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The Jews

Win Big Against Russians

Over Historic Manuscripts

1/16/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Score a big one for religious freedom -- a judge just nailed the Russian Government with huge fines for refusing to turn over some priceless books and manuscripts that were stolen from the preeminent worldwide Jewish cultural organization ... TMZ has learned.

Chabad sued the Russian Federation for illegally refusing to turn over thousands of religious books and manuscripts which recorded the group's core teachings.  In 2010, a U.S. federal judge ruled the Russians had to return the artifacts, but the Russkies said niet.

Lawyers for Chabad -- Marshall Grossman and Seth Gerber of the law firm of Bingham, McCutchen -- just won a huge victory.  A federal judge ruled today that the Russian Government must pay Chabad $50,000 a day for each day they refuse to fork over the books.

The penalties will amount to $18 mil a year. 

Interestingly, the Obama Administration through the State Dept. went to court to oppose an award of sanctions, arguing they would screw up U.S./Russian relations.  The judge didn't buy it.


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Why is the American Government involved in this? The U.S. should mind it's own damn business. I must have missed the decree that US Federal Court is the Jurisdiction to the world.

611 days ago


It laughable to think the Russian government is simply going to roll over and let American courts dictate law, compliance and policy over their country. Considering that the United States doesn’t acknowledge the authority of any court outside the United States (which includes the World Court in the Hague), I’m sure the Russians feel the same towards the American legal system. This would have been a big deal if a Russian court had backed up the original American ruling, but anything that comes out of a U.S. court can simply be ignored by them.

611 days ago


everyone ripped off the jews and even the germans that ripped off the jewish artifacts were ripped off after the war.many russians are jewish and the russians saved many jewish lifes in WWII.A USA fed judge isn`t a international court judge.They should give back the artifacts for sure but to which jewsih groups the american jews or the russian jews.Do the russian jewish groups control the artifacts NOW?.the story does`nt tell the whole story but is a good attempt other than the bashing of russian jews and the whole russian nation where many jews still live

611 days ago


TMZ, this does not belong on your site. Though a couple of posts are acurate, this is a very political and complicated issue. Stick to Lohans, Kardashians and club fights.

611 days ago


Why would the Russians give an F what an American court said. This is how stupid wars are started and this is why the jews will be butcher again.

611 days ago


BFD, wow they won a judgement, now all they have to do is COLLECT. good focking luck.

611 days ago


Jewish bankers in New York Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto H. Kahn, Isaac Seligman, Max Breitung, Mortimer Schiff, and other Zionist Jewish banking magnates, engineered everything in the Bolshevik revolution from the murder of the Romanovs and their children to the communist takeover.
They finance Trotsky and Lenin and orchestrate everything.
They lost some books in the aftermath. Around 20 million Russians lost their lives. They got off light and need to accept that those books belong to the Russian government now.

611 days ago


How exactly did the judge determine that the Russians have to compensate Chabad 50K a day? Did anyone die or became severely handicapped because of the unavailability of these precious historical books?

611 days ago


yeah, what a surprise that Obama sided AGAINST the Jews. And the Jews that voted for him are idiots.

611 days ago


Nice headline you insensitive pricks. Stick with covering the whores and sluts.

611 days ago


So are Jews a religion or our country? Thought church and government where seperate?

611 days ago


Typical Jew extortion.

611 days ago


Judaism is a religion? I thought it was a banking/lending industry.

611 days ago


The simple fact that those involved actually have any jurisdiction shows how deluded and arrogant they are. It must be the same bunch of idiots who tried Darwin's theory of evolution based on their beliefs. .

It's like Christians saying they are the real religion while 2 other ones crush them simply in numbers. But I need my Christian values because they let me get away with anything after I go to the confessional.

Personally I hope they burn the do***ents so no one gets them.

611 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Will be great once it gets back into the right hands, and I hope they share it with the rest of the world. In the meantime, glad they're stickin it to the commies!

611 days ago
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