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Christopher Dorner Case

LAPD No Longer on

Tactical Alert

2/13/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD says it has moved back into a "normal state of police operation" after the gun fight in Big Bear last night ... which means they believe the body inside the burnt-out cabin belongs to Christopher Dorner.

Of course, cops won't officially confirm the body belongs to Dorner until the tests are run on the badly burned corpse ... but the move by the LAPD suggests they're pretty damn sure it was Dorner.

A rep for the police department says the city of L.A. is no longer on tactical alert.

Dorner met his fate following a frightening shootout with cops in a remote cabin in Big Bear. The cabin was set ablaze and Dorner's body is believed to have been badly burned in the inferno.

Dorner is accused of killing 4 people -- including 2 cops.


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I think the whole thing is too bad. I think it's too bad that the female cop who was training him "lied" about putting the boots the mentally handicapped" guy. I DO think she did it and i hope she is pleased with the outcome of her lie and actions. It's not like this LAPD hasn't been caught before pulling ****. The ex-cop was wrong with what he did, but burning him up isn't exactly right either……Like they had no other options??? The whole thing is too bad for all involved, the ppl. he murdered, the ppl. who lied and started this and that he felt this was the only way.

579 days ago


People get raped, get molested, get beat up, have racial **** said to them, have family die or murdered on a daily basis and dont go around killing people but this guy loses his job and starts a killing spree? Really people? This is justifies what he did? LAPD may be corrupt and i dont agree with that and think measures should be taken for change but what this guy did was wrong and crazy and he shouldnt be on this planet...and im sorry i do believe if ur dangerous and could kill someone else u shouldnt be alive! Nor should my tax dollars be going o keeping you a live!

579 days ago


Good riddance, dude.

579 days ago


I really think if the body found isn't Chris Droner the police will say it is. I don't trust the fuzz.

579 days ago

Cynthia Davis    

Too bad! He snapped, over getting fired for turning in crooked cops, some of the victims were innocent. We will never hear his story, unless some fool makes it up

579 days ago


Bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you!

579 days ago


This will be a cover up. The cops last night made sure that he wouldn't come out alive because that guy knew too much about the corruption within the police department. I am not saying that what he did was right but from I can learn on the news and in his manifesto he knew a lot of things. He also got fired from the department because he told on another cop

579 days ago


The cabin that Dorner may or may not have burned up in was NOT his. Are the owners going to be reimbursed for the loss of their property? Their insurance company shouldn't have to pay for it.

579 days ago


That cabin was not Dorner's. Are the authorities who burned it down going to reimburse the owners for their loss of property?

579 days ago


Too bad it wasn't Chris Brown in that cabin instead of Christopher Dorner.

579 days ago


Wallet/i.d....similar to Sandy Hook assault rifle- in the building w/the body or in the car trunk? Too bad we don't have a rambling Coroner to'clarify' the cover-up.

579 days ago


sucks that innocent cops died, but what they did to dorner was f'd up. he didn't deserve it. he was an honest guy trying to side with the "good guys" little did he know the "good guys" were bad. RIP dorner and the lives that were also lost.

579 days ago


Wow, they made sure to silence him. I sincerely hope that wasn't his body in that cabin. I hope ALL Those crooked ass cops get what's coming to them.

579 days ago


burning THE HOUSE a wanted man is in is NOT capturing. LAPD SMELLS FUNNY.

578 days ago

Bob Dole    

It's a funny thing, the internet.

A man commits the senseless killing of kids in an elementary school: it's an immediate government conspiracy.

A well-decorated, well-trained man kills cops and other people, claims corruption within the department created his motive, department reopens his disciplinary case, a kill-order is publicly issued, drone use may (or may not) have been authorized, and the cabin in which he was believed to have been located ***may have been*** intentionally torched by police: and there's no conspiracy there?

Am I living in the fkn Twilight Zone?

578 days ago
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