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Centers for Disease Control

Ignore Hugh Jackman


1/14/2013 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Jackman
's Golden Globes acceptance speech last night was stuffed up with TERRIBLE ADVICE -- when he jokes that flu shots aren't necessary -- and now, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention are on a mission to correct his message.

A rep for the CDC tells TMZ, "I don’t know if he really meant that vaccination was not a good thing to do, but each year millions become ill with influenza; more than 200,000 may be hospitalized; and between 3,000 and 49,000 will die."

The rep adds, "The first and most important step in protecting against the flu is to get a flu vaccine each season."

For those who missed the show, Hugh took the stage after winning Best Actor in a comedy or musical -- and joked, "Sorry, I’m at the tail end of this flu and I was kicking myself for not getting the flu shot ... but it appears actually you don’t need one.  I feel great!"

Bottom line: get your damn flu shot.


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You would think the CDC would have more pressing things to do other than pick on Hugh Jackman. They must be completely humorless.
Hugh deserves to win the Oscar for best lead actor. He is a class act always in both his public and private life. DDL is too, but his performance wasn't as good. Hugh is a triple threat, DDL is not.

611 days ago


Money scamming government bull....! F..k the flu shot...Get the facts...that's if the government doesn't kill you first for discovering the truth about anything....really?? The gov is going to focus on this..??

611 days ago

M Landaverde    

wtf only YOU would recommend the flu shot illuminati S***!!!! you know they are trying to kill you when they start injecting stuff in you...

611 days ago


Can't have the flu shot if your illergic to eggs !!!

611 days ago


Get out your tin foil hats people!

611 days ago


Wolverine has special healing ability. He doesn't need no stinking vaccination.

611 days ago

BB not bb    

This is a top story in the local papers. They are trying to whip people into a frenzy over the flu. The flu always used to be a risk of winter, now it is allegedly a major health catastrophe that must be stopped with their vaccines.

Here is another health tip. Gargle with warm salted water to kill off any bugs that try to take hold. That is a better preventative than any flu shot. They are telling people they will be guilty of killing others even when they aren't sick because they are carriers. That makes no sense.

If you carry the flu germ, you are either sick or you have fought it off. If you fought it off, your antibodies could even help fight it off for others. They would end up being healtheir for being around you.

They are pumping all the vaccines into people as fast as they can. I wonder if this is part of the Bill Gats program to get rid of part of the population through vaccines.

610 days ago


THE FLU SHOT IS A SCAM INVENTED BY PHARMICUTICAL MANUFACTURERS AND "SOLD" TO THE GOVERNMENT BY PAID LOBBYISTS IN WASHINGTON. If the flu season is soooooo bad, then why why why are they not reporting how many of the sick people got the flu shot or not???????? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE FLU ALSO GOT A FLU SHOT B4 THEY GOT SICK!!!! Otherwise They would be reporting that tidbit of information.

610 days ago


He was obviously joking... He was feeling so good about winning...

610 days ago


Seriously do these people have nothing better to do with there lives who cares

610 days ago


I think they misunderstood what he was saying. The flu shot is a good thing but it doesn't protect against ALL strains of it. That's why so many people have gotten sick with it because it is the strain that the shot doesn't cover.
I have never gotten a flu shot and I don't want one. I wash my hands religiously, cover my mouth and nose when people are sneezing and hacking near me, staying away from large crowds when a lot of people are sick ( particularly children) and take a garlic and Vit C pill every single night. I haven't had the flu in decades.
Hugh Jackman is the HOTTEST man in this UNIVERSE. I am SOOOOO jealous of his wife.

610 days ago


He is right

610 days ago
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