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And Care for My Brood!

2/21/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is chill these days, because she's getting baked goods delivered and getting a little baked herself ... all while she cares for her 14 kids ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected to Octo tell us ... Nadya is the proud owner of a medical marijuana card -- we're told for anxiety. And get this ... she got the card 2 days after leaving rehab for Xanax addiction.

The marijuana she consumes is primarily embedded in cookies and other bakery products. We're told Nadya ingests the pot both at home and on the road during appearances. 

We're told Octo -- who considers herself primarily responsible for the well-being of her kids -- believes the children are NOT at risk even when she's not all there. And speaking of not there ... we're told Octo does not get high when the nannies are around, meaning she's the only one in the house caring for the kids.

So ... the question. Can a parent temporarily check out by using pot when they have more than a dozen kids ... or is it NEVER OK?



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I would rather she smoke pot...han have it in brownie form. As much as she is gone...what if one of the kids, or nannies mistake them for regular brownies, and the kids injest them. Especially the younger/smaller kids.

574 days ago


Can I go save those kids myself?

574 days ago


Not with 14 kids! Is she nuts?

574 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Why isn't her children being taken away ! She a bad mother !

574 days ago


There is nothing wrong with smoking pot when ur kids aren't there. Not a good idea to have it in cookies or brownies wat if ur kids find it.

574 days ago


Everyone saying she's reckless must not have wanted to down a bottle of jack while being around ONE child. Compared to her other antics, I'd say ingesting marijuana is the least of worries for those children.

574 days ago


Oh pleeezzz!!! Suleman is a disgusting and manipulative woman. Now she's trying to get sympathy and support from the groups who think pot should be legalized. She already ruined the image of IVF with her reckless baby-creating marathon and her final experiment, the implantation of 12 embryos at once that resulted in the octuplets. Now she is going to ruin the image of pot smoking too with her irresponsible "parenting." Look at the previous TMZ article about her, where she was reported to CPS as being forgetful and having blackouts, forgetting appointments, forgetting where her child was, not bathing her children and not giving them clean clothes for weeks at a time. Paris Match reported that when they interviewed her in Jan/Feb 2013 that she didn't even have food in her fridge, only liter sodas. She forgot to even buy food for the kids. Is that the image pot smokers want? She is now one of the public faces of the pot smoking movement, and is that the kind of person the movement wants held up as an example? Wiped-out, forgetful mom with her stash of pot cookies? To answer your question, TMZ, I don't know about other parents, but no, Suleman should never be left alone with those children when she's high or drunk. (It wasn't all that good an idea to leave her alone with them even back when she was sober!) Besides, do any of you seriously believe that pot is the ONLY drug she uses? Do you seriously think all her feel-goods are embedded in cookies?

574 days ago


Oh, give me a break! The only people talking about how detrimental marijuana is are the people who probably haven't tried any in years and/or have only tried it a few times. The fact is, you build a tolerance rather quickly, and you're not incapable of doing things when under the influence. The Xanax addiction was truly scary to me because of the high incidents of seizures.

574 days ago


With knowing how the child welfare system is these days these kids will never be taken into a better home.

574 days ago


omg its just pot. Get over yourselves. Nadya I would need to be high and drunk to deal with 14 kids...

574 days ago


She's baking them into cookies???? Seriously? What if her kids get their hands on them?

574 days ago


Smoking it is one thing...eating it is a whole different ballgame since turns you into a zombie. It's no wonder she keeps forgetting where her kids are.

574 days ago


Pot is the drug drs wish they could prescribe because it doesn't kill you like every pharmaceutical drug prescribed to do what pot can do. It is such a wonderful, natural herb that helps with everything from pain to anxiety. MJ can actually improve your thoughts because it relaxes you so that you can focus. It takes the anxiety of the task and minimizes it so you can focus more clearly. I don't know anyone who has ever passed out from it. You shouldn't drive while smoking because it can make your eyes sensitive to lights/lights and that could effect driving but otherwise smoke it up.

574 days ago


I have panic disorder! When I was diagnosed my therapist AND psychiatrist told me to stop smoking weed. I wasn't nor do I now! Weed can make your anxiety worse! twins are the same age as the octuplets. I would NEVER do that around my kids! I want to be the best role model and mother I can be for them!

574 days ago


They are called food stamps, not marijuana brownie stamps!!! Those poor kids!!!!!!

574 days ago
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