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Jason Patric


In Paternity Trial

2/21/2013 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Patric was just shut down by a judge in his bid to win paternity and custody rights over his son ... TMZ has learned.

Jason was locked in a bitter legal war with ex-GF Danielle Schreiber. The two were together for years but broke up in 2009. At the time they ended the relationship Jason told Danielle he didn't have any money to give her but he would give her his sperm, provided he had nothing to do with raising the child and she didn't ask for child support. 

Danielle was artificially inseminated with the help of a doctor, and Gus was born in December, 2009.  

Jason went away and had no contact with Gus, but came back in 2011. Jason and Danielle got back together ... but they broke up again. That's when he decided he wanted custody.

The trial has been going on for a week, and we've learned the judge just laid down the law -- a law that says if a man donates sperm to a woman to whom he is NOT married and she's inseminated with the help of a doctor ... the man has no paternity rights or claim of custody.

As we previously reported ... Danielle let Jason see Gus for visits, but there was no court order enforcing that.  We don't know if she will continue to let Jason see the child.


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He gave her sperm and walked away and he thought he could come back into her life and take her child away from her?

Jason Patric seems like a terrible person. I'm glad the judge ruled in the former girlfriend's favor.

554 days ago


whats funny is if she wanted him to pay child support regardless of their initial agreement of him just being a sperm donor..the law would magically force him to pay ..

women win the judicial system regardless of which side they end on..feminism has completely emasculated the justice system..they win everything

554 days ago


Only in Hollywood, good grief.

554 days ago

Me Too    

And once again a child suffers over selfish parents.

554 days ago


They really do live in a different reality

554 days ago


Ever ask yourself, self - why don't hospitals give paternity test right when a child is born? There would be no child support. See everyone works hand in hand. Kayne West said it best in the song "Gold Diggers". 18 years then he found out the kid wasn't his. I would rather see you hurt in the head and all emotional then hurt in wallet, paying for someone who's not yours. Unless you're dumb enough to want to do this. Man up!

554 days ago


I'm in favor of natural insemination myself.

554 days ago


Okay if this is true, then why do some sperm donors have to pay child support? Courts cant just pick and choose laws. But Jason Patric messed up by just wanting to be the sperm donor, now he wants custody, are you kidding me?

Not in this case, but if you're just a sperm donor, I dont think you should have to pay child support.

554 days ago


This is so dumb. He donated his sperm to her after they broke up because he had nothing else to give but his cherished goods with no strings attached. They get BACK TOGETHER.. he probably forms a bond with the child, and wants custody. He had a change of heart. He should have that chance. She did agree to inseminate herself with his goods when she could of had anyone else's sperm.

554 days ago


That's just sad all the way around. I know he asked for no responsibilities originally, but why punish the kid now when he wants some time with him?

554 days ago


Given this story I don't understand how Octomom was legally married to her husband for her first three IVF treatments which resulted in three kids. Octomom claims she used a sperm donor, but Octo's husband has NEVER been sought by the state for support. It makes NO SENSE!!

554 days ago


Wtf is this? Did I really just read what I think I read?

554 days ago


The judge granted his original wish. No part of the kids life. Sux to be u dude ... think before you speak

554 days ago


Sounds like a Maury show with a really sick twist!

553 days ago

Lily Daisy    

These two "parents" are a little nuts to be playing the game of you can have my seed instead of money! Unbelievable, but now that the sweet little boy is here, he deserves to at least see his Dad and hopefully Mom will oblige. Basically, though, the Judge called it right because they formed a contract by agreeing to the exchange. I just hope they both keep the best interests of their child in mind.

553 days ago
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