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Oscar Pistorius

Bloody Cricket Bat

Found at Murder Scene

2/17/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_Oscar-Pistorius_gettyA blood-spattered cricket bat is now the center of the investigation into the shooting death of Oscar Pistorius' model girlfriend ... this according to a newspaper in South Africa.

Cops are unsure if the bat was used by Reeva Steenkamp in self-defense or if Pistorius used it in his attack -- either directly hitting Steenkamp with it or in an effort to break down a door.

The City Press, a paper in South Africa, says that Steenkamp's skull was crushed in addition to the gunshot wounds. The City Press quotes a source as saying, "There was lots of blood on the bat. Forensic tests will show whose blood it was."

It was also reported Sunday that Pistorius' first call following the shooting was not to police, but rather his friend, Justin Divaris, who told The Mirror, "I said to him, ‘What are you talking about? I don’t understand you?’ He then repeated himself, ‘There has been a terrible accident, I shot Reeva.'"

Pistorius is due back in court next week.

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No Avatar


hes gonna need OJ's lawyers

616 days ago


FYI-Tink-Tink is the nickname Katt Williams gave this guy when he talked about him competing in the Olympics. Tink tink refers to the noise his metal limbs made when he ran..... supposedly. Katt wasnt making fun of him and in fact found it funny that he could run better on blades than the other runners that had their legs

616 days ago


Unless he's freakishly ambidextrous, he'd have to put down the one to grab the other. Hard to believe mistaken identity at that point.

616 days ago


He's pure s***

616 days ago


I think there is more than meets the eye here. Reports out of the South African news sources say she was cheating on him with a South African Rugby player. I think its awful what he did to do her and the court system will determine his guilt but I don't think she is the goody two shoes that everyone thinks she is. To me she comes across as a typical fame whore who moved in right away to this guys mansion,bragged about her 'Reality Show' career as being the high point of her life (thats what dyeing your hair blonde and getting breast implants will do to you-gee what happened to that promising law career),drove her previous boyfriend to the brink where he ended up assaulting her and then drove this boyfriend in less than 3 months to the point that he murdered her. I think she has some extreme vanity issues and must have been very high maintenance,demanding ,(I mean who really knows what goes behind closed doors) and drove this steroid athlete through the roof. I guess time will tell but thats my take on it,yes he's an ******* and guilty but I think she provoked him.

616 days ago

Jen Thurston    

I just ache for this Spirit & both Families...Either He Meant to OR Not, a person is Changed once they have killed someone. May God & All Great Healing Spirits be with All invoed & those reading this. Earth NEEDS Help for its peolpe are killing each other, This MUST Stop. ps I got to Hurry, Walking Dead is about to Start! Snuggles, JenT

616 days ago

P. smith    

Bloody bat. Doesn't sound like it was an accident

616 days ago


No one and I mean no one knows what happened in his house that night except him and his girlfriend. She is sadly and unfortunately dead, so we will never know......He will tell his 'version' of events....true or untrue, we will never know....It is horribly tragic and sad for all families involved. As well as his supporters and people he inspired...

616 days ago


She was wearing a nightgown and had her skull crushed. The sheets were crumpled and it was obvious they were sleeping together. Where he most likely bashed her head with the bat and as she ran in terror for the bathroom he shot her in the hip. Then after she made it into the bathroom and shut and locked the door. He shot thru it and from her body position she was on the sink leaning forward probably holding her caved in head ad the shot went through her hand and into her head. This f u c k i n piece of $ hit needs to become someone's d i c k puppet ASAP.

616 days ago


He's going to get raped in prison.

615 days ago


I hope justice is served!!! The poor girl's parents need at least that. A monster like him doesn't belong among people

615 days ago


An unpopular sport has another setback.

615 days ago


I wanna throw up when i see him....pfft. Hell will be waiting for you.

615 days ago

Spicy mag    

This doesn't look good for robotaur.

615 days ago


Hes guilty. Hasnt got a leg to stand on. Ha ha get it. Leg.

615 days ago
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