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Tracy Morgan

Alec Baldwin Should

Apologize, ONLY IF ...

2/19/2013 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Tracy Morgan believes his former "30 Rock" co-star Alec Baldwin should APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY if he used the C-word toward a black photog ... claiming that particular racial slur is simply "played out."

Morgan just appeared on the "Drex and Maney Show" on WNKS in Charlotte ... and said, "If [Alec] called somebody a coon, he should apologize."

Tracy is referring to allegations Baldwin hurled the racial slur toward a black photog working for the NY Post during a confrontation outside the actor's NY apartment last weekend.

Morgan claims he always got along with Baldwin on the set of "30 Rock" ... and he never heard Alec use a anti-black slur toward him ... but says if ANYONE uses a derogatory term like the c-word, they should apologize immediately

"First of all, coon is played out," Morgan said ... adding, "but that goes for anybody. If another BLACK person calls somebody a coon, he should apologize ... IF he did it."


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Alec Baldwin has major anger issues and need treatment, he is also a jerk.

619 days ago


So says the one who uses derogatory words towards gays...

619 days ago


I've noticed most TMZ photogs are Hispanics, not blacks.

619 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Interesting with a girls name like Tracy that he bashes gays. .... He's still hilarious though.

619 days ago


Everything is a race card when it comes to black!! OLD!

619 days ago


Coons? Well raccoons tried to get in our back porch, Momma just chase 'em off with a broom!

619 days ago


Baldwin has ALWAYS been a coward in picking fights with women, children and smaller sized men.
Typical Holloywood; if he mixed up up with a real man he'd get his lunch handed to him. A FIRST CLASS "A" HOLE FOR SURE.

619 days ago


I find it VERY hard to believe that these two people banded together in order to smear Alec Baldwin. This is a guy who goes postal on his own little girl and calls her names. I believe he made these racial slurs 100% and I think he's a jerk. Don't know why ANY woman would want to be with him to be honest.

619 days ago


I never cease to be amazed by the sheer and utter stupidity of black men. With his unbridled ignorance, I do not understand how Tracy Morgan is able to navigate something as simple as an "Exit" sign without assistance. Listen, Morgan, you IDIOT: You run around calling other black men (and even your own SON) "n!ggers" on a daily basis, yet you think COON is offensive???. Your great great grandparents were called N!GGERS as they stood on auction blocks and were sold as if hey were horses or cattle, yet you call your own child this vile word, but have a problem with "coon" because it is "played out." !!??!! I have concluded that there is simply no hope for my race. The ignorance is too pervasive. If the average black male had even one functioning brain cell, it would atrophy from non-use.

619 days ago


It is a hate crime in New York to use offensive language? Glad the constitution does not apply there.

619 days ago


A "C" is a "C". Why not call it what it is.

619 days ago


Black people community be way to sensitive.

619 days ago


Who cares what Tracy Morgan thinks anyway?

619 days ago


I think everyone should be racist to everyone until we get it out of our system. Then we will realize that old " sticks and stones" saying was right.

619 days ago

lord flashheart    

How about : Cracker ?

619 days ago
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