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Lindsay Lohan's Asst.


Forced to Testify at Trial

2/23/2013 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bad news for Lindsay Lohan -- her ex-assistant is being forced to testify in the actress' upcoming "lying to cops" case ... the same assistant who ratted her out to police.

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay's ex-assistant Gavin was served with a subpoena by the L.A. City Attorney's office earlier this month -- meaning he'll have to take the stand in LiLo's trial regarding that June PCH car crash.

As TMZ first reported, Gavin was the one who rolled on Lindsay and told the cops she was driving the car (despite her claims otherwise). The incident played a major role in their decision to charge her with lying to police.

Sources close to LiLo tell us ... the actress refuses to take a plea deal and remains adamant she never lied to police.

Lindsay's next court date is March 1.



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WTF TMZ??? DUH... Of course they subpoenaed Gavin as soon as they knew Crackie refused their generous plea deal. They're just making sure he doesn't disappear for a few months until this blows over. He now has been informed formally that he has to show up and if he doesn't, he will be "locked up like Lindsay Lohan***." They don't really need him to verify that Crackie was driving-it's obvious she was**-but for his testimony on both of their demeanors immediately after the accident. This will collaborate the ER doctor's doc-umentation* that she was oriented to person,place, time and situation and wasn't in a "state of shock." Let's be real here-If she was in a state of "shock" as the enablers claim, she could conceivably be fuzzy on some of the details of the accident like how fast she was going or who was at fault- but not WHO was driving. If she was that out of it to "forget" who was driving,, they would not have released her from the hospital. And she wouldn't have even be able to sign out against medical advice because they would have refused to let her go on the grounds she wasn't in her right mind to make medical decisions. Trust-there is medical doc-umentation* that she was "fine" and not in a state of "shock". Also, months later she called in to TMZ LIVE and when questioned by Harvey, she was still claiming that she wasn't driving. She has no case... and she is going to be "locked up like Lindsay Lohan***." Footnotes * I just HATE that I have to hyphenate the word doc-ument to avoid the moral police at TMZ. **Seat belt marks on her left shoulder and chest, numerous witnesses starting with the valet at the Chateau, the L&D driver that she ditched, and all of the other drivers on the PCH. *** I did not profit in any way in using the name Lindsay Lohan in this post. And any reference to her being "locked up" and actual events is purely coincidental.

605 days ago

Michelle Nelson    

I HATE that you use the term "ratted'. Lying to a police officer and obstruction of justice is a crime...he told the truth...smarten up TMZ...13 year olds read your site too...

605 days ago


Hey, Lohan wasn't taken the plea of lockdown re-hab or jail. She wanted her so-called trial. She said the jury would believe her because she did nothing wrong.

605 days ago


Regina ...think I will pull out that exact gown Lindsay cut up from the back of the storage wardrobe upstairs ..The one I got for the governors ball in the 1986 wore it one night , ordered it from NYC famous Designer house cost 1495.00 most money I ever spent on any clothing in my life and the only timeI have ever been foolish enough to spent that amount..but I was into my career/trying to be superwoman and making a impression ..Wore that thing one night and after that never wore it again....You could say its my shame dress ...A reminder of how stupid you can be when you forget your who you really are and your upbringing....and its a perfect match to that dress Lindsay just for all hers is a designer gown ...its a copy.......LOL only one little problem if I even got the thing over my head I would never be able to get it over my behind now let alone zip it.....I have gained a few pounds since those days.....LOL How about we just lay in on its on chair and let it be its on quest......

605 days ago


Well I'm kinda running the same road and Mumba.....Cause I can't wait to se the brewha haw they come up with and the weeping and wailing Lohan inc and the press is going do when they pull her body out of a trash been behind some night club with a nice neat hole right between her eyes or they find her at the bottom of a hotel stairway with her thoart cut form ear to ear.....cause that is what is going to happen...She keeps playing in the cesspools of NYC she will piss off the wrong person or persons and they won't give a shyt who she is..... "Remember it Happens every night in the streets of NYC" from the show DragNet old version from the 60's .....

605 days ago

Hot Farts    

Red ****:

Actually Tater is not psychotic she is psychopathic. Someone who is psychopathic is not traditionally mentally ill, in fact, psychopathy is called a personality disorder for a reason. It is more a part of who these people are, the fact of the matter is, there is no marked brain chemical imbalance in a psychopath. They just lack a conscience, and seem to never run out of ways to exploit people. Psychosis however marks a very strong correlation to the brain, and the problem originates chemically, rather than psychologically. Psychotic disorders should be treated with medication, psychopathy has no known medication treatment.

605 days ago


Oh but Chief Gall
If your trying to insult Hannah you will have to try harder....because fuCIking yourself can be quit pleasent if its done the right way !!!!! .....and you don't have to put up with someone else while your doing it.....

My grandson Sweet William as I call him just stuck his head into the door and ask sleepllly if I was ever going to go to bed....staying the night to get a break from his little brothers and grandma is keeping him up with the lights on down the hall.....LOL.....He is the sweetest 12 yr old you will I will head for bed and let him rest.....
Beaver Hill Farmstead is shutting down....Goodnight to all and stay safe and have fun.......
P.S. Regina look for the weather to break the first week in March ..cause they are saying the jet stream is going drive all the way down to south Florida which means cold and heavey snow for us in the the oppisite of ours would be yours lifting up and bringing cooler air in from the south it works that way....I believe in opposites....LOL

605 days ago


Hey Maddy!!! It's been way too long....last time I was here I lured Nicole away from the Fist Brown post-Remember? And because of ME, we H8TURDS learned of the new federal holiday- FRECKLE FREEDOM DAY or whatever she called it. And no one THANKED me!!! That thread was dying-literally-until she started posting her hilarious delusions!!!

605 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, what a mess! I think Princess Poop is stretching this out as long as she can before she cops a plea, but she is going to jail time on the VOP regardless. SO THERE!

605 days ago


There needs to be a sister site to TMZ, TMZ Jr. for nitwits like Nicole to make remarks on. #littlestars, Freedom Freckle Day, Lohan fans on the jury....GAWD.

605 days ago


Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. What has happened to you? :( Please click here people. Just click onto it and close it, not a scam or virus!

605 days ago


All kidding aside, she really should detox before it all goes to trial. I would imagine coming off everything from cigarettes to alcohol to who knows what illicit drugs all at once would be horrendous. She's not sporting the body of a healthy 26 year old. I'd be terrified.

605 days ago

Hot Farts    


So Hannah hits a nerve for Red T.wat. Your legitimate legal opinion threatens him and causes his teeny peeny to disappear all together up inside his body and you ruined his wank time

605 days ago


@Doc Cracker...I'm on the fence about whether this will go to trial. Just because this is a slam dunk conviction, it doesn't mean that Crackie will take the plea deal. Holley had always brokered Crackie a sweet plea deal in the past and never had to take these hopeless cases to trial. There is no sweet deal this time-that's why Holley was fired-and that idiot Heller is dumb enough to advise her to risk going to trial. Like everyone here, I think Crackie is stretching this out in an attempt to get a better deal-but we can't forget the Heller factor. Who knows... Of course, like Maddy, I want this to go to trial. It will be, hands down, the best production she has ever starred in. Question...If "Court TV" airs this shyt fest, is Crackie elgible for an Emmy?

605 days ago

Hot Farts    

We all know this is countdown week for TMZ - they have ignored her for a while but now Harvey's roots - his "celebrity justice" claim to fame - will keep the stories coming all week and there will be several on Thursday and Thursday night.

I believe that the Liar is perpetuating her usual lie which is "I'm not lying" (whew!) What she will actually do is take a plea deal at the 11th hour if it is still available the day before trial

605 days ago
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