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Sheryl Crow

My Lips Are SEALED

on Lance Armstrong Drama

1/22/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheryl Crow has made it clear ... she ain't sayin' SQUAT about Lance Armstrong ... even though it's likely she knows all sorts of KEY INFO about her ex-fiance's cheatin' ways.

Sheryl went out in Hollywood last night -- dining out at Craig's -- but when it was time to leave, she went WAY out of her way to duck the army of photogs and reporters waiting for her.

When Sheryl finally got into her waiting car, she covered her face ... and didn't say a word when asked about Lance.

Sheryl's believed to have some important information that could affect the Armstrong scandal ... since she was engaged to Lance while he was cheating, blood doping, etc. to win a couple of Tour de France titles.

Sheryl DID speak very generically about Lance to "Entertainment Tonight" yesterday ... saying, "I think that honesty is always the best bet, and that the truth will set you free.  It’s gotta be really hard to walk around knowing that you’re not telling the truth about something, so I always contend that the truth is the best way to go."

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No Avatar


She is as bad as him. How could she not know and she kept it to herself.

607 days ago


Lance Armstrong is tre one who took drugs and lied about it for years. He admitted it on National TV. NOW, what is Cheryl Crowe being asked?? There is nothing to be asked folks!!!!

607 days ago


All she wants to do is have some fun.

607 days ago


Here, let me clear up the confusion for you. She probably knows. Feel better now, bicycle fans?

607 days ago


I wish she'd sealed her lips before she started her singing career.

607 days ago


she's a crow....not a canary

607 days ago


She is not known for being honest OR decent here in Kennett, MO her home town.

607 days ago


Do an Internet search on "Sheryl Crowe and Kevin Gilbert suicide". Sheryl is not some all American sweetheart. She is a heartless manipulator that has used people and will do anything to stay in the public eye.

607 days ago


She lies. She lies about writing her own music. She lies about Tuesday Night Music Club. She lies about Kevin Gilbert. She lies about all the people she screwed over to make it in the industry.

607 days ago


The one who would know is the ex-wife.

607 days ago


leave her the hell alone...she aint' the 1st woman to suffer CONTAMINATION

607 days ago


i didn't even click send j jeez she ain't the 1st woman to suffer contamination by association with a POS male and she wont' be the last.......

607 days ago


OMG put your damn hand down. You are not new to this.

607 days ago


READ THIS (Google it!): The Tuesday Night Music Club, as it came to be known was a wildly creative venture, as Kevin, along with Bill Botrell, David Baerwald, and several other LA studio luminaries, would meet, play, and write for several years. The weekly jams were a celebration of music, and the resulting songs were never really intended for release; instead, a communal spirit of creativity would fill the sessions, and bonds were formed. ‘‘We were all good, not to be immodest,’‘ Baerwald said. ‘‘We were also all cynical, embittered by the process of pop music. We were trying to find some joy in music again.’‘

Although no formal release was intended, the Tuesday Night Music Club had penned and arranged songs that were certainly ready for mass consumption. In particular, Kevin had penned a couple’a little tunes,‘’Leaving Las Vegas’’, ‘’Strong Enough’’, and ‘’All I Wanna Do’’ during this period. See, I told you you’ve heard Kevin’s work on the radio.

Now, here’s where things start getting a little screwy. While producing Dangerous, Kevin met and fell for a young backup singer with Micheal Jackson’s touring band. You guessed it: Sheryl Crow. Hungry for success, Sheryl stuck close by Kevin and discovered the workings of the industry through the eyes of our hero. By the time Toy Matinee were set to tour, somehow Sheryl had managed to work her way into the lineup as a second keyboard player (?) Does she even play keyboards?

Anyway, after the tour Kevin reassembled the Tuesday Night Music Club, and eventually brought Miss Crow to her first of only a handful of sessions. Lending only a few backup vocals to the session, and hearing a Tuesday evening’s worth of great tunes, a plan must have been hatched that night.

Shortly after, Crow, armed with a six string and a tape of Kevin’s Tuesday Night Music got herself a record deal, recorded the song’s from the Pasadena sessions, and created her own despicable rock & roll legacy. The album was completed, largely without evening informing the Tuesday Night Music club members. Some promises were made to keep tempers at bay, and strangely Kevin was asked to play drums on one track, ‘’Run, Baby Run’’. Bottrell got the news when he met her to hand over the finished master in a Sunset Strip coffee shop. Although there had been much talk of hitting the road together to promote the record - he even bought a new bass for the tour - ‘‘she essentially told me to get lost,’‘ Bottrell said. ‘‘I add Sheryl Crow to a long list of people in Hollywood who told me they were my friend until they got what they wanted from me,’‘ Adding insult to injury, Crow’s debut album, transparently titled The Tuesday Night Music Club, makes little mention of Kevin Gilbert. Somewhere, buried deep in the liner notes Crow offers only this about Gilbert: ‘‘I owe you big for 2 years of musical and emotional support. Thanks.’‘

607 days ago

Me Too    

She did know at some point- it was in a sworn deposition that she was in a hotel room with lance when he was pressuring another cyclist to lie. MANY people knew he was doping, as well as MANY others in the sport. Maybe she realized what a bully and douche he was and had enough. Either way, leave her alone, she's not going to reveal anything we don't already know.

607 days ago
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