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Chris Brown

You Be the Judge

2/9/2013 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208-chris-brown-rihanna-tmzChris Brown is on the hot seat after the L.A. County D.A. filed legal docs claiming he phonied most of the community service he was required to perform in the Rihanna beating case. So we gotta ask ...



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Yay I was first.

ps Chris Brown is a complete tool...

624 days ago


Too Many Red Flags, to think Chris did his Community Service. One letting a Convicted Felon work in a children's center. 2, No Training to use floor wax machine. 3. No Supervision 4. No one from the center signs off on the work. 5. Chris's Mother signing off on the work. 6. Chris's Mom signing off on the work when she no longer worked their. 7. Chris's lawyer telling the VA Probation the police will handle it. 8 Chris's lawyer telling Probation office in VA that the Judge signed off that the Police department will handle it. 9. Chris is on a flight to Mexico when he is supposedly doing CS. Too many red flags I could go on.

624 days ago

BB not bb    

I wonder if Rihanna is just brain damaged now from being knocked unconcious so that she can't think straight enough to stay away from Chris. They say she is under the influence of the Illuminati also, so she probably has all kind of spells on her to help Chris out.

I think Chris is being popularized as the ultimate thug character. He gets away with one crime after another, and it is all just a big joke to him. He gets to have the pimp image with two girls at the same time, one who he beats on and one who he cheats on.

Enterainrs used to be the most despised members of society. They were considered like carnival workers. Now they are put up on pedestals as role models. All they really do is perform tricks for money. It is the spell of Hollywood that they seem to be more important than they really are.

624 days ago


I read all of the polls here and the consensus is that A) Chris is a violent lying criminal who does not deserve to be a free man and Rihanna is a fool for being with him and he'll probably beat the crap out of her again and none of us will feel badly for her because she put herself in the position to be beaten up again. Is that right, folks? Maybe the DA is reading these posts...hope so because CHRIS SHOULD GO TO the very least because he was violent with Robin Roberts on GMA when he smashed his way out of an interview with interview where he was supposedly telling Robin how kind and gentle he is now. (NOT).

624 days ago


To think Chris Brown allegedly graduated from Anger Management. I am wondering was that the Charlie Sheen Anger Management or a real one or what is the difference?

624 days ago

BB not bb

Here is the video about when he was interviewed on GMA and then smashed up the dressing room. I don't see how Robin was anything but concilliatory towards him. Maybe she made him realize how wrong he was and he couldn't face it.

In comparing him to Charlie Sheen, I think Charlie was only accused of pushing his girlfriend down and threatening her life. He did not beat her unconcious and dump her body on the side of the road and drove away. Charlie demonstrates a good side also. That is why he is perhaps better regarded than Chris Brown.

Charlie likes to help others and do charity and doesn't have a history of constant trouble. He likes to uncover the truth and bring it to the public.

Rihanna seems like a very mild mannered person. I really don't see how she can stand to be around such a volatile and unpredictable man. It must feel like a constant threat.

He is never protective of her or really anyone but himself. Love does not conquer all and following your heart can get you killed. That is called foolhardiness.

You need to have some skepticism to survive in this world. Rihanna's seems to be buried.

624 days ago


my mom loved your show she passed away last month but she always thought it should be an hour long show , she really realy love it an so do i my mom lived in baltimore and i live in alaska an we would always talk about the show please go to an hour long show

624 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Rihanna is killing her career sticking around with this loser. Huge mistake.

624 days ago



624 days ago


He's a punk, jail time would cure that. He can be a good person and role model for his young fans just as easy as being a prick, I see him murdering another human being in the near future, he more than likely kicks his dog and cat around already, he has already shown the world he can get away with kickin his women around, damn shame they like it.

624 days ago


It is typical that people with money hire the best lawyers, but what does that really do in this case? It can release a violent person into society and gives them the thought that what they do isn't wrong and that gives them the right to repeat their actions until someone is seriously hurt or worse dead. Community service for these famous people is a joke and as long as the courts continue to apply community service to them they will make a mockery of the system.

624 days ago


Chris will beat Rhianna again: Yes, but why should we care since she doesn't.

624 days ago

Hank Wanky    

I wish Rihanna could see these votes...

624 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Caption this DUMB and Dumber!!!!

624 days ago


okay yes chris brown did a very wrong that that happened years ago but he has done some positive things and no one seems to bring those out jus when he supposedly gets in trouble there is a positive and a negative to everything if we can focus on the positive for everything (im not even talking about chris brown now ) this world would be a better place. they are back together that is on them i honestly dont see chris hitting her again i mean he had so many gf's after her and it was no violence there but yeah guys at least see that he tried to changed i dont judge people no matter what they did. we all shouldnt judge look at ur past see if its perfect and u made absolutely no mistake then u can judge

624 days ago
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