TMZ Live Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Parking Brawl Goes Deep

1/28/2013 12:35 PM PST

TMZ Live: Chris Brown & Frank Ocean -- Parking Brawl Goes Deep

TMZ Live

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean's late night brawl allegedly started over a parking space ... but there's a lot of history behind it too. Who's really to blame -- and should Chris be worried about violating his probation?

Plus, Rick Ross was shot at -- and completely missed -- 20 times! Which makes it either the worst attempted murder of all-time ... or a really scary threat.

And, two "American idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- joined us to defend "Idol" in that lawsuit accusing the show of racism. Soul patrol, in the house!!
(0:00) Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight over a parking space -- which sounds ridiculous ... until you hear Evan's take on it.
(7:00) Lindsay Lohan says she's just banging Max from The Wanted -- not dating him. The suprising part -- how ticked off Ryan is about this story.
(10:00) Rick Ross is the victim of the worst drive-by ever -- when a gunman shoots at his car 20 times ... and misses every time.
(14:00) Casey Anthony is broke -- probably because no one of Earth would hire her to do any job.
(18:00) Two "American Idol" alums -- Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle -- join the show to say how stupid the racism claims against "Idol" are.
(23:00) Taye Diggs thwarts a home invasion -- all on his own.
(27:00) Justin Bieber investigated for an assault ... involving a Nerf gun.
(31:00) Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders -- finally getting divorced after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.
(33:00) President Obama and Hillary Clinton sat down for a "60 Minutes" interview ... so how pissed off is Joe Biden right now?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Beyonce speaks out about her lip-syncing scandal -- via a t-shirt ... we think.