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Back on Welfare

1/6/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-nadya-suleman-octomom-tmzIt's only been five months since Octomom got off welfare, but TMZ has learned the honeymoon's over for your tax dollars -- because she's back on government assistance.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, Nadya Suleman signed up for welfare again this week after her October rehab bills devoured most of her savings.

We're told the mother of 14 will be getting $1,800 a month for food, $1,000 for emergency cash, as well as Medi-Cal benefits to help with mental heath and dental issues.

According to sources, Octomom only plans to use the welfare money while she gets back on her feet -- or on her back.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo went on welfare last March, but was able to get off guv assistance in July ... the result of a pile of cash she scored from stripping and masturbation porn.


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Don't feed the trolls, TMZ.

656 days ago


Well let's see she gets pregnant on purpose with mulitple babies, then the government has to help her keep them alive, pay their medical bills & now going to pay her to stay @ home to take care of them. What is wrong with this picture???? How much has she paid into the goverment to even expect assistance??? I bet she gets food stamps & somebody will feel sorry for her & end up paying her rent or offer her her own TV series on how I raised my kids on the government & you can too.
My 75 year old Mother drawing SSI after working her whole life makes less than $1000.00 a month & gets a whole $16.00 a month food stamps. Too bad she can't have a house full of babies . . . . RIGHT?????
If she can't take care of the babies she needs to give them up for adoption to families that will love them & take care of them. From where I'm sitting she's not much of a Mother anyway. Just my opinion.

656 days ago


Who cares.This bull crap about this woman is getting old and nobody cares.She put herself in her own place when she decided to have this many kids all at once.She is just another person on this earth and nobody else gets this much attention.Just stop giving her publicity and let her suffer the consequences for her actions by herself,instead of giving her all this attention.Waste of news,when there are far more interesting and important news out there

656 days ago


I know you have people in the world who truely don't think. (beyone what they need to do to survive.)But why in world did she go back after the first group & do this again? I mean really how would even the dimmest bulb expect with this many & no real income. I would love to know what was the point? Did she think she'd get a reality show out of it (like Kate plus 8) or what?

656 days ago


we're already paying women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq so what's the big deal? Oh and we get billions to Israel every year as well. Our tax dollars have been wasted for quite some time

656 days ago


Nadya Suleman doesn't care about her kids other than welfare $ and having 14 human shields along her side. I hope she loses custody of all her kids one day as its better for them than to live another day in her hellhome.

656 days ago


World would be a better place if she was dead!

656 days ago


I don't understand. Everyone knows that she will never be able to afford those kids. So because the government is willing to pay for her kids she gets to keep them. They should remove the kids until she gets a job where she can afford them without any of our money. Then give them back. If she really wants them that would be an incentive to get a good job.
$2,800 isn't enough to feed and care for 14 kids properly.

656 days ago


this POS trick is the epitome of g-h-e-t-t-ooooo

656 days ago

Hannah Fontana    

Her previous earnings should have disqualified here for the number of months that equal potential welfare payments.

If she had a lump sum of $1 million, that would equal 1,000 months at $1,000 per month. She shouldn't be able to apply until those 1,000 months went by. That's the way it's done in Orange County.

So why is she back on welfare so soon?

656 days ago


Well I would rather give tax dollars to her than to those in congress or senate. At leat she was trying to do something

656 days ago


If she doesn't give the name of the father/sperm donor, for his stupidity, and to pay up for spreading his sperm around, then the taxpayers shouldn't be required to give her a cent while she turns down strip club work!

656 days ago


Some of her kids are considered "disabled" and they also get a monthly check from the government. Add that to the $1800 in food stamps, the $1000 cash and free medical care, she gets plenty.

656 days ago

Ray SFO    

I wish that child protective would take ALL 14 CHILDREN away from her, and put them ALL up for adoption. She simply can not handle this many children.
The State of California should now sue her Doctor for the cost of the childrens care

656 days ago


maybe she should swallow more and stay off welfare

656 days ago
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