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Just HOW Homeless

Was She?

2/8/2013 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jewel lived in her car before hitting it big as a singer, but does that really qualify as homeless? It's a super-compassionate question that -- for some reason -- Jewel was happy to answer.

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593 days ago



593 days ago


TMZ Staff should not be talking about being homeless, some of them look like they live on the street!!!!!!

593 days ago


Always hated this girl. She plays the sweet act, but she's known for being a real tyrant.

593 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

"but does that really qualify as homeless?"

That quite simply is the stupidest, most callous, ignorant, and sh*t stirring question i've ever seen TMZ posit. Fvck you guys, may ever single last one of you snarky, self adsorbed jerks reach a low point in life were the answer to this question becomes abundantly clear to you.

593 days ago


I'd like to know for how long. One night after drinking too much? Five years? I heard she got famous as a little girl singing at her day's bar so how is it they were poor. I've heard the same story for so many actresses

593 days ago


She's still alive??

593 days ago


Shes full of sh*t! She was on Stern saying she had a rich boyfriend but still lived in her car... come on...

593 days ago


She should of fixed her snaggle tooth with the money she's made.

592 days ago


Rags to richesm. .God bless!!!

592 days ago


I believe she came from a stable family and they paid for her to attend a high school for the arts in Michigan. If she was a hobo, it was by choice, I think. She is now married and lives on a ranch with her cowboy/rodeo rider husband, seems like a very nice fellow, and child.

592 days ago


TMZ's uncharacteristic insensitivity ... uh-hem ... bothered me on this story. Joking about the homeless? Joking about living in a freakin' car? "Why didn't she sell the?" Because then she'd be sleeping in a cardboard box? It wasn't a nice car like your Daddy bought you honey. A couple hundred dollars doesn't get you a place to live, or at least not for long.

Just ... insensitive.

592 days ago


I am currrently homeless, yes living in your car is homeless. I had an accident and for the next two weeks I will be living in a park. Unless you have been in this situation don't make any lame comments.

592 days ago

BB not bb    

Her teeth look pretty good to me. They are nice and white and all in her mouth. What do you want from people? As far as makinga big deal about her sleeping in a car, isn't that called camping also? People actually do that for fun, so they can experience life without all of the stuck up appearances of living in a luxurious home. It is a way of getting more down to earth.

I don't think that defines who you are as a person. I don't think that makes you a bum or an outcast or a freak. It is where people are choosing to stay at times.

She doesn't seem like a homeless person, so people keep trying to drag her down with that label. I don't know why. I think she is just a rough and tough girl.

592 days ago


Does anyone here watch, Alaska, The Last Fontier? Atz Kilcher who spends his summers watching over the family's cattle, is Jewel's father. Jewel Kilcher was born in Utah but when Jewel was still a baby, her father and two of his brothers moved to Homer Alaska to live on Yule Kitcher's, Jewel's grandfather, homestead. Jewell's parents divorced when she was young. She lived in a cabin with her dad and two brothers that did NOT have indoor plumbing so yes she is a tough girl. Outhouses in Alaska will toughen you up. Her dad didn't own a bar. She and her dad sang duos in bars, taverns, and Eskimo villages. Atz Kilcher is a successful singer. Jewel was known for her yodeling. Jewel left the homestead as a teen and was living with her mom in Anchorage when she went to Michigan's Interlochen Arts Academy. After graduating, she joined her mom in San Diego. Times were tough. Jewel worked as a waitress and admitted eating the left-over food on customers plates and dating even her bosses just to get a meal. She and her mom decided they couldn't afford the rent at the house they had, so they moved into their vehicles. Jewel had 79 Volkswagen van that she lived in. She worked at a coffee house. So she was indeed homeless working gigs wherever she could get one. And Jewel's family who lives off the land doesn't do so due to poverty but do so because that's the life they love. Jewel is not one if those spoiled coddled Hollywood princesses and Jewel didn't need to make up stories about her life because she has lived a fascinating one.

592 days ago
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