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Best Picture Oscar

First Lady

NOT First to Know

2/25/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's a good bet Michelle Obama was not the first person to open the envelope for Best Picture ... and she may not have been the second, third or fourth. 

It is inconceivable an envelope from the outside world could end up in the White House, in the First Lady's hands, without a thorough, inside-and-out inspection. 

The upshot ... Michelle may be First Lady, but she wasn't first to know "Argo" took home the big prize.

We did some digging to find out exactly who handled the goods. The First Lady's press office said they'd call around to find out the answer and get back to us, but so far that hasn't happened.

As for the Secret Service ... an official said this to TMZ, "We're not gonna comment on that."  We're guessing they weren't rooting for "Lincoln."


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Who cares?

570 days ago


This is the ENTERTAINMENT industries biggest night. Dripping with glitz, and sincerity. It cheapens her position.If she wants to champion a message, do PBS announcements. Do a whole program. Have a weekly show. that promotes whatever it is you champion. But not the Oscars. It is too Hollywood. Too artificial.

George Bush promoted exercise during his Presidency and loves football. What would people have thought if he presented the Lombardi Trophy at the Superbowl?

570 days ago


So sick of POTUS and FLOTUS taking over the TV - he's on almost every day saying the same thing over and over and over.

570 days ago

John dowser    

What a joke. It makes sense though that the Obama's are repaying Hollywood back after they dissed Romney and are in the bag foir Obama, the spending nut...get them the heck out of the news, do his job, cut the deficit, lower taxes, gas prices and quit hanging around with Clooney, Tiger Woods and Beyonce. It is truly a frickin joke. Spend, spend spend like a child with a credit card. A large part of this counrty wants a star amongst hollyweird vs a Good buiness oreiented Presidnet like Romney wood have been. Unfortunately, we are just starting our downfall...the Presidents wife handing out an Oscar? Really?

570 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

Another vacation on the taxpayer's dime. L.A.P.D. added extra security for this? Charlie Beck should pay for it.

570 days ago


Looking out for the middle class that's all.

570 days ago

Throwback kid    

I love it when she went on and on at the Super Bowl how proud she was of Beyonce and the other African Americans who performed, why must this woman bring race into everything? Did she say last year anything about the color of Madaonna's skin? The Obama's stay in power by dividing the races, Michelle never passes up a chance to do it

570 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Those bangs gots to go. She's way off from her normal look.

570 days ago

Haven McCloud    

The it's clear that the White House would know in advance what was in the envelope. Do you think there was any chance that they'd let Michele Obama risk presenting the award to the more deserving Zero Dark Thirty. I also wonder why the Academy would want to politicize the Oscars like this I wonder if it isn't a little bit of payback for the 1.5 billion in tax deductions the entertainment industry receives while Obama raises the taxes on the rest of us.

570 days ago


Can't miss that 5 O'Clock shadow!

570 days ago

Throwback kid    

Michelle Obama has gone from being the first lady to the first groupie of Hollywood. Can someone please teach this woman how to have some class. She is always looking for attention, she could be an honorary Kardashian

570 days ago


So she's not ashamed of America anymore? What a opportunist phony! Unattractive one too.

570 days ago


For the first time in my life, I am NOT proud of the first lady!

570 days ago


Ugly trashy pig

570 days ago


Who is the chocolate alien??? I remember when the Prez didn't give a f*ck about the Oscars and just did his job. Hollywood penetrated Washington.

570 days ago
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