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Lindsay Lohan

Take Your Plea Deal ...


1/20/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118_linday_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan doesn't care that the prosecutor in her car crash case is willing to let her skate without spending a day in jail ... because she won't plea bargain a case in which she says she's innocent.

TMZ broke the story ... attorney Shawn Holley was on her way to court Monday to negotiate a deal in Lindsay's lying-to-cops car crash case when she got her walking papers.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... the prosecutor was willing to let Lindsay plead no contest and agree to six months of lockdown rehab -- NO JAIL.

Presumably, the offer is still on the table but we're told Lindsay could not be less interested. She doesn't think she did anything wrong and will not plead to a crime she says she didn't commit.

FYI -- our law enforcement sources tell us ... prosecutors have her dead to rights, because she told cops she was a passenger in the Porsche when there's overwhelming evidence she was the driver.

So get this ... if the case goes to trial and Lindsay is found guilty, she faces 19 months in jail. On top of that, the lying-to-cops case has triggered a probation violation in her jewelry heist case and she could get ANOTHER 245 days for that.

It's hard to keep track.


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'9ers Super Bowl BOUND!!!!!!

586 days ago

Suzy Q     

What a come back! Congrats Niners!

Hope they win the Super Bowl before they leave San Francisco.

Now we just need a sushi stand concession.....

586 days ago


It's 74 and sunny today at the beach. California is a beautiful place with amazing weather. The problem is that nearly everything else here is screwed up. The State is essentially bankrupt. The LA Superior Court system has had its budget slashed. The clerks have taken the hit more than any other employee category--they are sooooo overworked. PLEASE DON'T CALL A JUDICIAL OFFICER'S CLERK. The call has no impact and it just takes time away from their huge workload.

586 days ago


Lohan is stalling. She is pulling every legal loophole she can. Right down to using her own lawyer to do it.

I have always said screw jail that's nothing but a joke. Pull Lohans passport. Sautner did. That's the only reason Lohan complied to her probation. She needed the use of her passport.

Lohan figured out that she got more attention by not complying to her probation and community service court orders. Her concrete carpet court walk was I got away with it again.

Lohan by the skin of legal teeth (thank you Shawn Holley) complied to court orders. Got the use of her passport back.

Look what Lohan has pulled since she left Sautners courtroom in less than 9 months.

Lohan more than ever needs the use of her passport. Without her passport she can't 'escort' sorry 'work' overseas.

586 days ago


Nice San Fran! Now I still want New England in there but a Harbaugh v Harbaugh Super Bowl would be, well story after story leading up to the game.

586 days ago


She's tried to hold out for trial before in the necklace theft case, until someone got through her hard little noggin that it was such an open and shut case, a jury of real people would come back with a guilty verdict in a few minutes. The only ones saying otherwise were diehard Lohanites. I remember the judge (the guy before Sautner) looking astonished and actually giving her more time to think about it and asking questions to make sure she understood everything, it was so preposterous. Doubt that she can get Gavin, the truck driver, the Lifetime people following her, etc to perjure themselves in this case. Also confusion after the accident won't wash. Didn't she claim she wasn't driving in a much later interview? A truly temporarily confused person would have contacted the police later to revise their statement.
Does anyone know if the sheriff lets grand theft prisoners go as readily as he lets loose the DUI crowd? She stole a $2500 necklace and that's connected with the trouble she's in, it wouldn't be such a big deal if she weren't on probation for the theft. And likewise the revolving door for VoP may be different for drunk drivers vs convicted thieves.

586 days ago


OK, who's rootin for who on this match? I'll root for Zephy's Ravens . . .

586 days ago

janet point was that Lohan needed the use of her passport. Doesn't matter when she decided to use it. She could and still can. Doesn't matter who she get's to pay for her.

586 days ago


Lindsay Lohan needs Iyanla Vanzant!

586 days ago


NO, its not hard to keep track...It really does not matter, she will spend maybe a hour in jail...Verses months of lockdown rehab, She really is smarter than the Judge.......

586 days ago


Take the Deal! Dumbass!!

586 days ago


Imagine all the Adderal she's on. How will she be weened off that in jail? If she gets off of it, does her hair grow back and she'll lose the baldness?

586 days ago


I am so tired of this. If she was a "normal" citizen then she'd still be in jail. It's time for someone to show her what happens when you don't follow the law. I'm tired of these celebs who think they are above the law. She deserves all the jail time and no plea margins.

586 days ago

Tammy LM    

She's refusing a plea deal for 6 months lockdown rehab in favor of possibly going to jail for over a year, well, DUH! REALLY! Let's see, she'd be in rehab for the FULL six months or in jail for less than a month due to overcrowding. Big shocker there! Los Angeles prosecutors GET A CLUE!

586 days ago


If she was a normal citizen, she would get off scott free. I go to criminal court everyday full time, and people literally get away with real murder. She is a junky-wild-women. She should be in jail, but from he'd perspective she doesn't care about the court system. She wants to do her time, no legal hang-ups. She is a twisted person in a bad situation. She needs real help, before she is an Anna Nicole. If the poor girl dies then everyone will act sad.

586 days ago
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