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Lindsay Lohan

Take Your Plea Deal ...


1/20/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118_linday_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan doesn't care that the prosecutor in her car crash case is willing to let her skate without spending a day in jail ... because she won't plea bargain a case in which she says she's innocent.

TMZ broke the story ... attorney Shawn Holley was on her way to court Monday to negotiate a deal in Lindsay's lying-to-cops car crash case when she got her walking papers.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... the prosecutor was willing to let Lindsay plead no contest and agree to six months of lockdown rehab -- NO JAIL.

Presumably, the offer is still on the table but we're told Lindsay could not be less interested. She doesn't think she did anything wrong and will not plead to a crime she says she didn't commit.

FYI -- our law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors have her dead to rights, because she told cops she was a passenger in the Porsche when there's overwhelming evidence she was the driver.

So get this ... if the case goes to trial and Lindsay is found guilty, she faces 19 months in jail. On top of that, the lying-to-cops case has triggered a probation violation in her jewelry heist case and she could get ANOTHER 245 days for that.

It's hard to keep track.


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Grandma Cracker    

I dont think it was a planned robbery as in she went to the store saying im gonna rob it. I think she saw a necklace she liked put it on and in the moment walked out with it because she wanted it.
Jay, she went to the jewelry store for several days to look at the necklace and a ring also. She tried to negotiate a lower price, and the jeweler would not go lower, so she stole it.

577 days ago


she didn't have any problems doing that nude sex scene in machete where she's rubbing nipples and making out with a woman!......but suddenly she can't hop in bed with a bunch of long donged porn stars?
oh wait wrong lindsay thread, I get them confused sometimes

577 days ago


Exactly, VINSETTA. Crackie has nothing to gain by stalling the inevitable. As a matter of fact, IF there exists out there someone who is stupid enough to hire her if only for stunt casting, they can't because no one can predict when she will complete her jail sentence. PLEAD already. Take the jail time. Suck it for a few months. Then you'll be FREE to resume your career who*ring yourself out to the highest bidder. But go to trial and even Holley will quit your a.s.s. Let Heller rep you and will serve more time than if you pled for mercy yourself. There, I just gave her some FREE advice. But since it's SOUND advice, she won't take it.

577 days ago


Please Lord send her to prison! I am so sick of seeing her face. Any other person, they would be in Jail but the F'd up judicial system gives sympathy for this excuse of a human being. How many more chance is she going to get before they realize, hey she will not change. All her supporters are oblivious to the fact that she is no role model, talentless hack who has no self-respect. She is a burn-out and should not be aloud to walk amoung any normal hard working law-abiding citizen!

577 days ago

Suzy Q     

I think her potential "lock down rehab" is really a facility for dual diagnosis/co occurring disorders.....i.e. a mental health facility. A person with her crazy isn't accepted in regular drug/alcohol rehab.

It's so exciting! With her "issues", we can expect 15-20 more years of progressive acting out! Probably a lot more if her parents are a look into her future.

She can't even do TV because you have to show up for that.

577 days ago


Is the pink bag still an issue? Just wondering, it seems that the pink bag never became an issue.

577 days ago


Lindsay Lohan.

577 days ago

Suzy Q     

"In Los Angeles today, a lawyer for the problem-prone starlet plead not guilty to misdemeanor charges stemming from allegations that Lohan lied to police about her June car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway. A judge ordered Lohan to personally appear at a pre-trial hearing on Jan. 30, and set a probation violation hearing for Feb. 10."

577 days ago


Lindsay please just do lock down rehab...

577 days ago


Oh lets not pretend that this girl will spend even one day in jail. Lord knows if it was me, just a regular person, they'd throw away the key if I continually broke my probation or continued to break law after law while on probation. This girl steps in ****e and comes out smelling like a rose every time SMH.

577 days ago


Like Lance Armstrong, she thinks she is privilaged and above all things. He saw nothing wrong in what he did and neither does Linds. I dont know if the meds, and proformance drugs warps thier brains or what, but it sure took away their concience.

577 days ago


Not the brightest crayon in the box.

577 days ago


Where is SEZ?

577 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan moves through the Chateau Marmont as if she owns the place, but in a debtor-prison kind of way."-NY Magazine

Love it----her delusion knows no bounds.

577 days ago


Put his tramp behind bars before she kills so innocent person that just happens to be near her when she is around, or driving,drinking,drugging.

577 days ago
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