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Lindsay Lohan's Asst.


Forced to Testify at Trial

2/23/2013 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bad news for Lindsay Lohan -- her ex-assistant is being forced to testify in the actress' upcoming "lying to cops" case ... the same assistant who ratted her out to police.

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay's ex-assistant Gavin was served with a subpoena by the L.A. City Attorney's office earlier this month -- meaning he'll have to take the stand in LiLo's trial regarding that June PCH car crash.

As TMZ first reported, Gavin was the one who rolled on Lindsay and told the cops she was driving the car (despite her claims otherwise). The incident played a major role in their decision to charge her with lying to police.

Sources close to LiLo tell us ... the actress refuses to take a plea deal and remains adamant she never lied to police.

Lindsay's next court date is March 1.



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It's funny because she has the most comments on TMZ with almost every post. That means she has the most interest out of everyone. I personally don't like the cracked out LH. I wish she would quit drugs. Don't think she will. That's a damn shame because she was and had the potential to be a very great actress. Damn.

572 days ago


i guess Lind's and Dulna should be well and truly gacked and crying into their vodka's by now? watching the red carpet arrivals,wonder if the cops will be called to their place later on when the ceremony starts as the name calling and blame game starts between them. I picture wigs and veneers flying left right and centre.

572 days ago


I hope Lindsay watches the Oscars from Mommies house, and spends a fair amount of time thinking how big of a loser she really is.

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ha Ha, chucked a wobbly....I love that!

572 days ago


Lord have Mercy !!! TMZ is bombing out big time today really look at the hits on any of those stories ....the biggest is the story thats been up sense yesterday and it has only 147 hits.......We are single handedly keep TMZ floating with our Lohan Hits....cause if we weren't playing on this playground talking and being freinds they would be in shyt creek......All the rest the average hit is less then 40 people all day ...who can blame them though the stories have been that bad and stupid they are literally running readers off.....

You can't have words like Basturd and Pummel and Rolls over get readers unless they are 12 yrs old.....
Just watch a travel show on Dubui.....Ha Ha Ha ...Only way she could go and work is and not get thrown in jail would be to lock her in her room all the while she is there the rules on woman are seriously tough and American woman doubley so...she would be breaking serveral laws just walking across the street .....and daddy would have to go with her as her next of kin who is maile or Micheal Lohan Jr as her guardian ...cause he can't even get their without them...thats the reason brother was going......otherwise she can't go....won't be allowed......thats funny so funny .....No wonder the trip has bombed.......
as for March 1st it the last day to delay the trial for Heller...if he can't come up with something she will go to tial on the 18th if she does take a plea......

572 days ago


This heathen was not confused. She opened her trap to the police with Shawn blowing through red lights to get to the hospital to shut her brain dead client up. Plus she bragged how she was able to go back to work after the accident, and if anyone has the file footage here with her leaving the hospital, she had that "I got away with it again" smirk on her face. I am really curious as to how this plays out with the clause in her contract saying she was not to drive during working hours. She never ceases to amaze me. There's a friggen Cadillac waiting to chauffer her drugged up ass up and down the coast and she drives. All she has to do is take that ride, and we are not even talking about this today. Think like George Costanza Lohan, do the OPPOSITIE of what you think you should do. Anyhow, works out good for the rest of the public.

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


Those girls are far too young to play Lindsay. Too bad Wynona Judd is doing DWTS and Erin Moran is doing The Swan.......#better choices

572 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh wow, Lindsay misses out again.....

Oscar Swag Bag Valued At $47,802!
Posted on Feb 24, 2013 @ 12:39PM | By Radar Staff
Splash News
` `
Losers at tonight’s Academy Awards won’t be going home empty handed. They, along with all the presenters, will be getting a swag bag worth $47,802!
That’s just half of the value of 2010′s bag but still translates into some serious goodies.
If Ben Affleck‘s Argo doesn’t win Best picture, he might want to unwind post-Oscars at Lizard Island resort in Australia with his wife Jennifer Garner. It’s a $12,000 vacation!
PHOTOS: The Best, Worst & Wackiest Fashions of The Academy Awards

Jennifer Lawrence can console herself with a pair of $350 limited edition Carlitos Brand tennis shoes if she loses out as Best Actress.
Other items in the “bag” include a certificate for $60...0 worth of treatments from an L.A. acupuncturist and a $5,000 certificate from a plastic surgeon!
PHOTOS: The Best, Worst & Wackiest Dressed Stars Of The Week
The movie academy doesn’t officially endorse the swag bag but it has become expected and has been an annual tradition for more than a decade.
Oh, and it is taxable. Bummer.

572 days ago

Hot Farts    

having a coupla quiet friends over to watch Oscars so brought home Panda takeout. Sweet Fire Chick. Orange Chick. and peppercorn shrimp lots of egg rolls and fried rice and good veges

We will pig out and drink wine while Tater is a pig and whines

572 days ago


Wheres that imbecile Sam? Time to kick some ass.

572 days ago

Hot Farts    

Last night the wind blew down some serious palm stalks that are all over the street here in Santa Monica - but what a glorious day for the Oscars. Weather is perfect. Glad I had no business at Hollywood Blvd. this week. Sucks when everything is all blocked down there for the week preceding Oscars...avoid like the plague. I have a close girlfriend that likes to go to the Roosevelt for drinks and Oscar pre-party every year. I stopped going a few years ago but, I do love the Roosevelt any other time of year!! Been going there since before they rehabbed it and when Cinegrill was hoppin

How are the happenings in Merrick Tater

572 days ago


I watched a show on TV last night. Variety's Hollywood Issue....
They were going on and on about all the stars who were invited to be in this issue, 120 in all.
And of ALL those stars, I couldn't help but notice no Liho.....Wonder why they didn't ask Liho?

572 days ago


It is indeed a beautiful day here in So Cal. I was out and about for awhile and heard the weather report about the wind. We just have the ocean breeze and nothing more. On the traffic report they were discussing the mess in Hollywood --I don't know why anyone would drive around there today.

I've previously mentioned that at the top of our street we have an amazing view of the ocean and the Palos Verdes Peninsula behind it. Today I stopped and sent good thoughts to our favorite resident of the PVP, LA Native.

572 days ago


@9-- you will appreciate this--last night people were posting about NCIS:LA. My favorite episode was one where Chris O'Donnell was 'undercover' as a surfer and was pretending to wax his board. The only problem with the scenario was that the scene was filmed on the beach in Belmont Shore!!

(Long Beach has a breakwater---which means ZERO surf and also the "oil islands" are a dead giveaway.

572 days ago


WHO is paying for Gayvin to fly to LA to testify? What is someone from out of state is subpoenaed to testify, who pays?

572 days ago
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