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Mama June

The Laziest

Weight Loss Program Ever

2/6/2013 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June has lost an incredible 100 pounds in the last two years -- in the absolute laziest way possible ... making her the best/worst example of fitness in America.

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all it takes is walking i've lost 100 pounds over tha course of a year n I still eat wat I want no diet or diet pills did tha job walking did it all

589 days ago


you people are so mean.

589 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Lookin' great Mama June keep working at it. Health Matters!

589 days ago


Of course she could lose that weight by just being more active!!! It's calories in, calories out people!! At least she lost it slow instead of getting that nasty surgery and dropping it too fast. You guys are rude!!!

589 days ago


It's incredible only to the math-challenged under-educated TMZ staff. 100 pounds lost in 2 years is less than 1 lb per week, meaning a calorie deficit of less than 3500 cal per week or 500 calories per day. For a woman her size, it would be easy to get that deficit by extra activity. My exercise tracker says a normally sedentary 115 lb woman over 60 years old could walk at a moderate pace (including walk in place while watching tv) for about 3hrs 45 minutes and burn that much each day in extra calories beyond the weight maintenance level. A woman as heavy as June and only in her thirties could easily burn it by walking much less (probably between 1 and 2 hours?) or moving more in other ways. As another poster points out, as her weight comes down, she will have to either become more active or make relatively small changes in her eating. It really would be nice to see a practical nutritionist consult seriously with her about how to make such changes slowly without inspiring a rebellion from her family or breaking the budget (which is based on current normal income, not tv show money, because June is not stupid). That would be helpful for a lot of other people also. The odds are that she could reduce fats and oils just a little and make quite an impact without affecting taste, for instance. Most of the family is at least a little out of balance as far as incoming calories vs calories burned are concerned or else maintaining too high a weight from a previous imbalance. If June is losing 1lb per week, she's doing fine and will be able to maintain that weight loss easily, but small changes in her meals will bring her weight down faster but not too fast. The little girl seems to have put on the wrong sort of weight the past year also, and it's really important to get her eating better now without feeling deprived. Produce prices are through the roof, so telling people to just eat more fresh fruits and vegetables is pretty pointless when money is scarce. It would make a very informative series of shows, actually. I bet June would be quite interested in the idea. They could feature one dietary tweak per week, for example. Dr. Oz, where are you? Perfect match and a whole family of testers for you here.

589 days ago

Cool Breeze    

What did she lose, one of her 5 chins ?

589 days ago


Good for you June!

589 days ago


Im sorry but I love this show!!! And this is some form of bullying!!! Im sorry but MAMA June you have my support!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

589 days ago


I love this show!!!!!!!!! Mama June you are awsome keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

589 days ago


She still looks like a Human Thumb.

588 days ago


This woman or whatever she is should have her kids taken away from her. The way she treats the youngest is unbelievable. TLC should cancel this show . that would be the best thing for Honey Boo Boo or whatever that poor little girls name is.

586 days ago


If you haven't watched this program, check it out. It's hilarious, and Honey BooBoo is a gem! This is the only "reality" show that I watch!

568 days ago


I hate Poodle. Whyyy did they make him a returning character this season? he is the most annoying attention whore ever. He's pointless to the show.

559 days ago
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