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Oscar Pistorius



2/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

When Oscar Pistorius gunned down girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, she began screaming -- presumably in pain and horror -- and he continued shooting ... this according to a prosecution witness. 

As the bail hearing resumed Wednesday, prosecutors revealed a statement from a witness who claims he heard gunshots, went to his balcony and saw the light was on. He then heard a female screaming two or three times ... then more gunshots.

If true ... it's devastating for Pistorius, who claims the room was pitch black when he began firing, never realizing he was shooting at his girlfriend. If the lights were on and he heard Steenkamp's screams but kept on shooting -- it blows his intruder defense sky high.

Prosecutors also say they have a witness who says there was "non-stop talking like fighting" between 2 and 3 AM ... shortly before the shooting. Pistorius claims there was no argument before the killing.

And there's this ... the first officer to arrive at the scene says when he got there, a lawyer and Pistorius' brother were already present.

An officer testified the bullets were "fired down," which contradicts Pistorius' story that he was not wearing his prosthetic legs when he began shooting.

One thing in Pistorius' favor -- the chief investigating officer was grilled like a cheeseburger on cross-examination and he reportedly did not do a very good job.


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"And there's this ... the first officer to arrive at the scene says when he got there, a lawyer and Pistorius' brother were already present."

Harvey and crew, what would you do if you were in a similar situation?? Would you happily answer any and all questions from the police, because, after all, they are just looking after you and want what's best for you? Hell no, you all would shut up and call Harvey. Harvey would do something he never does, which is keep his big mouth shut and call his gang of lawyers.

Oscar did the wise thing. Never, ever assume the cops want what's best for you when you are part of a crime scene. They are looking to do their job and solve the crime and if you are their, you will most certainly be put on the list of suspects.

608 days ago


The first thing you do when you hear a noise is check to make sure the person who is suppose to be in bed with you is still there. He didn't check because he knew she wasn't there. Say what you may, I can't get over that one point. If the person next to you is asleep you wake them the hell up. Hell, he had enough time to put on his 'stumps', don't you think he would have known whether she was in bed with him or not.

608 days ago


The witness lives 1000 ft. from his house. Interesting!

608 days ago

blake mehaw    

people you are all stupid it was an accident. Unless are a double amputee or you live in South Africa where there is only 10 percent whites with money and enormous poverty. They "privileged" are targets all the time having a gun there is like having a toaster.the gun violence there rivals Connecticut on a bad day. Oscar will be found not guilty of premeditated murder. But will get killed by the media and a huge civil lawsuit so he is F**ked. He did not MURDER HIS GIRLFRIEND

608 days ago


Look at him in that pic up there. He looks unemotional, full of himself, and cold-blooded. He thinks he has this case in the bag, because the police officer screwed up on the witness stand. The prosecution needs to prepare its witnesses better. What is this, they were steroids, they weren't steroids, the nighbor lives 600 feet away, no he lives 300 feet away. Get the story straight. This guy will walk if the prosecution fumbles its way through court. He definitely killed her. There was a bullet in the bedroom, and since he was in the bedroom, it means the "intruder" was in the bedroom, which foils his whole, the intruder was hiding in the bathroom the whole time. He didn't call emergency or police, he waited for 35 minutes, while she lay there dying, to call his friend and family. And he has a history of violence. And her skull was bashed in, and a bloody cricket bat was found.

608 days ago


When the prosecution started their evidence it seemed really obvious that he had shot her after a row but not so sure after their alleged evidence started to fall to bits under questioning. Witness who claims to have heard row over 300 yards away and forensics claimed had not been proved by any lab. Maybe the police are deliberately messing up to get him off or just incompetent. I am now a bit more wary of Police evidence in this case.

608 days ago


Who sleeps in a pitch dark room without having black blinds covering the windows? Who hears someone entering their home and doesn't reach over to the person sleeping next to them in bed? Or feel the heat of the body next to them? Poor woman.

608 days ago


If it doesn't make sense it's not true. So goes his side of the story.

608 days ago

South African    

PLease note that the Defence poked holes in the IO story. The person that "heard" the shots and "saw" his light burning lives 600m away. The IO is under investigation for 11 charges of attempted murder. If you really want to know what is going on follow Barry Bateman @barrybateman on Twitter. He tweets from court every day as it happens. LIVE. Dont make up your mind till all the facts are presented

608 days ago


He is not without fault...negligent homicide for sure. He was negligent in shooting without knowing for sure who was in the bathroom and that his girlfriend was not in the bed. Seems like he may have been paranoid. No one can prove what was in his mind to establish premeditated murder.

608 days ago


12 Angry Men

607 days ago


Tough guy with a gun. Typical billy. Guilty, abuser, ugly character. Lost his legs. Now loose your.freedom couchant. Btw, having no legs ain't sexy gq

605 days ago
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