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Chris Brown & Frank Ocean

Parking Brawl Goes Deep

1/28/2013 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Chris Brown and Frank Ocean's late night brawl allegedly started over a parking space ... but there's a lot of history behind it too. Who's really to blame -- and should Chris be worried about violating his probation?

Plus, Rick Ross was shot at -- and completely missed -- 20 times! Which makes it either the worst attempted murder of all-time ... or a really scary threat.

And, two "American idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- joined us to defend "Idol" in that lawsuit accusing the show of racism. Soul patrol, in the house!!

(0:00) Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight over a parking space -- which sounds ridiculous ... until you hear Evan's take on it.
(7:00) Lindsay Lohan says she's just banging Max from The Wanted -- not dating him. The suprising part -- how ticked off Ryan is about this story.
(10:00) Rick Ross is the victim of the worst drive-by ever -- when a gunman shoots at his car 20 times ... and misses every time.
(14:00) Casey Anthony is broke -- probably because no one of Earth would hire her to do any job.
(18:00) Two "American Idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- join the show to say how stupid the racism claims against "Idol" are.
(23:00) Taye Diggs thwarts a home invasion -- all on his own.
(27:00) Justin Bieber investigated for an assault ... involving a Nerf gun.
(31:00) Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders -- finally getting divorced after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.
(33:00) President Obama and Hillary Clinton sat down for a "60 Minutes" interview ... so how pissed off is Joe Biden right now?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Beyonce speaks out about her lip-syncing scandal -- via a t-shirt ... we think.

No Avatar

paul a.    

Chris Brown will be killing someone very soon

599 days ago


Harvey, why can't your produces fix the talking over skypers then trying to stop them. Happens every day on here.

599 days ago


Oh yeah, I do remember when LiLo ate the box...Sam-what's-her-name's box. Ew.

599 days ago


Tell the catcher to be quiet...

599 days ago


Someone please tell Mr. Lisp, backing up Smeghan is the WORST thing you can do!!!

599 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

So is Harvey making fun of gay people?

599 days ago


Hey flame-boy Ryan, quit being a punk and answer your bosses question, WTF is with your attitude.

599 days ago


TMZ is trashing her because she's a girl? The kid is cute, but when he opens his mouth its like looking at a dropped load in the toilet. How the HELL does this guy actually believe that Smeghan is a nice girl getting the shyte end of the stick. I hope Smeggy never rams into his family in a drunken stupor while driving.

599 days ago

Jay Singer    

Did I miss something? It seems like Lilo is awaiting a judge's ruling about whether or not to put her behind bars?

599 days ago


Quiet Evan, it's called thinning out the herd.....

599 days ago


I want to see proof. Where are the pics of the bullet holes, where's the security footage. How much you want to make a bet he was on drugs and got in an accident and claimed being shot at to up HIS street cred? I CANNOT believe a car rolled up BESIDE his and opened fired and NOT ONE bullet hole in the car, BULLSHYTE

599 days ago


Sure they weren't trying to repossess your car, Rick?

599 days ago

Flying Blind    

he's no AJ Ross

599 days ago


WTF harvey`s MR.HANKIE KOSHER STOOL IMPLANTS are more interesting than a crissy bb slap fight with a ocean wave

599 days ago


Chris Brown will say and do anything to stay relevant. Plus, Chris you're in Hollyweird where the law has that special twist where gay dudes win every time.

599 days ago
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