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And Care for My Brood!

2/21/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is chill these days, because she's getting baked goods delivered and getting a little baked herself ... all while she cares for her 14 kids ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected to Octo tell us ... Nadya is the proud owner of a medical marijuana card -- we're told for anxiety. And get this ... she got the card 2 days after leaving rehab for Xanax addiction.

The marijuana she consumes is primarily embedded in cookies and other bakery products. We're told Nadya ingests the pot both at home and on the road during appearances. 

We're told Octo -- who considers herself primarily responsible for the well-being of her kids -- believes the children are NOT at risk even when she's not all there. And speaking of not there ... we're told Octo does not get high when the nannies are around, meaning she's the only one in the house caring for the kids.

So ... the question. Can a parent temporarily check out by using pot when they have more than a dozen kids ... or is it NEVER OK?



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Sue from jersey    

Your such a bad mom instead of getting high you should be bringing your kids to soccer practice you wanted all those children now step up and be a mom put the bong down !

611 days ago


You need another box, it is understandable, however it is beyond reckless.... But she made her bed.

611 days ago


It's one thing to be a parent and a responsible pot user. If she were sending the kids off to do something with a nanny and going down to the basement to get stoned, I don't think any of us would complain and would understand how she is keeping sane with 14 kids. However, the main point of concern is that she needs a substance in order to care for her kids and she is under the influence when she cares for them by herself. First off, it gives a bad name to responsible parents who decide to indulge. Secondly the kids obviously are not getting Nadya at her very best and never have. For that reason alone, she deserves to have them taken away.

611 days ago


I am all for responsible marijuana usage. I am not all for Octo-Mom. Why is this individual news worthy again? Oh yeah, because TMZ has made her a celebrity. Here is an idea. Stop giving her the notoriety she does not deserve so she can get porn and stripping gigs. Then, we she does not have an income, and she can not find real work, the state will step in and take her kids. Then, perhaps they might turn into something beneficial to society. Living around this train wreck is ruining these kids sense of reality.

611 days ago


What is OctoSlut going to do when she is on the road and uses marijuana and gets arrested?

611 days ago


Now the Taxpayer has the privilege to buy her marijuana what a country.

611 days ago


I don't get people saying "it's just a plant." Heroin is just a plant. Cocaine is just a plant. Despite what the potheads believe, pot does f you up. You aren't "handling your business" while you are stoned.

611 days ago


Hey hey hey heey, smoke weed everyday.

611 days ago


theres the second problem with the great USof A, give everyone guns so no-one is safe and let octo slut keep those poor kids WHERE THE **** IS THE CPS AND WHY AREN'T THEY DOING SOMETHING. I'm glad im in canada with no passport

611 days ago


She has several children on assistance related to disabilities. THAT's why she should be more together and alert. But if course, this won't even be enough to have DHS take those poor kids out of that house.

611 days ago


Its not so much her using weed that bothers me, but the fact that it comes in the form of cookies or baked goods. What if the kids get to them? Well maybe that's what needs to happen so they can take them away from her.

611 days ago


eating weed is much more unpredictable than smoking it. if u eat to much u r screwed for hours. Happened to me. Was glued to my bed for hours like i was made of cement. eating weed is much more dangerous than smoking it. It may not kill u but the high can be to intense and last much longer. Not a good idea for someone in charge of the welfare of many chrildren. All u pro stoners; would u leave ur chrildren with someone stoned at their minds? Not smart. Weed dulls the senses and messes with memory. Dummy needs to stay clear not get even dumber! lol P.S. Kids love cookies and brownies! recipe for disaster!

611 days ago


I am not too worried about the weed.

It is all the OTHER drugs and her heavy drinking that is dangerous.

611 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

would you rather she get drunk instead?

pot is by far a better alternative.

611 days ago


Ohh wow People you are soo sensitive look at you... little fairies. All it does is it puts her in a more stable and a positive state of mind .....
Pot won't make her irresponsible or put kids in danger... Its all in your brainwashed heads people. pot is not a bad thing.

611 days ago
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