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Justin Bieber

More Weed. More Problems.

2/1/2013 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's at the center of ANOTHER marijuana controversy -- TMZ has learned MORE photos of the singer holding a blunt were being shopped to media outlets.

The photos -- which we've seen -- show 18-year-old Justin and his bud Lil Za casually passing the weed-filled stogie back and forth while hanging outside of an L.A. home.

FYI -- Lil Za is the guy who was pulled over and detained for driving Bieber's Ferrari without a license early Friday morning. We're told the marijuana photos were taken Thursday.

It's not the first time Bieber's been photographed with grass ... just last month, Justin was pictured with another rapper -- Lil Twist -- holding a smoldering joint at a hotel party in Newport Beach.  Ironically, Bieber loaned the same Ferrari to Lil Twist January 1st.  You'll recall a photog was struck and killed by another motorist while shooting pics of Twist being pulled over for speeding.

We reached out to Justin's camp for comment ... about smoking pot and loaning his car to less-than-responsible people.  So far no word back.



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Mom of 5    

Who cares? Pretty much everyone smokes weed. I'd rather see him smoking weed than out drinking and driving.

597 days ago


So what, let the kid smoke. 99% of teenagers smoke fire bit they hide it from parents. He is in the public eye so he is focused on. Smoke on Bieber, smoke on.

597 days ago


Just a wanna be thug

597 days ago


Tmz I guess this is the time in this kid's life that you guys tear him down, huh?
Just leave this poor kid and his weed smoking alone
We shouldn't care this much....!!

597 days ago


I bet he's leaking these pics on his own to make himself look less child-like, cheesy pop so he will appeal to more of an adult crowd....IT'S NOT WORKING...but I bet that's what's going on Miley Cyrus. ********What Justin and his people fail to realize is that if he scares away his tween/teen/young 20's fans HE HAS NOBODY LEFT.......98% of people over the age of 25 think he's an annoying little turd who makes crappy, annoying music and isn't THAT talented. Sorry BUT Usher, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars what he does....AND DO IT BETTER. He's just looking like a douche right now IMO because he marketed himself to tweens and put out this innocent, good boy image......he's looking like a phony.

597 days ago


Why aren't his parents or manager doing something about this/him before somebody gets hurt.or maybe shot? He seems to be acting dif. since hanging with these young dope smoking rappers....I can see something really bad happening in the near future if he isn't reined in by his handlers.

597 days ago


I wonder how Biebers insurance company feels about him letting all these pot heads drive his car. One of them has an accident, hurts someone or worse, this kid might find himself in a serious lawsuit. It's grass but there does seem to be a pattern developing with him that shows a careless disregard for his reputation, his belongings, and his success as a teen heart throb. Surely there is a place that he can smoke weed wo being photographed. It seems he just doesn't give a damn.

597 days ago


This little pisher isn't going to be satisfied until somebody dies.

597 days ago


He's a teenager. Let him be one. He will screw up and make huge mistakes. Then he will grow up and laugh about how stupid he was.

597 days ago


Let me know when you run a story that proves Justin is actually a post adolescent lesbian and not a boy at all. Until then, any other stories bout this twerp are just big snoozes.

597 days ago


This is not a perfect world. If one day the wicked witch bents over my child's cradle and declares: "when you are 16 you will use a drug" and a good fairy chants a magic spell to choose the curse between alcohol, tobacco and weed, I would choose weed ANY DAY of the week.

597 days ago


As far as the weed, so what? He's 18. But when it comes to lettin' these other kids borrow his car (and a Fararri at that!), that's where he's messing up at. I'm sure Usher (his mentor) will talk some sense into him though.

597 days ago


Lil Za...I'm sorry but I have to laugh, I know most rappers have odd names but that one takes the cake. Bieber and his "lil" piff puffin friends aren't hurting anybody who the heck cares about the dweeb

597 days ago


I see rehab in Justin's future, that is of course if he isn't dead before he reaches 30. He's just another kid celebrity that will end up in rehab, jail or dead. Just like Lindsay or River Phoenix

597 days ago


Marijuana is the best drug but please Bieber Keep your heart and mind....

597 days ago
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