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Quentin Tarantino

A Real Q & A-Hole

1/12/2013 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quentin Tarantino threw a total hissy fit when asked if there was a connection between movie violence and real violence -- but he's one of the few people who probably doesn't mind putting his foot in his mouth.

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IF I WANTED 2 HEAR FM AN ******* . I WLD FART !!!!!!! LOL

647 days ago


There is a fine line between stupidity and brilliance. While his creativity is brilliant I don't think his opinion on anything other than making movies is credible. Those that find his movies entertaining are suspect as well in my opinion. He is probably pissed that he could never pass a mental background check for legal gun ownership.

He's a lunatic and his products are a part of the problem, not a solution.

647 days ago


always thought he was a major a-hole
with a wacko personality
the biggest baby that thinks no rules apply to him.......
all his movies have some controversy
with the exception of a few....
never relaxing,
always racially charged....
not a fan

647 days ago

BB not bb    

How do you expect QT to react if he is not a total sell out? It is like he was being interviewed by a satanically possessed person. That reporter was so self serving and creepy, it was like he was trying to hypnotize QT into entering his demonic realm.

This just makes QT that much more a person with his own vision and something real to say. He isn't just churning out more propaganda for the slave machine. I totally respect his integrity, which other people call acting crazy.

It is a sick society when defending standards is mistaken for flipping out. If he didn't have such creepy characters and so much violence, I would probably watch more of his movies. I liked Jackie Brown alot.

I respect him as a true artist and intellectual. Thsoe are hard to come by on the TV news.

647 days ago

BB not bb    

That was a completely loaded question to ask, "Why are you so sure that there is no connection between movie violence and real violence?" I suppose a movie about WW II should show soldiers picking flowers and having tea time. If you don't want to study violence, don't watach QT movies. Simple as that.

I don't think QT was looking to engage in the fight or succumb to the bullying of the reporter, so he just opted out. I say cool.

He was probably scared to really tell of this jerk reporter. The guy sounded like he was working for the Illuminati. He could have turned the tables on that arrogant little twit, but he said he just wanted to discuss his movie. That is his right.

647 days ago

News Flash     

A hissy sissy but makes great movies.

647 days ago


While i have enjoyed some of QT's movies i don't doubt that hes got a major screw loose where violence is concerned. Also i never realsized hes gay not that it maters for purposes of making movies.

647 days ago


Ya he's a real d ick, he just ruined it for me acting like that, I thought the movie was good and I had not seen any of his other ones, with all the controversy surrounding this one you would think he would let the movie speak for itself, how unfortunate for him to open up his mouth and let everyone know he is an a$$hole, but nawww I'll pass.

647 days ago

BB not bb    

Umm, I really don't think QT is gay. I think you can be a sensitive and intellectual man without being gay. He does remind me of Truman Capote in his manner, but I think of that as them both being southern story tellers. He is perhaps the Truman Capote of film and one of this generations great story tellers.

All the news wants to do is make him out to be responsible for violence. They blame the movies, the guns, and everything that makes life livable for the average person. Don't watch TV, don't listen to mucic, don't play video games, don't let your kids play cops and robbers, etc.

The fact is, there are people behind the scenes staging massive acts of violence in order to scare the population into becoming slaves. It is the serf/master mentality where some king would offer protection in his castle in exchange for the slavery of the people on his lands.

QT is standing up for art and the right of artists to make it. If this little stiff can't appreciate that, he has no busniess even trying to do the interview. People like him are trying to kill cutlure and drag it down to the lowest form of brain actiivity.

647 days ago


WTF would TMZ know about class? Bunch of 12-year-olds...

647 days ago


Tarantino is a typical Hollywood moron who makes movies for kids. He eventually will crawl back into the cess pool from which he came.

647 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

QT is mental. You can politely refuse to answer a question. In different cir***stances he would get punched out if he spoke that way to a stranger.

647 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Why is the word c i r c u m s t a n c e bleeped out? That is so bizarre.

647 days ago

TUTT ThinkTank    

Dang, QT, you really blew this interview. Next time, don't take whatever you took, before you did this interview. And, get some dentures. Ha ha ha. Your movies are "in-the-face artless trash." My Grandma can make better movies. You show in this interview the real jerk that you are; you don't have to answer to anybody, because you are more important than God. Go find some creativity. Movies are low-level art. Books are high-level. Ipso facto. Write a book.

647 days ago


QT's opinion of himself is so elevated he cannot even entertain the fact that he does glamorize violence in not all but most of his movies. He's the Peckinpah of the New Millenium and unfortunately because of his self love he will never comprehend what we are saying. Naturally he goes off on whomever he wants, that is his nature. He could be so different if he wanted, crabby, crabby, is always how he behaves and looks, OK, maybe slightly diabolical.

647 days ago
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