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Oscar Pistorius

You Be the Judge

2/23/2013 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar Pistorius is a free man while his case winds through the legal system of South Africa. Did he get special treatment, and did he murder Reeva Steenkamp? We gotta ask ...


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Wow Chris Brown more violent than a man who 'allegedly' killed his girlfriend AND assaulted his last girlfriend in 2009! People who voted for Brown are nuts. This is coming from someone who isnt a fan of his music at all!

574 days ago


I think he would have been charged with 2nd degree murder in Canada, but it appears South Africa considers all murders premeditated. Given the evidence presented in the Bail hearing, I can understand why prosecutors chose that charge.

I found an article that said defense lawyer Barry Roux appeared to concede that he could be convicted on a lesser charge of homicide. In South Africa, that would likely be voluntary Culpable Homicide.

While murder is premeditated, voluntary culpable homicide is not planned. That charge entails negligence rather than murderous intent and can carry a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Murder carries a minimum sentence of 20 years and a maximum of life. I was not able to find out if there is a minimum sentence for culpable homicide.

It's impossible to predict the outcome. There have been many cases that get a conviction, but are appealed and thrown out on a technicality.

574 days ago


Why does TMZ always bring race into each story ????? more violent rappers or athletes? rappers have nothing to do with this neither does chris brown for that matter,TMZ once again your race riots efforts or *Journalism* is piss poor as usual.....

574 days ago


Unfortunately, TMZ, you have already decided that you are the judge, jury, and executioner in this case and are reporting it accordingly. Also unfortunate are the number of people who will only know anything about it from what they read on your website. It anyone truly cares to learn the truth about Oscar Pistorius, I would recommend you look elsewhere for information ... TMZ already believes he's guilty and is misrepresenting the facts (and failing to correct the information they report that is later proven to be false). Maybe he did do it ... he at least deserves a chance to be judged based on TRUE facts, not rumors that are reported as the truth by TMZ.

574 days ago


You Whities are crazy. your motherfarking white man murdered a woman and you're claiming chris Brown is more violent? Who did Chris kill? What about Charlie Sheen? Mel Gibson and all your Whities going round the world and committing mass murders? You're all psychos. MF go round the world to steal, rape, murder other races yet they claim those races are violent. Fark you!. The most evil race on earth is the white race.

574 days ago


Whities go around the world, they rape, they steal and murder but they still blame Blacks and claim blacks are more violent. You people are psychos. Your Adam Lanzos, James Holmes and all those white men raping children and murdering people are violent. Whites are the most violent race on earth. They are monsters.

574 days ago


You guys seem to be the ones bringing race into this. When I first saw the comparison I thought ok, Chris Brown, the most notoriously known girl beater atm and Oscar, the guy that shot his girlfriend. Your race complaint only really works on the assumption that all athletes are white and all rappers are black. Rappers have a bad reputation when it comes to gun violence and lately a lot of athletes seems to have smacked their women around. Chris hasn't hit any women lately but it feels like you read about him being in some kind of fight every other week. The guy has anger issues and Oscar is paranoid as fluck. Regardless of color, both these boys have screwed up. Just the degree varies. I seriously doubt either of them care what a bunch of people are saying about them on a gossip site. If these guys were average Joe Shmo, nobody would give a crap about their stories, we'd be shocked for a day and move on to the next story. On the same day that Oscar got arrested, a guy chopped his wife's head off and sold it for money. I don't see anyone drooling for his blood.

574 days ago


what the **** did chris brown do to TMZ for this stupid ass question? hitting a woman is WRONG!! But to compare him to a murderer is just WRONG!!! Not passing judgement on Pistorius because I like to know the facts before I convict anyone of anything. For all you mess up people who voted brown may God help your stupid ass because there's no drug strong enough to cure you for what hails you, FYI chris cant make himself white and thats seem to be the only way he can ever be forgiven for hitting his woman four years ago. HITTING IS WRONG, FOR MEN AND WOMEN FOR BLACKS AND FOR WHITES

574 days ago


Really people? Chris Brown is more violent than Oscar? Really? Chris beat up his girlfriend. Oscar KILLED his girlfriend. Do the math geniuses.

574 days ago


how is chris brown more violent?! he only punched rihanna and oscar killed a girl -_-

574 days ago


Seems like a lot of folks have no concept of what it is like to live in south afrika. When you have to barricade yourself into your bedroom at night, behind a iron gate INSIDE your own home... even in a gated community... You people have no clue.

574 days ago

Colby Wan Kenobi    

His defense doesn't have a leg to stand on.

574 days ago


TMZ....The question should've been "Who more violent,Oscar or White People who shootup Schools and Movie Theater?

574 days ago


TMZ...The question should've been" Who more violent,Oscar or White People who shootup schools and movie theatre."

574 days ago

The truth    

To say that Chris Brown is more violent than Oscar Pistorius is absolutely outrageous! He shot is girlfriend four times and has already been reported of physically abusing previous girlfriends as well as the one he murdered. You guys are ridiculous. Chris Brown should in no way be excused for his actions (Even though it happened YEARS ago and Rihanna has clearly forgiven him and couldn't care less of what he did) Chris Brown didn't murder anyone, not even close. And his incident was the first every reported domestic abuse case.. You guys are pitiful to say he is more dangerous that Oscar. Nothing but false biases.

574 days ago
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