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Lance Armstrong

Target of ANOTHER

Federal Investigation

2/6/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Lance Armstrong
is reportedly the target of a RENEWED federal criminal investigation connected to his rampant drug use during his cycling career ... and could face serious time in the slammer if convicted.

Just weeks after Armstrong fessed up to cheating his ass off on his way to 7 Tour de France titles, ABC News is reporting that feds are actively investigating Armstrong for obstruction, intimidation, and witness tampering.

If Lance is ultimately prosecuted -- and convicted -- a judge could sentence him to federal prison.

Multiple riders -- and other people close to Lance -- have publicly accused Armstrong of threatening them into silence over the years ... but nobody really listened until Lance went to Oprah and copped to being a jerk.

According to the report, investigators are not concerned with Armstrong's drug use so much as they are with Armstrong allegedly threatening and interfering with witnesses who could have testified against him.

It ain't the first time Lance has been investigated by the feds -- Lance was under the microscope from 2010 to 2012 following allegations of drug distribution, fraud and conspiracy -- but the investigation was dropped.

This time, Lance might not get off so easy ...


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627 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

Crooked as a dog's hind leg.

627 days ago


Big deal someone lied to Congress. They lie to us every day

627 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...well...if the feds find the evidence ..prosecute...treat him like anyone else...

627 days ago


Two things come to mind "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" And, "What goes around comes around." See ya later, Lancey baby.

627 days ago

I'm out :-/    

Leave Lance alone he apologized, he only human you know!

627 days ago


Yep. Get him out of the mansion. Let him ride his bike and live in a trailer park.

627 days ago

Los Pepes    

Karmas been working out and lifting weights for this case

627 days ago


you can lie to make 100 million, big surprise

627 days ago


This guy did HORRIBLE things to people...ruined lives. This is no tabloid joke. He bullied people and destroyed their reputations in order to "protect" his lies. It went way beyond plain old harassment. People lost their savings and livelyhoods defending themselves in court. He wasn't just part of the problem...he WAS THE PROBLEM ON STEROIDS. Too bad he didn't go under cover to clean up the sport a lot sooner. Now that would have been epic. Instead, he chose to destroy people (including his own family) and make us all look like schmucks for believing him.

627 days ago


I hope something does happen to this guy. He should have to pay for the lives he ruined. He has absolutely no remorse for it. I don't even believe he set up those cancer foundations for the right cause just to cover up his guilt. There are thousands of other cancer foundations I can donate to and that's what I do. This guy is pathetic and I feel bad for his children as well as all the other people's lives he ruined.

627 days ago


It's not even his cheating that's most disturbing; it's how aggressively denied it and even became indignant about. He went as far as to boast about the several hundreds of drug tests he passed and stated that he's simply a better and more talented athlete than the other competitors; and demanded the naysayers to leave him alone. That level of gall is repulsive.

627 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Nothing worse than a bully goon on a bike.

627 days ago


Yes let's spend our tax dollars and use our fed's to pursue....big bad cyclists who may or may not have used drugs.
.....and meanwhile allow millions of pounds of coke meth and heroin be sold traded and dealt all over the country while our young youth get addicted to those drugs, destroy their lives, and end up on the floor dead with foam coming out of their mouth from overdoses while their heartbroken families mourn and grieve.
And people wonder why so many people hate government

627 days ago

Pudding Tang    

It's public humiliation time

627 days ago
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