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Oscar Pistorius



2/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

When Oscar Pistorius gunned down girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, she began screaming -- presumably in pain and horror -- and he continued shooting ... this according to a prosecution witness. 

As the bail hearing resumed Wednesday, prosecutors revealed a statement from a witness who claims he heard gunshots, went to his balcony and saw the light was on. He then heard a female screaming two or three times ... then more gunshots.

If true ... it's devastating for Pistorius, who claims the room was pitch black when he began firing, never realizing he was shooting at his girlfriend. If the lights were on and he heard Steenkamp's screams but kept on shooting -- it blows his intruder defense sky high.

Prosecutors also say they have a witness who says there was "non-stop talking like fighting" between 2 and 3 AM ... shortly before the shooting. Pistorius claims there was no argument before the killing.

And there's this ... the first officer to arrive at the scene says when he got there, a lawyer and Pistorius' brother were already present.

An officer testified the bullets were "fired down," which contradicts Pistorius' story that he was not wearing his prosthetic legs when he began shooting.

One thing in Pistorius' favor -- the chief investigating officer was grilled like a cheeseburger on cross-examination and he reportedly did not do a very good job.


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No Avatar


The guy doesn't have a leg to stand on. Put him in the slammer and throw away the key.

578 days ago


Puffy B is defending Pistorius here and on Radar nonstop.

One or two comments would be understandable.

I for one don't believe Pistorius for a second. You always nudge or whisper to your partner first or check and see if they are ok.


578 days ago


It is clear that he killed the poor girl. But seriously the way the court is over there and how he is recognized as Hero there. I seriously doubt he will spent much time in jail. Very sad but I do hope there is justice and let him waste his whole life in jail for the crime he commited.

578 days ago


me want you dead.....

578 days ago

Matt H    

The chief investigating officer, Mr Bothe was indeed messed up. Very sad turn, cos OP's story is still a bad pulp fiction. I feel sorry for the Reeve's family.

578 days ago


I am most surprised at how efficient their judicial system is ran. Is this thing already at trial? HARVEY! Why doesn't the US run so efficiently. If he were here in the US it would be a year or more before it went to trial.

578 days ago


Oh for Pete sake TMZ. Ya'll are supposed to be the best at digging up the real facts. Where are you getting your information from ? The Daily Mail out of London ??? VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED IN TMZ !!! READ THE TELEGRAPH S.A.
The Prosecution & Lead Detective Had their A** handed to them today. Quoted saying "We're in big trouble". Give all the facts. Not just one side.

578 days ago


It doesn't seem to matter to some of the "defenders" of this idiot. The fact is, he killed this woman. There's no reason to think it was an accident. He should be held responsible for his actions. He pulled the trigger 4 times and this woman didn't deserve to die. Guilty.

578 days ago


Seriously, I would never want any of you to represent me or a loved one, or even our country! Aside from a few commenters, the majority of you take TMZ's account as fact. TMZ fails to mention the facts that came out when the investigating officer was cross examined. I challenge you to read an accurate account of today's bail hearing before making any more comments. And, yes, I do feel great compassion and loss and sadness for Reeva's family. Should he go unpunished for his lack of judgement and extreme paranoia and taking an innocent life? Of course not! But, for your ignorant and unintelligent comments to even have a voice after this despicable report (if you can even call it that) shows me that readers of this website (unfortunately that includes me) are really no better than the jury who acquitted O.J.

578 days ago


This happened in South Africa, not America. If you think the politicians and cops here are dirty, you've obviously never been there. Know the culture before placing blame and believing everything you hear from authorities at face value.

578 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Nobody pisses Oscar off!

578 days ago


This is definitely a white on white crime... The intruder EXCUSE does not stick at ALL. DO THE CRIME, DO THE TIME.

578 days ago


One of the defenses claims is that it was pitch black in the room so he couldn't see his girlfriend was not in the bead. Oh yeah, the how did you find your legs? Lying pile of naval lint.

578 days ago

BB not bb    

Well he has an expensive lawyer, but I still think that the South Africans want justice. The police seemed to treat him with respect and yet charge with what they felt was the crime.

I would say it was maybe heat of the moment manslaughter rather than premditated murder, unless they have proof of why he would want an innocent woman who was his girlfriend, dead.

He is either an emotional wreck or he is working for someone who wanted her dead. What is in it for him if she is dead?

I guess this is a warning for women to be aware around emotionally unstable men.

578 days ago


TMZ is only reporting the first part of Detective Hilton Botha's testimony. Later, the defense eviscerated the detective and called out his incompetence. Please read the following for accurate reporting:


578 days ago
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