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Beyonce Goes Live ...

But Way Too Far!!

1/31/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Beyonce sticks it to the haters -- belting out the National Anthem ... LIVE! No doubt she can sing, but did the move seem a little desperate? The newsroom got loud and heated over that question.

Plus, San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver made horribly homophobic comments -- but his apology might have made it worse! So, will the team let him play in the Super Bowl? We'll explain why we think he will play, and why that's fine.

And, supermodel Bar Refaeli says she wants to make a nerd's night by talking to him at a bar -- does that make her an angel or a bitch??

(0:00) San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver's apology is just as idiotic as his homophobic rant -- the question ... should he be able to play in the Super Bowl?
(10:00) Beyonce proves everyone wrong by singing the National Anthem at a Super Bowl press conference -- was it badass ... or a desperate move?
(18:00) Bar Refaeli says she wants to talk to more dorky dudes at bars in order to make their day ... and she's totally right.
(24:00) Lindsay Lohan owes Shawn Holley a boat load of money -- yet eats at the most expensive restaurants and stays in the most expensive hotels in L.A..
(29:00) Ronaiah Tuiasosopo thinks being gay is something you can "recover" from. So, yeah.
(32:00) Dustin Hoffman blames TMZ for the cancellation of "Luck" -- but he couldn't be more wrong.
(35:00) Ron Jeremy -- don't be afraid to admit you know he's a porn star, Emmy Rossum.
(38:00) The floor is yours!
(43:00) It's time again for ... Tim's worst pitches of the week!

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DID WORT HOGG have vistors? makin vids with him againxxx

607 days ago

Flying Blind    

I agree with the skyper, i say stuff everyday I don't believe. Harvey you're great.

607 days ago


does harvey live in a tree and make cookies?

607 days ago


Attach Lindsay's bank accounts? The only thing in Lindsay's bank accounts are cobwebs and a few dead, dried out spiders.

607 days ago


Looks like Raquel

607 days ago


Why apologize? Not everyone believes people were born gay and not everyone is gay. Some don't like gays in the military anymore than they like them in the locker room. There's room in America for everyone to speak their mind.

607 days ago


if there is a gay pro in sports speak up dont be scared have some balls if you want respect

607 days ago


I will give a firm challenge to any and all who thinks it is OK for Beyoncé to lip Sync at the Presidential inauguration. that includes any and all TMZ Staff any person in the entertainment business No Matter if they are Mega Stars or up and Coming Stars I will Debate anyone who thinks what Beyoncé did was right, and I will also Include the President of the United States in that Debate even though he is an Entertainment President. I am Not hard to find TMZ can easily find me. My guess is they are scared like Sara Palin and Donald Trump! Beyoncé and Jay Z also have an open invitation if they are not to scared.

607 days ago

Mrs Luciano    

Oh please at all the homophobic people out their. Just because someone's gay doesn't mean they are attracted to ever Tom Rick and Cullivers. His comments seem rather "in the closet" because any proud straight man could care less about being in the same room with a homosexual.

607 days ago


Wow, so let's get this straight TMZ...she gets talked about when she did lip-sync, & when she sings live, she went too far?!?! This society is alllll f*cked up

607 days ago


Will you idiots leave Beyonce alone ffs? It was NOT THE BEYONCE SHOW , nor was it a concert. NOBODY paid a ticket price to see Beyonce perform for them. SHE decided to make sure there would be no mistake because it was The Presidents inauguration! IMAGINE she had made even the slightest mistake during a live unrehearsed situation, you fools wouldn't have shut up for a second. AND when an NFL player is asked about his feelings concerning gay guys playing professional football, then says what he wishes to, YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS ABILITY TO PLAY FOOTBALL. NONE. I love the show but ummm, you guys have A TON of things to choose from when you are deciding what to focus on. You have been choosing or OVER-CHOOSING the wrong items. COME THE F^@K ON.

606 days ago

Wayne watson    

I am so sick of people in the media,governmental leaders & anyone in a position of authority that is shackled by the constraints by the powers that be,labling anyone that doesnt agree with a homosexual life style as haters,bigots & homophobics.We see that you're here & you're queer!We love & accepted you.You are our friends & relatives.Just because I dont agree with your lifestyle & dont think its natural(And niether does mother nature or God or u wuda been born with a penis & a vagina)doesnt mean I hate anyone!

606 days ago


She should have still sing live...again Kelly DID no excuses !!!

606 days ago
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