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Electing the New Pope

The Cardinal Rule ...

NEVER Vote for Yourself!!!

2/28/2013 3:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rule #1 when voting for the new Pope ... you shouldn't vote for yourself ... at least according to one Cardinal.

His Eminence Cardinal Donald Wuerl was leaving D.C. this week on a flight to Rome -- where the new Pope will soon be elected to replace ex-Pope Benedict XVI.

We asked Wuerl if he planned to vote for himself, and he looked at us funny and explained why he wouldn't do it.

Here's a dilemma -- what if he gets a sign from God that he's the one?  Just asking.


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568 days ago


Clearly being Pope has nothing to do with being chosen by God, or else one wouldn't be able to resign on a whim.

568 days ago


A Cardinal was willing to talk to the degenerates at TMZ??? He must never have heard what that show's about. He really is holy.

568 days ago


Yep we need more news

568 days ago


Cardinal Mahony will be the one to break that rule & vote for himself. Mahony doesn't think he did anything wrong in hiding child molesters. Mahony thinks he's being humiliated unfairly. Mahony probably thinks he should be voted for sainthood. Being Catholic doesn't mean I can't voice my objection to Mahony being eligible to join conclave & vote on future Pope.

568 days ago

Truth is    

Whatever....RC is a cult and a curse to humanity...go away...far far away...they couldnt be more far from GOD

568 days ago


They need to do away with this abstinence BS - why do you think these morons touch the diddly? This religious crap is all a buncha BS to instill the fear of God in fools. I said FOOLS.

568 days ago


Pittsburgh boy! :)

568 days ago


He looks creepy.

568 days ago


Seriously? Pittsburgh loved Bishop Wuerl. Heck, I loved him and I'm not even Catholic. I met him at events twice, and he was a charming, kind, decent man.

568 days ago

nipples mugee    

The picture shows him holding up five fingers one for each boy he has molested .

568 days ago


I guess spreading the word of "hate" makes you look like hell! Everyone of them I see they look like a demon trying to hide in human form.

568 days ago


Look what happened to Bart Simpson.

568 days ago


Catholicism is such a quaint fairly tale.

568 days ago


The Pope's retirement has NOTHING to do with his health and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that he doesn't want his hands dirty with this whole mess with the molested kids. If he is the head of the Catholic church, isn't he ultimately responsible with this whole mess??? He makes religion and God look horrible. He has NEVER had Gods ear. God wants NOTHING to do with anybody like this. His prayers never went any farther than the ceiling in his lavishly decorated apts. His apts make Trump's look like a flea bag hotel. Not to mention that the Pope get's to wear PRADA shoes. What does a religious man need with designer shoes??? Now he has to wear regular brown one's like the rest of the world.
It is said that after a time in one of the Vatican's castles, he is going back to the Vatican itself to live out his life in prayer and study. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. That's too funny. I heard that they are going to serve an arrest warrant for him in the beginning of March. They can't do that now if they don't know where he is. The media is not saying. I find if very convenient that it is the last day of Feb and he is retired and off in seclusion. HMMM, makes me think that the rumours might be true.

568 days ago
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