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LIPsay Lohan

Lookin' Swell

2/7/2013 7:55 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0207_lindsay_lohan_article_2With her ginger tentacle weave in full effect, a gorgeous Lindsay Lohan arrived freshly plumped to an amfAR event kicking off Fashion Week in NYC on Wednesday.

Well, at least she didn't give the judge any lip last week.



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Rogue Warrior    

Da H8turds need to find a bridge with a dry river bed below, call me AFTER you've jumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, take DILO with you,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milo for Governor of FL. Lilo would have already lost EVERYTHING without MILO. DILO is a POS. FACTOIDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

590 days ago


Color her hair black,and she would look just like Kim Kardashian!!

590 days ago


I think Dina would win a would youd rather here. Hate to admit it, but Dina looks way better now than this tramp ever will. Rouge Weirdo may not agree, but he is some kind of a nut.

590 days ago

Hot Farts    

While I dont think Flatchy is ugly, her behavior and filthy slovenliness is. I will never get over the gross, dirty bandage on her left tater when she was in her shorts and socks last week. That was the dirtiest bandaid I have ever seen. Who weares a tiny band-aid so long as to it becomes that dirty??? I mean tiny band-aids are something you wear one day or at least change after a shower..oh...that explains it.

Second - the amount of money the dirty mess spends on these piles of tentacles is astounding...the most astounding is that they always look like bargain basement, Los Angeles Street wholesale district ghetto jail weave.

590 days ago


She looks awful!

590 days ago

Hot Farts    

dirty bandaid pic just scroll down a bit from top of page

590 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

This really is the worst she has looked in some time. At 26, no one should look like that, and SERIOUSLY those extensions have to go. She looks like a clown, how sad for her.

590 days ago


@Rogue Weirdo
Lindsay might let you walk the street beside her,
But when she wants, she'll only pass you by,
She gets her way just like a child,
But she sure as HELL aint no frickin Strutter!!!
I know you aint got nothin to lose though, LOL

590 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Some turbanator probably paid for her lips, kind of like an investment for future 'services'.

590 days ago


Why does she change her hair color every five seconds? That has to cost hundreds of dollars. Regardless, she looks ridiculous and I can only imagine what she's gonna look like in another 5 years.

590 days ago


Where is Nicole when you need her. I still think that is the same dress she wore New Years Eve. If anyone would know, it would be Nicole!

590 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

All you H8turds need to follow Luck130, he's always on the lookout for a large bridge to take up the sport JUMPING. It won't be long and he'll have a bipolar, douchebaggy meltdown for all you H8TURDS to see.

Or you can all move your trailers to this prk in IN I've negotiated some free land for you on. Oh yeah, I gotti some in OK too. Pick your poison LOSERs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilolicious, get you some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

590 days ago


Omfg who cares. Tmz pleasecstop

590 days ago


Lindsay - what have you done? I know the drugs and booze has ravaged her looks, but I think she has also had fillers put in her face. Her lips were obviously plumped again, and her extensions just look messy and fake. WHY? Lindsay's natural look was so much better.

I will never understand why so many young women are getting botox, injections, fillers, hair extensions and other plastic surgery. They should at least wait until they are in their late 40's, early 50's to do that kind of thing. Extensions that are too long look fake and silly on nearly everyone. I think they are fine if you need more volume and a big of length, but the only ones who can pull off hair down to the butt is Crystal Gale and Barbie!

590 days ago


@Rogue Weirdo, if you were smart, like I sometimes am, you would know that the correct term for what I am is "Neurotic". Not crazy, not Bi-Polar, nor any other name your pea brain can throw at me. I have read a fair amount of Sigmund Freuds works over the last few months, and I know what I am talking about,lol.

590 days ago
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