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Casey Anthony

Files for Bankruptcy

1/27/2013 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_Casey-Anthony_gettyCasey Anthony is looking to make a fresh start ... financially speaking ... and has filed for bankruptcy in Florida.

Anthony, who had two of her convictions for lying to authorities tossed out on Friday, filed for Chapter 7 protection in a Tampa court on the same day.

In the docs, Anthony says she owes almost $800,000 to about 80 creditors and has no income to speak of. Among her debts:

-- $500,000 to lead defense attorney Jose Baez.

-- $145,660 to the Orange County Sheriff's Office

-- $68,540 to the IRS

Not listed among her creditors ... Home Depot.

Anthony is also in the middle of defending herself from a defamation lawsuit from Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, who claims Anthony ruined her reputation.


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I wish it was legal to spit on her

599 days ago


What is wrong with her head? It looks deformed. Casey attorney is up to something sinister. He is putting too much into a case that he is supposedly not being paid for.

599 days ago


This piece of **** isn't worthy of anyone mentioning anything about her. Her place is in hell.

599 days ago


If somebody off'd her and I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict them. I'd applaud them.

599 days ago


she shouldnt byotch she gets to wake up everyday she gets to enjoy life all the while her daughter is dead that poor baby suffered at that womans hands she lied to police and fbi and waited a month to report her missing so she can cry and whine all she wants she got away with murdering a beautiful baby this is whats wrong with the world she got famous for killing and got away with it when all evidence pointed at her its a sad world

599 days ago


Who the hell cares! The only news I want to hear about Casey Anthony is that she was murdered. End of story.

599 days ago


already morally bankrupt?

599 days ago


Who gives a **** about her! She cares so much about everything else but has shown 0 compassion for the "loss" of her child ?! Fing murderous bitch should be in prison, so she needs to count her stars that her jury was as stupid as they were! There may not be a place in prison for you Casey but there's a nice spot in hell!

599 days ago


Karma is a bitch. This is what she deserves. I hope she pays hard. No respect or sympathy for her at all.

599 days ago


The Sheriffs dept is making her pay for looking for her daughter and her other BS shena****ns!! That BITCH will fry one day. And Jimmy D take ur trolling racist hate somewhere else, perhaps Chris Browns house??

599 days ago


So you're telling me that if someone murders a 3 year old little girl, lies to the police, friends, family about what she knows and where her daughter was, that they can not only get away with it, but now gets to file bankruptcy. This woman has brought shame and embarrasement to her entire family and the community. She should have plead guilty, at least she'd be with her own kind in prison. She will never get a job that doesn't require asking if you need fries with that or if you would like that meal extra value. I spit on her and the mention of her name... May this woman burn in hell for what she has done.

599 days ago


Harsh lesson: Nothing in Life is for free.
If you commit a heinous crime, you lose your freedom. If you hire a lawyer for your heinous crime, nothing but financial woes.

599 days ago


Good. Baez is out $500,000.

599 days ago


What is she? Looking for simpathy now?

599 days ago


S***bag **** doesn't deserve to inhale air!!! May she die a dogs death !

599 days ago
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