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Authorities Are Cool

With My Weed Habit

2/25/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

claims officials have given her the green light to get high on pot ... without fear of losing her 14 kids ... simply because she has a PRESCRIPTION for the green stuff ... TMZ has learned.

In a voicemail obtained by TMZ, Nadya Suleman explains how she told officials from the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services about her habit of indulging in a pot cookie every now and then.

Suleman says, "I told them the truth. I got my medical marijuana card, I don’t smoke 'cause it’s disgusting, disgusting and I could say in the past I have tried it, it’s sick."

"But once in a while in the past I have had a cookie ... and they said, 'Well you have your card ...'"

Octo is clearly referring to her medical marijuana prescription ... which sorta kinda makes it legal for her to use cannabis in the State of California.

The unspoken implication -- Octo has nothing to worry about.


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Looks so much like Kim Kardashian.

548 days ago


Ok, so she makes pot cookies.. what, with 14 kids in the house? How do you keep them from it?

548 days ago


Amusing how whenever there is a gathering of celebrities-- Oscars, Grammies, Superbowl. etc. the next day she who will not be ignored just has to be in the gossips.

Aren't you wondering exactly how TMZ came by this voicemail and how much that cost? It will be a very good investment for TMZ since when whatever it si that happens when you neglect 14 kids while you are totally wasted, happens. Don't think you'll have long to wait, either.

548 days ago


she has made child services look like complete fools. If there is any good that will come out of this it might be laws changed so irresponsible people can't get lab impregnanted, and people are cut off welfare when they keep having babies (one can hope)

548 days ago


Jesus HOW DOES THIS WOMAN STILL HAVE THESE KIDS?!?! My heart just breaks for them in this loveless home with a demented moron drug addict for a "mother".... The state is failing this family miserably.

548 days ago


I'm so glad she can afford her drugs too, since she's on welfare... Taxpayers are footing the bill for this trash's drug habit

548 days ago


People respond to weed differently. When I tried pot, I was paranoid and couldn't concentrate on what anyone was saying. It sucked big time. Another guy I knew could smoke pot and you never knew he was high. He just acted regular. Also, I wonder if eating pot has a different effect than smoking it.

548 days ago


The reason people EAT med weed is that it is so potent it flattens you totally, real fast and for a long time.
After all, it is actually intended to numb the pain of people who are seriously ill. Not slackers in need of a goof.
It's way, way stronger than a toke or two. And it lasts a lot longer.

Meaning if you're wasted and you have 14 kids in your care you are checked out for a long, long time.

548 days ago


In case anyone is interested, I asked someone who knows about the cost of Medical mj that you buy from a marijuana dispensary. $200-300 or more an ounce, depending on the quality.

question is - - how much is in a cookie? a dozen?

And how many cookies does the woman consume at a time?

548 days ago


She's a waste of matter...those poor kids.

548 days ago


Isn't the fact that she is using the cookies instead of the cigarettes more dangerous since the children are more likely to get ahold of the cookies? Ijs

548 days ago

Spicy mag    

This is bull**** that a parent can be high on weed all day and retain custody, what's next, prescription heroine?

548 days ago


She has a million kids. Who cares. Its not anything compared to drinking alcohol. Let her get high when the kids go to bed...

548 days ago


GREAT!! Another new moniker for OctoLEACH...OctoPOT!!

548 days ago


you STUPID F~N WHORE n my opionion!!!!! You immorally have more kids on the system and now you need to smoke pot freom your self inflicted drug habbit and stupidity!! need an illegal but natural drug to everyone else in the world to take care of your babies that all of us want to smoke for actually supporting them. You are a stupid f~ing, stripping whore in my opinion and should be denied let alone sued

547 days ago
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