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Honey Boo Boo

Girl Scout Cookie Outlaw

2/28/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Little Honey Boo Boo is in big trouble with the Girl Scout cookie cops! She's slinging the treats ... just like every other little girl in America -- but she got busted for using her celebrity to boost sales. Is that fair? It's not her fault she's famous!

Plus, UFC's Justin Wren is hanging up his gloves for an amazing cause -- he join us to explain why he's moving to the Congo and what he's doing for the Pygmy tribes people.

Also, Giuliana Rancic says she puts her husband's needs above her child's -- you gotta see the newsroom sound off on BOTH sides of this argument.

(0:00) "Honey Boo Boo" uses her Facebook page to help her friend sell Girl Scout cookies -- but did she really do anything wrong? Our staffers get a little too into this argument.
(5:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger's new lady knows her way around a man's body.
(10:00) 'Law and Order: SVU' mimics Chris Brown and Rihanna's violent relationship ... but did they go over the line?
(15:00) Photos emerge of James Gandolfini checking out an L.A. pot store -- which somehow became the most researched topic of the day.
(18:00) UFC fighter Justin Wren joins the show to talk about his incredible plight to save children in Africa's Congo.
(23:00) Ke$ha's mother helps her co-write a song ... about her vagina.
(25:00) Lindsay Lohan won't budge -- she's fighting accusations that she lied to cops.
(28:00) Don Omar is involved in one of the weirdest lawsuits ever -- he's being sued for allegedly using a yacht in his music video without the owner's permission.
(30:00) Giuliana Rancic says her husband's needs are more important than her child's -- and the newsroom goes off ... both for and against it.
(34:00) The floor is yours!
(39:00) This is ridiculous ... Bobby Brown is treated like a hero on the eve of his incarceration for three DUIs.
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's worst pitches of the week.

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The real fact is:
1) Chris *male*
2) Chris is *black*
Skyper is right when she points out women *and* men who are abused, good point

568 days ago


Google...."girl scouts chlid labor"

568 days ago


They can't sue for defamation, and the domestic situation was mutual. *ding*

568 days ago


But it'd be nice if they could sue, so good question @ Skyper who asked

568 days ago


Guy with the goatee on Skype is a riot, thanks for the laughs bro and good on the helping kids work

568 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Harvey's gonna give Mike a hate pounding for calling out the fake skyper.

568 days ago


Lisa's got the jungle fever

568 days ago

Wow ...    

What happened to Raquel, does she still work for TMZ?

568 days ago


is that Charles

568 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    


568 days ago


Honey Boo Boo should instead call for a BOYCOTT of Girl Scout Cookies! Girl Scouts were caught in December PROMOTING PROSTITUTION as "decent employment" for 10-year-olds. No joke. Just Google "WAGGGS Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration PDF" and read yourself that Girl Scouts were on the Steering Committe for an event that not only wants free contraception and abortion for little girls without parental knowledge, they consider hooking a "right to work" issue. DISGUSTING. Your cookie dollars work for evil purposes.

567 days ago


I totally agree with Giuliana. I have a child and I love her but I am not "in love" with her like I am with my husband. They are two different types if love. I don't think it's healthy for anyone to neglect your own needs for your child. It sets a poor example for them and you will have nothing to offer them.

567 days ago

quintasha m harris    

well i have to say about Giuliana comment she is def.. right see im a christian and in the bible it says to put god 1st then ur husband and then the kids im just saying people dont think like this anymore because they are to consumed with themselves instead of doing what the word of GOD says

567 days ago


There is nothing that makes a child feel more safe, more loved, more self assured then having 2 parents who adore each other and take care of each other above all things. This does not mean AT the EXPENSE of your child at all. It is a daily priority such as spending 15 minutes with your husband at the end of his day instead of doing the childrens laundry....This is not complicated as long as you remember it isnt choosing one over the other as much as it is remembering what is a priority.

567 days ago


It is one thing to be poor but to be too lazy to teach your children even the basic manners is disgusting. Sitting around passing gas, burpin and throwing food in each other's faces is not funny. I was not born into a rich family but my parents taught us manners and self respect. This family acts like being poor gives you the right to act as if you are the worst of society. I don't know why anyone would want to be around anyone in this family. They make it a point to be obnoxious.

567 days ago
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