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TN State Senator

Homosexuality Is Dangerous

2/1/2013 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) has a message to the gay community -- stop ramming the gay agenda "down everybody's throats" and leave the straight people alone!!!

Sen. Campfield just called in to "TMZ Live" to talk about the strongly-worded email he sent to a pro-gay voter ... who had objected to a bill Campfield recently reintroduced to the Tennessee General Assembly.

During the call, Campfield insists he doesn't hate gay people -- he just doesn't believe students from kindergarten through 8th grade should discuss ANYTHING gay related.

Among the highlights:
-- Campfield says the people in the gay rights community are "the biggest bullies in the world."

-- Campfield says comparing the gay rights movement to the African American civil rights movement is "insulting to the civil rights movement of the black people."

-- Campfield says he wishes the gay community would just leave the straight people alone ... saying, "We don't wanna hear about it every day ... quit trying to ram it down everybody's throats ... and quit pushing it on everyone. Just leave us alone."

Some people in the newsroom disagreed with the State Senator's views ... check out the video.


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What a complete tool. He is also stupid because he is saying things about people he claims he thinks are dangerous. Smart move saying crap about dangerous people.Duh....

627 days ago


I keep hearing a lot of black people claim that vilification on the basis of race is different to that of sexuality. I struggle to understand how minorities cannot even appreciate each others hardships. I also find it sad.

627 days ago


omg~!! i am finally listening to this - jerk - and i am just shocked that he didn't even have his fact right - the reason aids is so prevalent in africa is because truck drivers who drive cross country - every truck stop has prostitutes - most now have aids - n one uses protection - they go home and give it to their wives - the wives then unknowingly give to the newborns - not because every one is sodomizing 12 and 14 years kids - there is not enuff education on aids, protection or available meds - this has been fully do***ented - and is also lets not forget the whole thing started by eating diseased brains of monkeys - and did not become so wide spread in africa by homosexuals - and that now it is still being spread by heterosexuals in this country at alarming rates - and how by educating kids that if you are on the DL that you must use protection and not put your female partners at risk - which has also become a huge aspect in the in the spreading of this deadly disease! and thats not even touching on the fact that iv drug users are also spreading it to many unsuspecting ppl - i just don't understand how giving our kids a complete education of how many ways this can be spread - thru homosexuality, heterosex, bisexuality - guys on the DL who don't use protections - iv use, any possible danger you that can cause by it by not taking every protection possible to stop it - if it was an open discussion about the repercussions that one unprotected experience could run there lives - gay or straight - and not demonize the kids that have been struggling w/ their sexuality maybe kids wouldn't be feel the shame that this guy wants to heap on them - there have been a lot of studies in the US that a lot of kids don't carry protection because they feel that they would be labeled as easy, but that if it just happens (w/ no protection) that they can say they were carried away in the throws of passion, and therefore not a slut - and this goes both straight and gay kids and even kids who are still struggling w/ their choice - so many other first world countries especially in europe are given all this information in school at a young age and are taught not to be ashamed - there are 1.2 million w/ aids in north america and 730,000 in western and central europe combined - so it just blows my mind that this man would rather put our lives kids at risk by not giving a complete education of this insidious disease because he doesn't want homosexuality to be spoken in schools because of some warped idea that it is a plot to brainwash our school kids - and in turn shaming the poor kids who are struggling w/ their sexuality - this just makes me sick!

627 days ago


Question: What does the bill say about children stating that their parents are gay? Is that allowed? And is it really true (mentioned in another article about same topic) that seemingly "gay" children would be "outed" to their parents? If so, what scale will be used to judge the "gayness" of the child? Given the severity of a lot of parents' reactions to learning their child is gay, can we really trust the thoughts of a teacher (most likely a straight one but either way, really) who only sees the child x number of hrs a day (remember the child would be one of up to 30 children who in most of the bill's mentioned grades shuffle between teachers throughout the day).

Personally, I don't think either side should be calling the other names or wishing ill toward anyone. You'll notice both sides are seemingly equally guilty. As for which side is doing the shoving? I don't know... which side is constantly trying to condemn the other through laws based on text in a book that a) wasn't always accurately translated (even the Vatican admits to this) and b) was written when it was believed that the world was not only flat, but the center of the Universe? Hmmm?

627 days ago


Dude's is Stacey. Need I say more?

627 days ago

BB not bb    

People who are gay I think are mentally disturbed and demonically possessed at times also. Demons can put twisted ideas into your head. If you act on those ideas, they get more engrained into your personality. Demons can then inhabit that part of your personality. Maybe that is why some gays are so mean and disrespectful of others.

Did you know that the leaders of the Third Reich were all closeted homosexuals? The whole concept of their ubermensch was to promote this idea. It makes people more demonically possessed and therefore more powerful . . . for what it is worth.

Looking for more rights, power and access, this is what demons do. They can plague people who sin, and especially if they do it in a Christian country, in a Chrisitan society, and in the name of God. What an abomination that they have these so-called Christian Episicipal Churches flying gay rights flags and having gay ministers teaching a gay agenda in the Bible studies. Run out of these lying houses of Satan.

If you tell them that the Bible says the ***gots will be thrown in the fire, they yell and say that kind of talk is not allowed there. Well that is what we as Christians are supposed to be living by.

You see the young adults now acting completely pathetic an insensitive. Imagine what this further tainted teaching will do to the next generation. I guess they are trying to raise up more SS soldiers.

627 days ago


here we go again...shoving it down people's throats....

627 days ago

BB not bb    

This nation that is supposed to be symbolic Isreal, a Christian nation that has always called on God and turned to God for guidance, has become so iniquitous that it is about to be abandoned and led to destruction. I don't see it being blessed any more and the enemy is right inside trying to take over.

People need to turn their hearts from sin. Homosexuality is a major sin. It needs to be condemned, not ushered in with more fervor. The fervor with which this keeps happening is the fervor with which are enemies are pouring in to destroy the USA. There are Islamic sleeper cells all over, Hispanic gangs armed to the teeth, and these people want nothing more than to see the USA disapear.

The floodgates of sin must be closed, not opened more every day with gay marriage, gay information being taught to children, gays teldling straights to shut up with their opinions on it. This Senator is correct and we need more to join him and prevent this country from rotting away at the core.

627 days ago


Heterosexuality is not much discussed in kindergarten or primary school either. Why should be homosexuality be allowed? Who's discrimanated here?

627 days ago


You guys are really bashing this man? This is exactly what he is talking about. I do not care if someone chooses to be gay, was born gay, or just plain wants to be gay. However, why must I hear about it every damn day. I do not care if an adult feels teased for being gay, sorry I do not. People will find something about everyone and they are not about to change various passages of the bible anytime soon. No one should be bullied. That is the main issue. I do not care what it is for. Gays are not anymore special than anyone else who gets bullied. The focus should be on the kids and education. And HELL NO to bring the gay agenda to elementary kids! Talking about gays means talking about sex. Period. It does not matter if someone gay did something great. Just talk about what they did, not their sexual orientation. Bringing sex to younger kids creates early sexual wants, needs and desires. If you have to tell me that you are gay, I did not need to know. It does not matter. It does not make you special and it does not make you evil. Most of you will disagree, but I do not care... I am just tired of America being censored for an opinion or GLAAD attacking someone for saying they are not gay. We need a straight rights group to get the gay rights group off of our backs! Straight was not an option for me, I was born this way. So leave us alone.

627 days ago


Uniformed Senators are more dangerous than Homosexuals!!!!!!! Lindsay Lohan

627 days ago


As Honey Boo Boo says ' everyone's a little gay!'

627 days ago


Ugh this guy is pathetic.

627 days ago


A lot of homosexuals say Chrisitians are hate filled bigots. But that can not be farther from the truth. We know what the penalty for un-repentant sin is. To speak out against the abomination of homosexuality is the greatest act of love a Christian can do. No one wants to see anyone burn in hell for all of eternity. Our life here is very short in comparison to eternity. Torture and pain forever and ever and ever with no hope of death to end it. We also speak out against it because we don't want others tempted by it lest they also fall into the pit of fire. It is not hate we are preaching, it is love. If I hated you, I would let you continue on your way and let you burn, but our loving God commands that we try to help as many from the pit as we can. If you refuse, then you should be cast out from society to protect the children from your sinful ways. But the homosexuals want their ways taught in schools. They (servants of satan) want to drag everyone into the pit with them. Those who have no fear of God and don't know right from wrong should never be given an influence over children. And before anyone goes on about pedophile priests, figure there are millions of priests who are obedient to God and only less than 1% fall, but the feminist/gay media builds it up as to say all priests are pedophiles. It is just a lie by those who don't believe in God and have no fear of him. Please I beg everyone to repent (turn away from) of their sinful ways, there will be no excuses on judgement day. You will not be able to blame anyone else for your actions. You will be judged on your actions alone.

627 days ago

Mzz D    

Thank God for his opinion. At least we still have free speech. Homosexuality is dangerous and it is not natural. I'm glad he had the courage to speak the truth and not allow the bullies to shut him up.

627 days ago
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