he read the negative headlines the next day and changed his stance...... get a life or better still stay home with your wife and kids instead of running around with badass celebrities.

654 days ago


So he wasn't at Charlie's new bar/restaurant opening gala in Cabo? Just passed him on the street, eh?

654 days ago


Villaraigosa is an effing idiot....LA is rotting b/c of his stupidity

654 days ago


Can't wait until he is up for re-election so I can vote against him (not sure how many terms he has served, there is a limit). For the most part we have had pretty bad mayors in LA, which is why I lived in the South Bay (Redondo, and Manhattan Beach) for 30 or more years before moving back to San Pedro.

654 days ago


What was our asshat mayor doing there in the first place? Btw, his real name is Tony Vallar, who claims to have changed his name to honor his wife (the same woman he cheated on numerous times), but the truth is that he just wanted to "Latino-ize" his name to get Latino votes. He failed to pass the bar exam FOUR times, and never passed. The idiot never met a camera he didn't like, nor a favor. A friend of mine, a very renowned author, interviewed him way back when, and he was asking the mayor about issues, but all Tony wanted to talk about was where he got his shoes and fashion. Absolutely true story.

654 days ago


I don't believe him. He is just trying to save face.

654 days ago


So now the gay mafia (aka TMZ) gets to determine who the mayor can take a photo with, based on speech that THEY get to approve or disapprove? Get down off your pink horse Harvey, and stop trying to dictate the beliefs of free American citizens. If Charlie or anyone else wants to make a gay joke, that's his RIGHT, at least until down low Obama changes the laws to further protect his down low buddies (and himself).

654 days ago


Villaraigosa reminds me so much of Obama. Each of them is far more concerned with hanging out with celebs than with trying to be a competent Chief Exec. Wonder if Villaraigosa, like Obama, is also on the down low?

654 days ago


Charley got burned

654 days ago


"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, scene II.
Well, he's not a lady nor a gentleman. May be a comedian. No, he's not humorous. Funny looking, yes. Mayor... NOoooo
Next Governor!!! Now that's humorous.

654 days ago


And he gave up his "Goddesses" for that?

654 days ago

monie roche    

this is where i say: don’t get me started on this a$$hole of a mayor…the biggest crook in los angeles politics…a complete idiot…go to wikipedia and read the bio…disgusting man…
two daughters out of wedlock, two affairs with women in the media and both lost their jobs, screwed around on his wife when she was recovering from cancer and then ran his campaign on “family values”…and most of us here in la never read anything in the media about the type of s***bag that he is…and i do say is…
i do believe that he had to pay the taxes on all the laker front row seats that enjoyed…go read the list of the corupt behavior…
thank goodness he only has six more months of damage to do to los angeles before his term is up…and now he wants to be appointed by obama to be secty of transportation…
if obama appoints him to anything above garbage collector, then obama will verify that his capacity to appoint honorable people is null…
lastly, please note that after divorcing his wife, he has refused to return to his real name…what an insult to his wife…

654 days ago


Why would it be a good time to start? Because Charlie Sheen spoke the truth and displayed some common-sense?

654 days ago


Villaraigosa, another slimy politician. Stay away from Charlie.

654 days ago
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