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Shawn Holley to Judge

Get Me Out of Lindsay's Life


1/28/2013 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Holley
just filed legal docs asking the judge in Lindsay Lohan's latest criminal problem to let her out of the case ... and Lindsay is down with it.

We've learned Lindsay signed Shawn's documents, which will allow Shawn out of the case and New York attorney Mark Heller to serve in her place.

Judge Stephanie Sautner will almost certainly make the change official when Lindsay appears in court Wednesday.

But here's a potential snag. Since Heller isn't licensed to practice in California, he needs a California lawyer to sponsor him. The lawyer who agreed to do it doesn't know Heller from Adam and thinks she's vouching for another lawyer who has worked with Heller in the past. It's possible Lindsay could be lawyerless.

We'll be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing, so stay tuned.


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hahahaha... I see Chief Fail Twaat hangs around all day who said anyone believe Blohan didn't have an attorney he may be Bilbo Baggins but apparently with the surprise in a box of Cracker Jack you can get a law degree....

529 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Between the full orange head of Lee Press on Hair, daffy duck lips, and mega double chin, Pork Chop is looking pretty silly.

Give her another 45 minutes and she will be looking like Jackie Stallone or Donatella V.

529 days ago

Marvin an apprentice of Nicole's I will demonstrate how the Lindsay jail calculator works. You take 245 days and multiply that by 24 hours in a day. That gives you 5780 hours. You take LILO and invert it to form 0717. Divide 5780 by LILO(0717) and it equals about eight hours in LiLO time.

529 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Prediction: Come Wednesday Holley will withdraw from the case, Heller will be confirmed as her attorney of record and given a continuance, Lindsay will walk out of court a free woman for now and be whisked away, while Heller will hang around and engage the paps with his usual brand of over-the-top puffery! Oh, and TMZ will run half a dozen bogus stories about it all, making it up as they go along! lols :)

529 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Nicole, our friend Hannah did some checking and right about now prisoners in jail LA jails are doing about 25% of their sentences, and VOPs are doing slightly more. Lindsay could realistically be looking at a good 60+ days just on the VOP

529 days ago


My prediction. She'll be cited on the VOP. She'll take a plea and disappear. She'll act out in rehab and end up in jail. When she gets out, no one will care.

529 days ago


RUN SHAUN RUN. Don't even look back. You did all you could to help her and she's not one bit grateful for it nor did she even bother to take any of your well given advice to heart.
She clearly doesn't want help. So just pat yourself on the back that you tried and move on with life. Let her latest "attorney" deal with her now.
You did good, Shaun, you did good.

529 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Nicole, Hannah is a lawyer. She knows more than you.

529 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

She will not be able to tow the line in rehab. What ever is coming her way this time around is just a continuance of the same path she has been on for years now. There is no resolution, there is no change. There is no end, just more of the same over and over again.

529 days ago


sautner should tell blo "don't give me no lip"

529 days ago


I honestly don't think I've seen anyone in court more than lilo

529 days ago


Nicole- I have a multi-part answer for you.

First, I want to emphasize that figuring out jail terms is not some little parlor game. People's lives are affected by the early release of prisoners. The article below is about Long Beach which is in LA County.

Long Beach property crime increase due in part to AB 109 early releases, police say
By Tracy Manzer Staff Writer
Posted: 01/19/2013 03:22:03 PM PST

LONG BEACH - Property crimes spiked dramatically in Long Beach last year, which many officers charge is largely the result of the number of nonviolent inmates who were released early under Assembly Bill 109.

Police officials say a number of factors likely contributed to the spike, such as the region's still lagging economy, but officers say they can't discount the thousands of Los Angeles and other county inmates that were set free before completing their sentences.

Auto thefts, home burglaries and garage burglaries soared 19 percent to 40 percent, triggering a 10 percent increase overall in the property crime category, statistics on the Long Beach Police Department website show.

Violent crime, on the other hand, hit a 30-year low in 2012, with the city experiencing its lowest rates in that category for the first time since 1972, according to statistics on the Police Department's website. The department is expected to release its official 2012 crime statistics this week.

"Under realignment, there are some 4,000 fewer people in the system. They're back on the streets," Police Chief Jim McDonnell said. "These are people who have a history of property crimes, of thefts and burglaries and other nonviolent offenses, and these are people who are often driven ... by a dependence on narcotics. It's predictable that they are going to re-offend in a serial fashion."

Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 109 and AB 117, referred to as Realignment
Legislation by state officials, in 2011. Implementation of the bills - which see nonviolent, nonsex offender inmates moved from the state prison system to county jail systems - began on Oct. 1 of that year.

Last November, California voters passed Proposition 30, creating a constitutional amendment that protected ongoing funding to the counties for realigned inmates. According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the state's prison authority, no inmates currently in state prison have been or will be transferred to county jails or released early. And those who were transferred prior to November, state officials note, must serve 100 percent of their sentence.

Nonetheless for Los Angeles County - which was already struggling with overcrowding in its jails before realignment - the shift of thousands of state inmates earlier in the year triggered the early release of thousands of other, lower-level inmates in order to make room for the realigned prisoners, local authorities have said.

Long Beach police officers say it's commonplace to arrest and re-arrest the same person due to realignment and early release. Calls for service on the crimes committed by those who qualify for early release - mainly burglaries and thefts - can now stack up to the point that police response time may take hours, or more than a day, according to the rank-and-file.

Due to higher crime numbers, compounded by a large population, Los Angeles County also has a much higher threshold for inmates to be prosecuted for more serious crimes that require them to go to prison, or serve a full term in the county system, the chief said.

Because of the city and police department's budget constraints, the department was forced to choose an area on which to focus in 2012, and violent crime was the clear priority, the chief said Friday.

"Violent crime levels are so low, we haven't seen them at this level since 1972," the chief said. "That is something for the city to be proud of."

However, choosing to bolster one area naturally meant other areas, such as those in the nonviolent offense category, suffered.

There are no statistics to show the number of AB 109 inmates arrested for property crimes last year, largely because it's extremely difficult to track, the chief said. Many of the inmates who qualify for county jail and early release often cross jurisdictional boundaries when re-arrested and have multiple convictions in multiple counties, and sometimes states.

Still, he said, he has heard the same complaints from officers that they are dealing with repeat offenders.

The public is also not without some responsibility, he and other authorities note.

McDonnell estimated about 40 percent of last year's burglary and theft calls involved victims who left homes, garages and cars unsecured.

The department frequently provides public notices and warns residents and businesses of increased property crimes in their neighborhoods and provides tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. It also publicizes a number of resources to residents, businesses and community organizations on how to better secure their properties, including having officers go to meetings to discuss safety tips and, occasionally, the distribution of free products, like bike locks.

It's still too early to tell if Prop. 30 will provide enough funding to the county to counteract the shortened jail terms, McDonnell said.

His department is always looking for ways to address the need for more resources in all crime categories, including property and nonviolent offenses.

Still, the role of the residents and businesses is more crucial than ever.

"We really need the community to step up and eliminate these simple opportunities" for criminals who focus on property, McDonnell said. "The department will always do what it can with the resources we are given, (but) we're always better when we have the focus and support of the community."

529 days ago


Did someone enhance the new photos of Blohan & Vikram or are her lips actually THAT BIG?? She looks like a freak show now.

529 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Bess, Lindsay's last stay in rehab resulted in an assault on a hospital worker. I know some say that rehab workers should be prepared to be assaulted by cranky addicts. This is ridiculous. I have worked in that situation many times and I have never been assaulted, and if someone did assault me they would be in jail. She is not a good rehaber. She got her treatment for free from Betty Ford because of her drama. She may find that placement may not be so easy, and payment for extended stays can run in the high tens of thousands of dollars.

529 days ago


And part 2:

I practice law in LA County however I'm not a criminal lawyer. Further, I do not spend the same amount of time as you do analyzing Lindsay's life. So, a blanket statement that I know more about jail sentences than you may not be fair.

That said, after I read your tumblr I did double check to see if your percentages were accurate. I found two reputable sources that said that the standard early release percentages do not apply to probation violations. Neither source gave a percentage each just said it was beyond the average for non-violent misdemeanors.

529 days ago
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