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Oscar Pistorius


NOT A Flight Risk

2/22/2013 6:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A judge just GRANTED Oscar Pistorius bail, saying the Olympian is NOT a flight risk.  And get this ... bail was set at $112,771.

Pistorius was in court -- along with 2 members of Reeva Steenkamp's family -- as the decision went down.  Pistorius' family and friends were cheering the decision in the courtroom.

The judge said it was highly improbable Pistorius could flee the country, given his fame and the fact that he's a double amputee.  As Pistorius' lawyer noted, going through airport security would trigger multiple alarms.

And, the judge said, the prosecutor did not prove Pistorius had a propensity for violence -- meaning he would probably not kill again while out on bail.

Before ruling, the judge asked the prosecutor an interesting question -- If Pistorius' story was that he believed an intruder was in his bathroom, why didn't he "stage" a break-in to make his story more believable?  The prosecutor conceded, "The fact that we have only one survivor of that tragic night is difficult for the state."

The prosecutor argued ... proving premeditation doesn't mean Pistorius had to plan the murder the night before ... "He planned it that night when she locked herself in [the bathroom].

Pistorius' lawyer suggested that the charge should be lowered -- to "culpable homicide" -- meaning the Olympian didn't have the intent to kill Steenkamp at all but that it was a "tragic mistake."

And Pistorius' running coach said before today's hearing if he gets out on bail, he'll train Pistorius to "get his mind kind of clear."


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The Big Bowowski    

Shades of OJ indeed..next we'll see Oscar running f u.c k i n g fast as hell through some airport terminal leaping over baggage carts trying to catch a flight...just like an old Avis commercial back in the 80's. Remember, this dude got hops and no shackles to keep him down. Hope this doesn't end like some old Benny hill skit with the cops chasing him around in circles all over town

516 days ago


Or perhaps educate yourself by travelling there. Black people in SA are not the same breed as black people on USA. They are tribal and commit more repulsive horrific crimes


Listen you OSCAR *** guzzling GROUPIE... you can go eat a D!CK , You are the one that needs to go educate yourself , I think you have South Africa confuse with places like Congo or Rwanda ,i saw some of your pass rants they are all RACIST.I guess no BLACKS would serve time if they STOLE from places like this ,OPPS!! by your account South Africa is all jungle and HUTS blend with SAVAGES:



516 days ago


They just need to confiscate his blades and other prosthetic s, than at least they know he won't get too far

516 days ago


Dudes got a lot bigger problems now that he has been granted bail, how the heck is he going to get all that blood off the carpet?


516 days ago


You people are all f&@ked up. Do you guys guys think that South Africa is some backward country? Do you think that South Africans are stupid. Grow a f@&king pair and come over. Then you will see who's country is backward. I dare all you idiots who comment about SA.

516 days ago


If she was afraid for her life, why didn't she use one of her 2 phones that were inside the bathroom with her to call for help? This very well could have been an accident.

516 days ago


It's amazing he went to court so quickly. Here is the U.S. it would take a year to get the first court date!

515 days ago


Please TMZ get all the facts straight, try and actually speak to somebody who was in the courtroom everyday like Barry Bateman who has by far given the best account off everything the judge, prosacution and defence had to say

515 days ago


Oscar admitted to killing who he thought was an intruder and both the defense and prosecution have admitted this could be a case of culpable homicide which carry's a minor sentence which could also be suspended, the judge himself said both cases are weak and it will be up to the trial judge to decide if this is premed, murder or culpable homicide. the last thing from me is that the June 04th date is to maybe set a trail date but has been reported that due to a back log of cases this could take a year or more because the case actually goes to trial

515 days ago


I would ask everyone to go and read all the tweets Barry Bateman has made since Tuesday and then instead of just going by what TMZ and other sites you might actually understand the case better and also understand why Bail was granted.

515 days ago


Food for thought Winnie Mandela was CONVICTED of being an accessory to murder of a young boy ... She NEVER saw the inside of a jail cell... Just saying

515 days ago


Wow! Unreal!

515 days ago


Family cheering the release of a cold blooded killer....like he is some kind of hero...Nuts. Claiming self defense...coward.

515 days ago


Civics Lesson: South African judicial system is different from the US. Bail is set differently; there is no jury in a trial, etc. So, we're discussing his bail as if in our court system. It's not.

515 days ago


He didn't have to stage a break in. He stated that when he walked into the bathroom he saw that the window was open. This being the only unprotected window in his whole house. Also there were ladders of his contracter outside. His bedroom door was locked, but he left the balcony door and bathroom window open. Just very strange for someone as paranoid as him.

Someone has to really screw up for him to not atleast be found guilty of culpable homicide. He has already admitted to pulling the trigger. But then the judge gets to decide if he spends any time in prison. Let's see how little time his money can buy.

There are more ways to leave SA unnoticed than through an airport. Should have told him to stay away from the borders and boats aswell.

515 days ago
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