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9/11 Victim's Mom

'Zero Dark Thirty' Used My Son's Voice WITHOUT Permission

2/27/2013 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The mother of a 9/11 victim who died in the World Trade Center says she NEVER gave permission for "Zero Dark Thirty" producers to use a voicemail left by her son during the attack.

Mary Fetchet has lashed out to several media outlets ... saying she was shocked and upset when she heard her son's voice featured in the dramatic opening moments of the Oscar nominated movie.

Fetchet's son, Bradley, left the voicemail for Mary while he was on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center.

The studios behind the movie released a statement calling the movie a "tribute" to the victims -- and saying they "initiated contact with a number of families."

Fetchet -- and at least one other family of a 9/11 victim -- aren't buying the explanation and are now demanding an apology.


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603 days ago


Just another attempt at a cash grab... Go to hell lady!!! Get a freaking job!!!!!!!!!!! She must have a smile from ear to ear knowing that she will get a lawyer sue....

603 days ago

judy jetson    

I smell a lawsuit in the making.

603 days ago


she must be out of money from the millions givin to each family.....sue them, its the new american way

603 days ago

Easy Cheese    

She obviously did not mind releasing it to news outlets because I'm pretty sure I remember hearing it before. I'm going to guess it falls under fair use. It would have been respectful if anything, to inform the family it was being used just so they wouldn't be caught off guard. But she will probably sue, and they will settle just to shut her face up.

603 days ago


Get over it Mary. Your son belongs to history now. Stop being in love with the victim role for five seconds and you might see that your son's story is helping to bring truth to light. Grow up.

603 days ago


Comments about money or cash are cruel! I would think the movie would need permission to use the message! As for compensation, you can bet ANY actor would want cash for their contribution in a friggin movie - some of you guys are heartless!

603 days ago


waaaaaa.....wwwwwaaaaaaa......... I know a loss of a family member is devastating, but everyone who died at the World Trade Center towers became public domain; so the question is, how did that private message get out into the movie in the first place unless she allowed someone to record it. Why would they need permission to use a public domain sound bite for a movie?

603 days ago


Stupid bitch just wants money......didnt she get paid the first its just a parent using her dead child as an excuse to get money....good god, youd think the bitch would me more sensitive to her sons death...but it seems money is this bitches motive!

603 days ago


Kathryn Bigelow and Columbia Pictures don't give a damn about integrity or accuracy it's all about entertainment unfortunately they see that voicemail as a prop for their movie. It says a lot about the contempt they have for the people they claim to pay tribute to.

603 days ago


wow I am shocked at the cruel heartless comments on here, what is happening to people now a days, you lowlife pieces of shi*, may you never suffer what that woman suffered, so what if she got compensated by letting media outlets have that voice mail, THAT IS NOT THE POINT, she did not expect to hear her sons voice when she was watching that and the pain she must of felt hearing it without expecting it can only be felt by her. you low life phuckers what about the money those movie creators made huh?, I hope this women sues and I hope someone builds a time machine and goes back to that corner your Mom use to stand on and smack her, tell her to get back to raising you properly so you have some phucking compassion as adults. losers.

603 days ago


She's shocked and upset and the only thing, that wll make alright again is a 7 figure check. If it wasn't a Oscar nominated movie and worth a lot of money, she could care less. Way to Sh@t on your sons memory.

603 days ago


All of this is in the public domain.

603 days ago


This story fails to mention that 911 calls are in the public domain, so they can be used by the filmmakers. In addition, she asked the film people to donate to HER charity named for her son, and they declined, since they gave to the 9/11 national memorial.

603 days ago


Seriously...? It's a tribute to these families! I don't see anything wrong.

603 days ago
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