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Lindsay Lohan

New Attorney Blues?

1/30/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Lindsay Lohan retained her title as queen of courtroom drama ... by nearly missing it altogether, taking a verbal jab from the judge -- and then her new attorney tried to suck up to her honor! So, is LiLo in trouble after dumping Shawn Holley?

Plus, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver goes on a homophobic rant -- which is stupid on at least three levels (not the least of which is he plays in SAN FRANCISCO). Will he get cut from the Super Bowl? Should he?

And, that new Volkswagen commercial with a white dude speaking Jamaican is deemed racist -- but our resident Jamaican, Charles, explains why the allegations are a load of bull. Mon!


(0:00) Lindsay Lohan barely made it to her court hearing today -- we'll tell you all about her insane journey from NYC to LA ... and the comical court hearing that followed.
(10:00) Ronaiah Tuiasosopo basically admits that he's gay to Dr. Phil -- and we have details about why he's been so conflicted about the issue for so long.
(14:00) Rihanna finally opens up about taking Chris Brown back -- and says if the same violence happens again ... it's her fault for chancing it.
(18:00) This is shocking -- San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver unleashes a barrage of homophobic remarks.
(21:00) Jason London's face is a mangled mess -- we have photos of the full aftermath of his fight.
(24:00) Harvey is all fired up about Chris Culliver's homophobic comments -- which were especially stupid to make by someone who plays football in San Francisco.
(31:00) Chris Brown still hasn't talked to the police about this fight with Frank Ocean -- and there's a lot of finger pointing going on in his camp about why.
(34:00) A new VW commercial featuring a white guy using a Jamaican accent has been deemed racist by a few people ... Charles explains why it's a waste of the race card.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Snooki gives birth ... and it's a horrible sight to see. So let's see it!

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Internet Tough Guy    

For god sakes Lemon why are you watermarking mug shots they're not your property.

610 days ago



610 days ago


Someone explain to me how the last post about Chris Brown claimed the man never threw a punch but now photos are up with his hand in a cast? Right, Brown never starts anything does he?

610 days ago


I hope Jason London, no matter how big a d-bag he is, sues that hotel for all it's worth. THERE WAS NO EXCUSE for beating on a man the way they did. FCUKING COWARDS, I'll bet more than one security guy was beating him and while he was on the ground too.

610 days ago


Way to go, TMZ, I'll guarantee all those pictures you posted of Smeghan out shopping and smoking when she was supposed to be so ill is what caused her to get on a flight, IMMEDIATELY.

610 days ago


shes got the blues because her panities are full of SHART !

610 days ago



610 days ago


Anyone ever been to Arizona? Military state, this guy doesn't have a chance.

610 days ago


I'm sick to death of this Ronaiah drama. Who gives a shyte, big deal, dude is a loser that thought cause he couldn't handle real life that's it's okay to mess around with someone else's emotions. Put this guy out of the spotlight, stop reporting on him.

610 days ago


Shut up, Harvey. As if you're surprised. It's all about the Drama and the figure skating with Smeghan. The only surprise to anyone was she caught a red eye to actually show up in court. Everything else, the usual L.A. courtroom craptastic fest.

610 days ago


Did you see the tattoos on Lindsay's hands & the rabbit's foot on the Attorney's briefcase?????? What a couple!!!!!

610 days ago


Where's my sound?

610 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Oh geez, first time I tuned into TMZ live and I still see boring Charles is still doing it. Mike is so MUCH better.

610 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

Lindsey "Crackwhore" Lohan gets off while More Black men in american are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850. One hundred and sixty-three years later, the biggest crime in America is a race-based criminal justice system where Blacks are directly targeted and punished in much more aggressive ways than Whites. The U.S. justice system is a racist institution designed to marginalize and control millions of Blacks. The system needs public scrutiny and disbandment. American system of justice is skewed and racist and the likelihood of Black males going to prison in their lifetime is 16 percent compared to two percent of White males. The way that minorities are treated in America’s criminal justice system is a profound civil rights issue and should cause Blacks to question the fairness and equality of American justice. The unequal targeting and treatment of minorities at every stage of the criminal justice process—from arrest to sentencing—reinforces the fact of the inequality in the first place, with the unfairness at every successive stage of the process compounding the effects of earlier injustices. The result is a vicious cycle that has evolved into a self-fulfilling prophecy: More minority arrests and convictions perpetuate beliefs that minorities commit more crimes, which in turn leads to racial profiling and more minority arrests.

610 days ago


It's about time, SOMEONE, in L.A. refuses this beyotch service. Nice to know at least someone is going to hold her responsible for her actions.

610 days ago
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