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Plumping with the Stars!

2/12/2013 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_fat_tuesday_mardi_gras_launchAs Mardi Gras gets under way ... Fat Tuesday is the day to throw caution to the wind and binge on everything within reach -- so check out what these skinny stars would look like if they packed on the pounds! 

Eat it up!


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They're paid to starve 1600 calories or less yall

617 days ago


A very slow news day by the looks.

617 days ago


Nicole Kidman sure does look funny as a blubber neck, but I would hit that no matter what!

617 days ago

BB not bb    

They all look terrible fat. I think fat is the new normal. At least they haven't all jumped on that bandwagon. It started with people saying women needed bigger breasts. It is like DD is ideal. Women can't get that without being overweight unless they are super athletes who eat alot anyway maybe, or just very exomorphic.

If you look at other countrires, like most third world countries, you don't see alot of fatties waddling around. Why is that? Maybe they care about things besides money and how much they can consume. They live life instead of grabbing all they can for themselves.

When they show Americans you always see a bunch of fatties waddling around. When you look these people in the eye, they always seem very proud of themselves besides. It used to be fat people felt ashamed and embarassed, but now they think they are the new ideal and the new normal.

I do not like this new obesity cult. I am sick of them mocking thin and normal people for "being sticks and starving themselves". Not everyone wants to waste all of their time and money consuming food.

617 days ago

BB not bb    

Considering that most Americans are probably sedentary, they don't need to be eating like laborers. You can get by on one meal a day. People who eat 160...0 calories per day are not starving.

People can even survive on fasts for a month or so, eating nothing. It is actually healthy for them besides. It cleans their bodies of toxins and their minds of distracitons.

All this culture does is push you to eat, eat, eat. The grocery stores force their circulars into your mail once a week, trying to lure you in with discounts.

The grocery stores are all brightly lit and designed to make you just imulsively grab as much as possible. Then when you are home with tons of food around, you figure you had better it eat it. Then you get fat.

I think the bus widths are getting smaller but people's bodies are getting bigger, so that there is no room to sit without someone leaning themselves into you.

617 days ago


Highlarious! I don't know who ½ of them are cos they are unrecognizable fat but it's LMAO funny.

617 days ago


Mardi Gras!!! Yeppers

617 days ago

BB not bb    

What kind of church and religion celebrates sin besides? That is very hypocritical. If you are fasting for 40 days to be more spiritual, that is good, but why the revelry beforehand? I understand they like to throw big parties, okay, but I don't think that they should be acting like all sin is okay just because they are getting ready for Lent.

617 days ago


Rule to follow, if you are thicker in the neck and jaw....wear your hair to frame her face. But Rihanna didnt change much at all! Lol.

617 days ago


Some look better! Some just as good. Some had really technically bad photoshopping.

Very bad taste to include people with eating disorders!!!!! (Leanne Rimes/Nicole Ritchie)

617 days ago


Cyber Bullying... why doesn't TMZ post pics of those fat pigs on their staff

617 days ago

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