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Casey Anthony

I Won't Be Held Back Anymore

1/29/2013 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Casey Anthony has broken her 7-month silence ... telling CBS 5 in AZ that she's determined to move forward with her life -- and the station insists Casey wasn't paid a single cent for the interview.

The 26-year-old agreed to a phone interview from her Florida home on Friday under the condition that the reporter ONLY ask her about her bankruptcy situation.

"This is the next step towards closure for me," Anthony explained.

Anthony was also asked about a pending lawsuit filed by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez who claimed Casey had defamed her when she told cops in 2008 that a fake nanny named "Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez" kidnapped her daughter, Caylee.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for unspecified damages. Anthony told CBS 5 she hoped that case (and two other pending lawsuits against Anthony) would be behind her by now.

"These are the things holding me back," Anthony said. "This is the key for me to move forward."

Casey also gave the station a couple of recent photos -- showing her hanging out with her legal team back in August.

The reporter who got the interview later released a statement ... saying, "TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR... Anthony and/or her legal team are not, have not and will not be paid or compensated in any way by me or my news organization. Nor have I personally received any financial consideration in relation to this story.”


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That picture looks photo shopped. Her ugly head on someone elses body. She's probably about 300 pounds by now.

634 days ago


I have a" DEEP LOATHING" FOR THE DISCUSTING PEOPLE IN THAT PICTURE.It is one rhing to party in private another showing CONTEMPT for a dead child.These stupid people think by showing it is party time.and telling the public to 'SHOVE IT"THAT MAKES THEM"IDO NOT KNOW WHAT"it truly scares me to think there are so many sick people in this world,SHOW ME THESE PEOPLE AT A MEMORIAL FOR CAYLEE.,CLASSLESS LOW LIFE

634 days ago


Held back?

Nobody's stopping her from having her Bella Vita. As a matter of fact, I'm sure there are thousands of people who would love to meet her at a bar one night.

634 days ago


How does she think she can move on? Her child is dead. Anyone who truly loved their child would NEVER be able to move on. You NEVER get over the death of a child. Typical murderer that she is, she is thinking only of herself and how to move HER life forward. She should be doing community service for the rest of her sorry life because she got the 2nd dumbest jury in the world to find a person with all that evidence not guilty (OJ being the first but that was a racist jury). I think that so many people hate her that it wouldn't surprise me if someone tries to jump her if she ever showed her face in public. She is a disgusting heinous piece of crap.

634 days ago


Sick to think that a girl that was duck taped and left in the boot of a car whilst the parent partied, SUFFICATED DUE TO ILLNESS - don't speak to her, don't

634 days ago


How can you celebrate the death of a child - YOUR SICK !!!

634 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

You do know reporters are known to finesse their statements. Technically, money doesn't have to go to them specifically. It can go to let's say... "other" immediate family members or associates. No mention of any third party's either.

634 days ago


She should not be able to just file a few papers and not have to pay all that money that was wasted by
. Texas equa search
. Oramge county Sherrif
. Fla Dept of law enforcement
and all the rest of people who wasted money
lookiing for Caylee, with Casey knowing the truth.

Caylee was not given the chance to live her life and Casey should be living her life on Death Row.

This is the most selfish, demented ,Pathological liar in the world. I do not see anyone with a quarter of a brain giving this women a job.

I hope she knows how hated she is. My God this women is a demented murderer..
She should have to pay every last cent of the money she owes..

634 days ago


Uhm... Clearly she is do delusional that she is NEVER ever going to dig out from the hole she created herself. Jeez get a grip.

634 days ago


Do all of you Haters what part of NOT QUILTY do you not understand.Maybe you need to take a Legal Course amd learn.Casey has a right to move on wuth her life.
Would not bother me to be seen out with her.Casey is hot and has a great rack.

634 days ago


Wellll....Ain't she just a ****y lil' murderer? She must think that with time passing that everyone will forget what she's done? Disgusting. And as far as filing bankruptcy--she's got money stored somewhere, I'd bet on it.

634 days ago


Why on earth would these people be proud to be a pic with her, and why did TMZ publish this sickening story!!!???

634 days ago


what a stupid station. Get ready for a rating DROP. Why do we care that she moved on?

634 days ago


wow look at that picture and all the people she's gonna drag to hell with her...all not a care in the world..shame on them all.

634 days ago


"These are the things holding me back," Anthony said.

I'd to hold her back, from the edge of a pool with her head under water

634 days ago
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