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Michael Lohan's Baby Mama

He's Finally Paying

Love Child Support

1/13/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Lohan
's no deadbeat dad -- so says the mother of his 17-year-old love child ... despite court docs proclaiming Michael is more than $300,000 behind on child support.

Kristi Horn -- mother of 17-year-old Ashley Horn -- tells TMZ, she and Michael came to a private settlement out of court regarding the outstanding child support balance ... and Michael has promised to pay up ASAP.

Which is interesting ... because court docs were just filed in Florida, where Michael lives, to enforce a child support judgment Kristi obtained back in 2009 ... ordering Michael to pay $316,720 in unpaid support.

Kristi says she had no part in filing the documents -- they were filed as a matter of course because the order is still active -- but tells us, she's waiting to have the order vacated until after MiLo's fiancée Kate Major gives birth later this month. It's unclear how much Michael agreed to pay her.

Kristi said she and Michael are on great terms.

TMZ broke the story in November ... a DNA test revealed Michael fathered Kristi's daughter Ashley back in the 90s when he was on a break from Dina.

Now ... let's all relive the moment Michael found out he's the father. His face is priceless.



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I have never known child support payments vacated unless paid in full. Child support as well as studnt loans andowed taxes are the only monies not discharged in bankruptcy and can be taken from your Social Sercurity.Unless a family court judge approved this agreement there is something fishy going on here. Why is is with the Lohans everything is strange and shadowy?

648 days ago


good morning everyone

648 days ago


Come on now stop hating on good morning.

648 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

As usual the doctors spin. The funny thing is I used to really think he was the worst. But after following their story for 3 months I kinds feel sorry for that dip. He has huge anger management issues and the only way he can think is when he unzips his pants. Loaded cannon literally. Could you imagine starting over with a new baby at 53? I think he should have gotten a vasectomy when he startedgoing out with girls in cali. That were his daughters age. I feel for the bastard.I hope they (he and Kate) getlots of therapy. Sorry guys I have sympathy for him. He had 4 kids with a rabid hyena. I delly dislike her somuch.

648 days ago


shes actually the prettiest of all the lohan girls

648 days ago


Still a deadbeat.

648 days ago


Still a deadbeat dad.

648 days ago


OMG! WTF? FFS! Have we really stooped soooo looow that we are commenting on Milo paying child support, eh? What a way to start a Sunday.... Thank God for football!

So sorry Madi and anyone else pulling for GB.

648 days ago


Good Grief they will print anything to keep the Lohan Name bring in the hits......
How about doing some reporting and finding out were Lindsay actually is ?? Where they have her detoxing that she can act like the poor pitiful Pearl who's being picked on by the world.....on Tuesday.....Now that would be a story....this is nothing but bird cage liner material... What did TMZ do sent everybody home for the weekend and take Saterday off...? ??? Don't blame you saves salaries because the weekend stories have been the worst I've ever seen lately....By the way I'm sure Brittney appricates you trotting her pony out again.......I'm sure you will be getting a seize and desist order from Daddy Spears pretty soon......LOL

648 days ago


Huh?? So there is a court judgment filed in Kristy Horn's favor for $300,000 - but...wth?? A private agreement does not replace a filed court judgment from 2009. Is that Milo's law? Morning btw

648 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Why should we relive the phony moment he found he's the dad? He already knew.

648 days ago


I am headed over to the Peen thread, this thread makes me feel dirty, eh?

GC is already there. Probably for similar reasons.

648 days ago


In Cali--the only law I know--both things people have questioned are possible. If it's possible in one state it's likely possible in more--

1. If you have the state collecting the support==child support services--they act on their own and THEY will file to collect.

2. Parties can negotiate support themselves including forgiveness. The only requirement is that a judge must approve the change

648 days ago

help this young woman    

No court will vacate over $300,000 in child support owed to a minor. It does not matter what the parents say the court is on the side of the child. What does Milo have on Kristi that she would go along with this? Do they think pics of Milo's new baby will sell for that amount?

648 days ago


This man is so notorious for his public exploits that when this poor 17 year old girl found out he was her father, she became hysterical. All joking aside, I feel bad for her. She is not reveling in this confirmation that this tool is her dad. She isn't trying to join the Lohan clan either.

648 days ago
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