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Kim K.'s Brother

The Biggest Kardashian

2/22/2013 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kim Kardashian's the pregnant one -- but her baby bro Rob Kardashian's also packing on the pounds ... big time! What's going on? We've got an in-house expert.

Plus, Diane Lane files for divorce from Josh Brolin -- shocking almost everyone -- but there were definitely signs. We'll tell you what pushed Diane to pull the plug.

And, the most insane video you'll ever see -- extreme skier Sverre Liliequist does a backflip as an AVALANCHE chases him down a mountain. Sverre calls in to explain why he didn't back out of the daring move ... despite death knocking at his door.

(0:00) Kim Kardashian is pregnant -- but her brother Rob is now the biggest Kardashian ... size-wise. You gotta see what he looks like now.
(5:00) Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are getting a divorce -- and we think we know why she's pulling the plug after all this time.
(8:00) Britney Spears' new man -- hot enough for her? Plus, Mike knows how Britney got hooked up with a Regular Joe.
(11:00) We talk to YouTube legends Tay Zonday (of Chocolate Rain fame) and DeStorm Power (over 190 million views on his channel) join the show to talk about how the Billboard Charts are now counting YouTube views to determine top hits.
(16:00) Skier Sverre Liliequist calls is to explain his INSANE backflip ... you know, the one he did as a freakin' AVALANCHE was nipping at his heels.
(22:00) Breaking news -- Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight reunite ... and nothing bad happened!
(25:00) "The Swan" -- the crazy plastic surgery-based show from the 2000s -- is back ... and this time they're going to have celebs on the show.
(28:00) "Law and Order: SVU" is doing an episode mirroring the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. Wonder how Chris is going to take this?
(31:00) Oscar Pistorius was let out on bail ... despite major questions about his story.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) A female kicker is trying out for the NFL for the first time -- does she have a chance?
(42:00) Johnny Depp is looking crazier than ever -- is he going over the deep end, or is that just his style?

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Oscar didn't admit murder, he admitted killing, whether it's murder or not has not been established.
Maybe he's guilty.
Maybe he's innocent.

418 days ago


Stupid, stupid, stupid.

418 days ago


Youtube is the hub of everything now, no stopping it, it's a window into the world around us, literally into people's living rooms and beyond

418 days ago


No the feminist-scripted crime TV shows won't open anyone's eyes to any reality, rather they'll do what they always do...depict men as predators and women as victims.
Just as they did with women teachers having sex with students, calling the women "ill" instead of holding them accountable

418 days ago


And Skyper is god's gift huh? That's like Fatass commenting on weight

418 days ago


Haha you could find him but would he want you?
You know what they say about the woman who was looking for the perfect husband.
When she finally found him, he didn't want her....he was looking for the perfect wife ;)

418 days ago


HAHAHAHaHA. You idiots commenting on another man's FASHION? Let's play hypocrites again huh?

418 days ago


Please TMZ get all the facts straight, try and actually speak to somebody who was in the courtroom everyday like Barry Bateman who has by far given the best account off everything the judge, prosacution and defence had to say

418 days ago


Women can kick, their pelvis and hips are made for it, she can kick in the NFL, little to no chance of getting hit by players.
Any other position on a football team, no, women can't play in the NFL and live through it.

418 days ago



418 days ago


If she don't get in she'll call her loi-yahhhh

418 days ago


STFU, Bitch, he looks amazing.

418 days ago


Oscar admitted to killing who he thought was an intruder and both the defense and prosecution have admitted this could be a case of culpable homicide which carry's a minor sentence which could also be suspended, the judge himself said both cases are weak and it will be up to the trial judge to decide if this is premed, murder or culpable homicide

418 days ago


Johnny Depp lived in France for years. Scarves for men are very common in Europe. As far as the jewelry is concerned maybe he is having a contest with Keith & Steven.

418 days ago


Kim has always had a huge butt. But now she looks like a taxi cab going down the street with all four doors open.A pregnant woman is beautiful but in Kims case she is so vain she still dresses for as if shes walking down a runway(which she could never pull off) She looks like a lard will only get worse as she goes futher into her pregnancy.

417 days ago
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