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Authorities Are Cool

With My Weed Habit

2/25/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

claims officials have given her the green light to get high on pot ... without fear of losing her 14 kids ... simply because she has a PRESCRIPTION for the green stuff ... TMZ has learned.

In a voicemail obtained by TMZ, Nadya Suleman explains how she told officials from the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services about her habit of indulging in a pot cookie every now and then.

Suleman says, "I told them the truth. I got my medical marijuana card, I don’t smoke 'cause it’s disgusting, disgusting and I could say in the past I have tried it, it’s sick."

"But once in a while in the past I have had a cookie ... and they said, 'Well you have your card ...'"

Octo is clearly referring to her medical marijuana prescription ... which sorta kinda makes it legal for her to use cannabis in the State of California.

The unspoken implication -- Octo has nothing to worry about.


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I could care less if she main lines at this point

574 days ago


This is beyond absurd. She can not take care of her children, is on the Government take and does not work, has plastic surgery and now openly admits to using drugs? The medical "green card" is/has been abused and this is public proof.
Her children would without question be better off in just about every cir***stance other her home-other than biology-what is it that she affords her little ones?

574 days ago


I don't smoke pot but I am under the impression you can smoke a little to just relax - not get high. Every time you refer to it, you say she's getting high - how come?

574 days ago


I am not one for children being taken away from their parents but in this case they would muh much better off. This is an unfit mother and I can't believe she gets away with all these things she gets away with

574 days ago


What does this have to do with Lindsay Lohan??

574 days ago


Omg its just weed. Its not like she is smoking meth or shooting heroin. Octomom is a shifty mom regaurdless but the fact that she has a prescription makes this a non-issue. **** if I had 14 kids I would STAY baked... morning till night.

574 days ago


Load her up with oxycontin and prozac and none of you hypocrites would even care. Give her a natural, non-toxic organic remedy and it's news. You should be ashamed.

574 days ago


She can do whatever she wants to herself, but for the love of God someone needs to intervene and make sure those babies are taken care of. She can never keep a Nanny. What a waste of oxygen.

574 days ago


I could care less what this OctoMess does but with 8 little ones and her high as a kite (she already forgot she picked her son up from the bus stop and reported him missing - he was asleep in his room - the bus driver reported he saw her there at the bus stop), you mark my words one of those little ones or the one with severe autism will get one of those cookies or more and could o.d. Anyone else I would not be so concerned but it's been proven she is unfit and a mental case. She is not responsible at all. When a unpaid great caretaker had the 8 little ones for three weeks, she didn't even know where they were (address) or check up on them!! Long as it was free she could care less!! Also, as a CA taxpayer, I would like to know what money she is using to purchase her medical mary jane?? It is very expensive and I am sure Medi-Cal does not pay for is it being purchased with her Welfare $$$ or the disabled kids SSI?? TAXPAYERS WANT TO KNOW!!!!

574 days ago


ps It is a federal offense so I wouldn't be so ****y OctoLEACH!! Also, it is against the law to be on it and drive. Personally, I doubt is is only mary jane she's on...this is just a smoke screen (haha). Everyone has seen her boozed up and most suspect she is on other meds also. Can't wait till this biotch is busted!! In addition, no one disclosed any names Octobiotch. That's illegal and I'm sure no one at the Sheriff's office or CPS would like to lose their jobs. Wonder what they will say when they find out she said that on TMZ and in her own words. That is called slander and defamation...wish it were me who had called. Nice lawsuit against LA County, CPS and the Sheriff's office if this statement is true...!! BIG IF!!! OctoLEACH does not know what the truth is. This stupid biotch has probably committed Workers Comp fraud, food stamp fraud, Welfare fraud, SSI fraud, Medi-Cal fraud, WIC fraud, IRS fraud and God only knows what else!! She will finally get it one day..and be busted. She no longer has her manager for damage's just a matter of time. She thinks she is untouchable!!

574 days ago


She's lying again. Last year she said CPS enouraged her to make the porn film! (Roll eyes.) CPS does not speak to the media, so Nadya can make up any kind of self-serving stories she wants. She's trying to make us think she in indulging in a harmless pot habit, and get the support of fellow pot users. You posters who say it's fine for Nadya to use pot are assuming that she is not using any OTHER drugs and not drinking. But her own ex-manager Rodriguez just said that Nadya lies constantly, that her rehab failed and that she immediately went back to all her old bad habits (alcohol and pills). The people who worked for Nadya in Palmdale told TMZ Nadya is so far gone with her substance abuse that she has memory loss and blackouts. Yes, it's legal for Nadya to have a pot card, and no, nobody cares how high/drunk she gets as long as she is NOT around the children. What worries everybody is what condition she is in when she's alone with the children. How can she manage 14 kids alone when she is stoned (and possibly drunk and on other drugs too) and therefore not alert? What if there is an injury, a fire or some other crisis, and she's so mellowed out that she doesn't feel a sense of urgency to call 911? What if she gets into such a drugged haze that she has one of her blackouts during an emergency? And how can she keep the kids from trying to get their hands on "Mommy's special brownies"?

574 days ago


I love how ignorant ****ing people assume that just because someone is a pot smoker they are on other things. Pot is all natural. Its is legal for her to smoke. Get the **** over it.

574 days ago


Smoking isnt as disgusting as having 14 kids out of wedlock.

574 days ago


I hate potheads...they are sad people who cant finction in the real world. Im sure half the morons who post here are burnouts.

574 days ago


What if her kids get a hold of a pot cookie ? Kids know not to smoke.. They dont know not to eat cookies.

574 days ago
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