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Jenni Rivera Crash

Victims' Families SUE

Jet a 'Bucket of Bolts'

1/10/2013 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Family members of the people who perished alongside Mexican singer Jenni Rivera in a gruesome plane crash last month have just filed a lawsuit -- blaming the plane's owners for negligence ... and they're also going after Jenni's company for money -- calling the plane "a bucket of bolts."

Relatives of Arturo Rivera (Jenni's publicist), Jacobo "Jacob" Yebale (her makeup artist), Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez (her stylist), and Mario Macias Pacheco (her lawyer) have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Starwood Management, the owner of the Learjet that was carrying Jenni and her entourage when it crashed into the mountains of Northern Mexico, killing everyone on board.

According to the lawsuit, the families claim Starwood negligently allowed the plane to take off that fateful day -- among other things, they say the 78-year-old pilot was not licensed to fly "passengers for hire."  They also say the pilot didn't have an instrument flight rule license, something that was necessary at 35,000 feet.

The families are also suing Jenni Rivera's company for the same negligence. They want unspecified damages.

As we reported the DEA has been investigating Starwood Management and its planes for a while now, and even seized two of the company's planes early last year.

Jenni's plane -- a 1969 Learjet 25 -- had reportedly logged 43 years worth of flights and been previously damaged in an accident back in 2005. An exec at Starwood said the plane was perfectly maintained.



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Whoever booked the flights is responsible. If it is the management company, then they are negligent. SOMEONE should have looked into the fact that they would be flying on a plane that is over 43 years old and had an ACCIDENT 8 years ago? I am sure it was/is hard to find a good company near where they were traveling, but they should have just flown to a BIGGER airport a few hours away in a MODERN plane and taken ground transportation after that?? I HATE to fly, but if I do...I check out even SOUTHWEST planes and like Rainman...I don't fly with carriers that have had major accidents in the past 5-10 years!!

622 days ago


Anybody talking crap about Mexico or Mexicans on here is a complete douche bag loser. First off this woman was born in Long Beach, California. Her career was most successful in Mexico and latin american countries. She came from Mexican/humble beginnings and lifted herself up from the depths of poverty to become someone. Basically what everyone comes to this country for. She was a role model and inspiration to other Mexican immigrants, to go to college, make something of yourself BUT never forget where your family came from. This is a sad tragedy and not something to be laughed about. KARMA will get you, you lame ****s.

622 days ago


This is no different than the Italian missing. They go over to these countries that use these small passengers planes that's 40 plus year old. Smh sad. With the money they have I wonder why they don't charter there own planes. You couldn't pay me a million bucks to get on them Rachet Planes.

622 days ago


Really? What was this woman thinking getting into this 40 year old plane with a nearly 80 year old pilot. Wasn't she taking it on a test drive because she was interested in purchasing the jet? This lady had dollars but no sense. I wouldn't get myself into that position up here in the states, let alone freaking mexico. Poor employees of hers they probably didn't have the courage to not get on that plane, so Jenni got them into this situation it's her fault, she got her employees into this, but more blame should be put on plane owner.

622 days ago


It cant bring this beautiful angel back. She was special.

622 days ago


There is no reason for said families to sue deceased Jenny as she did not force them to join her let alone get on the plane. They need to go after the company who manned these death trap that Jenny and her crew were in.

622 days ago


Gee, it didn't take them long to sue. You KNEW this was coming. Money hungry slobs!!!

622 days ago


Why did she get on that tuna can?

622 days ago


Damn what was she thinking getting herself and her employees into this situation? i sure as hell would not have gotten in that plane up here in the US, let alone in freaking mexico. She must have been one cheap ass woman.

622 days ago


Sue Her family while they are grieving is BS. It's not her fault the plane crashed its the Owner of the Plane. Buttholes. Let it go your family members are dead and are not coming back.

622 days ago


This was a sad demise to a really caring woman who did alot more than flash her tits like some celeb-tards (KK) .. unfortunately "her people" did not do much background check on her behalf before allowing her to fly on a plane HER AGE and with a PILOT pushing eleventy. so sad RIP Ms Rivera!

622 days ago

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I wouldn't get in a car with a 78 year old driver, let alone a 78 yr old pilot flying a plane. He likely died at the controls thus causing the crash.

622 days ago


That's got to be wrong. In the US pilots are required to have an instrument rating above 17,999 ft and you would never fly a Lear Jet at low altitudes. Very inefficient. I don't think a 78 year old man could possibly keep up with piloting responsibilities at 450 MPH. Just crazy

622 days ago



622 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...if it makes anyone feel better..all on board would have lost consciousness after 30 seconds..if not before....once decend started

622 days ago
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